Giveaway: Mighty Summit Gift Bag

5th October 2010

When we were pulling together gifts for the Mighty Summit, we set a few aside to give away. There will be Summit giveaways on Mighty Girl all this week, but this first one is a doozy. Here’s what’s up for grabs today:

Tieks by Gavrieli

I bought a pair of these perfect ultimate travel shoes a while back, and they’re one of my new favorite things. Tieks fold in half so you can stuff them in your purse, but the quality is amazing. They come in all sorts of candy colors and metallics — plus they pack flat and slip off easily when you’re heading through airport security. The winner gets to choose any pair for $135 and under. I recommend orange.

Photojojo’s Tokyo Dreamer Strap

I can’t believe how long it took me to replace my ugly, logoed camera strap. Photojojo’s Tokyo Dreamer strap really dresses up your camera, and even has a little pocket for extra memory cards or a lens cloth.

Lola Epiphanie Camera Bag by Maile Wilson

Maile was an attendee at this year’s Summit, and she brought along her bright Epiphanie camera bags. I use mine as my everyday purse and have finally stopped busting expensive lenses and gadgets by wrapping them in hand towels and shoving them into an un-padded purse. Now I can have my SLR, my flip, and my phone(s) with me without anything banging together and cracking or getting scratched by my keys.

And that’s it for today. Pretty good, huh? To enter to win, please leave a comment about something on your Life List.

Now for the fine print: Please only leave one comment, because it’s the nice thing to do, and also because multiple entries will be disqualified. I’ll use to select the winner, and I’ll announce who won at the top of this post and in a separate post next Tuesday.

2,401 thoughts on “Giveaway: Mighty Summit Gift Bag

  1. Maggi

    However impossible this dream might be, I’ve added Live in a Lighthouse as a new goal. Anything involving crashing waves, aran sweaters and saving the lives of mariners everywhere does it for me.

  2. KT

    There is only one thing on my lifelist right now. I’ve been telling myself that until that’s done, there will be no additions.

    It’s almost done.

  3. Rachel

    At some point, I want to travel to Germany to see the remnants of WWII – like the concentration camps. A bit of a downer, I know, but it’s a huge part of the world’s history. And I feel like being there will make a bigger impact on me than reading and watching historical videos can. I want to truly understand the scale of it all.

  4. Molly

    At the top of my life list: get a Ph.D. in immunology. That means a second B.S. first. Then a Master’s.

    Also: finding a babysitter so I have time to do any of it.

  5. Megan

    Maintain a snail mail correspondence for one year.

    I started this, now I just need to complete it.

  6. Tracy

    Oooooh, I love all of those things.

    On my Life List:
    Attend Holi in India
    (Preferably not as a tourist. I want to have been living there for at least 6 months at that point.)

  7. Meadow

    I am still working on making a life list. Currently I am just loving the life I am living now. But, man, it could use a new camera bag in it.

  8. Catherine

    On my life list is taking voice and dance lessons. You know, so I can become a triple threat – a singing, dancing comedian. Isn’t that what everyone’s looking for in an entertainer?

  9. Sarah

    My son started preschool yesterday and he went to bed last night with ease and slept through the night. It’s the first time the two have happened in one night in his entire two years and it made me feel like I could conquer my world, one life list item at time.

  10. Laura B.

    I’m working towards my goal of knitting myself an entire sweater. Currently: knitting a small dress for my niece. This will be the first thing I’ve knit that I’m going to give to someone (if it doesn’t turn out horrendous that is!)

  11. Mairead

    To get really really good at something. I have no idea where my talent lies, but I must have some in there somewhere…I just need to figure out what it is!

  12. Aly

    A doozy indeed!

    I want to learn how to do calligraphy. That would help make my life really beautiful.

  13. Anna

    Wow, scary cool giveaway! There are several items on my list that I’m working toward (long-term stuff), but the one affecting me day-to-day is to do some yoga every day for a month. Even just one sun salutation counts!


  14. Raven

    To read the books in the library alphabetically, just like Francie Nolan in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

  15. Heather

    Something on my life list is to visit France and Germany. I’ve been saving up frequent flyer miles for years and I think next summer may be it!

  16. Amy

    I put raise a guide dog on mine last year when I did the mondo beyondo class – so far so good – we have been raising Orchid since December and she is a super dog.

  17. kristen

    Wow, I so want all of that amazing stuff. From my life list, recently accomplished:

    – Unearthed an arrowhead on an archaeological dig
    – Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge

    Hoping to accomplish in the near future:

    – Take a drawing class
    – Treat my mom to a Caribbean cruise

  18. Sarah

    I want to visit my hometown again, in the Mojave Desert, California. It’s been YEARS since I’ve been back…around 13, and I miss it.

  19. Chantel I.

    I’m working on finding a job that I love or, finding a way to make a job out what I already love to do.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  20. Emily

    I haven’t written out a life list, but I did take the plunge and get pregnant this year, instead of waiting for the mythical “perfect timing.” I think it’s all going to work out, too! Very exciting.

  21. Liz

    I just crossed off my #91, which is to get classy family photos taken. Next up? Finish knitting a baby sweater whose instructions have foiled me FOUR times. My baby is only two months old, but I’m gonna make it toddler-sized just in case things don’t go as planned…

  22. kiera

    my mom instilled in her children the importance of healthy living (she was a nurse after all!). when she lost her battle with cancer, i seemed to forget those lessons. i began running again a few months ago, and began to find a place where i felt the self-love, strength, and determination my mom so easily brought into my life each day she was alive. this january will mark five years since she has been gone, and my goal is to run a 10k to remember her, raise money for cancer research, and celebrate her life and the feelings she always enlivened in me. (after a 10k we will move on to a half marathon!)

  23. Lori

    I just started my life list and right now the two things I am actively trying to complete are:
    1) find the perfect little black dress
    2) make a baby
    These two things may potentially conflict :)

  24. Brooke

    I haven’t officially compiled my Life LIst yet. But, the events of the last week have inspired me to become more socially active, and volunteer.

  25. Tasha H

    I recently told my dad that I wanted to learn the names of trees in my area and keep a notebook of drawings of the flowers, leaves, bark, and tree shapes. He bought me a tree identification book for my birthday! Right now I’m headed outside to tackle tree #1.

  26. Anna

    On my Life List: going back to Hawaii, with my children. The journey itself might kill us, but when we get there, I’d like for them to experience the utter peace and beauty there. It’s otherworldly.

  27. Megan G.

    It’s not the sexiest thing on my list but I’m working on growing my emergency fund and just this morning took a step to help more cash flow into it.

    I’ve also started to tackle “Expand my community” by finding a new volunteering gig.

  28. Celeste

    I feel silly about this one, but I really really hope it happens someday: I would like to wear matching underwear consistently. There’s just something so charming and French about having a lovely bra and panties to match.

  29. Amy (Minimally Invasive)

    I decided that I couldn’t let my life go by without learning to make a kick-ass focaccia. Since I put that item on the list last year, I’ve gone gluten-free, but that hasn’t deterred my pursuit of heavenly bread. If anything, I’m that much more determined to make something that’ll curl my toes!

  30. Marianne

    Move to the Yukon…except I did that almost 2 years ago now. What’s next? How about…mush a dog team!

  31. Jen

    I recently got to check something off my list! Eat a meal at Alinea restaurant in Chicago. No small feat for me, since it’s both pricey, and far from my home in Vancouver, Canada. It’s been on my list for about 4 years, and the feeling of getting to check off one of the biggies made the experience that much more incredible!

  32. Kristin

    It’s my husband’s dream to own his own garden center, and it’s my dream to help him do that. It would make him so happy! Fingers crossed that this is our year.

  33. Arina

    I’m working on my list, and really loving that it will force me to take risks and step outside my comfort zone.

    Number one on the list? Take a ballroom dance class.

  34. Megan

    Currently high on my Life List – get my teeth straightened (again) so that I don’t dread photos for the rest of my life.

  35. Kelly

    – go to an NFL game? check.
    – go to an NFL game without having a panic attack upon hearing the roar in the stadium? workin’ on it.

  36. Katie Kruger

    I’ve always wanted to see the aurora borealis. AND i just learned that when I do this that I should (and will not) whistle while watching it. To do so would bring evil down upon me and that does not sound like fun.

  37. Candice

    Right now I’m working on a “101 in 1001” list, but when that’s done, I’m creating a life list. One of my 101 in 1001 items I haven’t completed yet is travel to a foreign country with my husband. I’ve been to several but he hasn’t ever been outside the U.S. and I think it’s so important to travel as much as one can afford to. It’s so enriching and eye-opening.

  38. Sheryl

    I’m half way there; this is my work-in-progress right now: create a bedroom haven for myself.

  39. Kristen

    One of the things on my list (#41, actually) is to organize a 5k for charity. I’ve talked to a few people who have done this and gotten tips, and, I might have just found a route. I’ve talked to my charity of choice (Puppy Hill Farm Animal Rescue) and they’ll support in any way they can, of course, so I’m really hopeful I can make this happen within the year!

  40. Chris C.

    OMG, I want one of those camera bags SO bad. I actually just checked off a life list item last night – score a hat trick (3 goals) in a soccer game! Woohoo! In fact, I slam dunked that puppy and went ahead and scored 4 :-)

  41. Khadijeh

    I’m working on changing my lifestyle to include both daily exercise and daily artistic expression.

  42. Sierra

    What a glorious collection of things!

    I’ve been doing yearly lists for a couple years now (currently working on 27 before 27) and have been drafting my life list for the last couple of months (but haven’t published it yet!). However, that hasn’t stopped me from working on it already – this summer I learned how to pickle and can and will be eating very well come winter!

  43. Robin

    To publish a book. Actually, several books: a book of my poetry, an academic monograph, an edited collection, and a book of translations. All of them are started, none of them are published…YET.

  44. Alex

    For my life list, in March 2011, my husband and I are quitting our jobs, selling everything, and backpacking around the world. I am so excited!

  45. Stephanie

    Besides actually transferring my life list from my notebook to a public space (we all need a little public encouragement), I will finish (I will!) my memoir about getting a Women’s Studies degree in Texas during the Bush Administration.

  46. Andrea

    I’m working on one of my Life List goals right now: Make regular exercise a real habit.

    I’ve started running and am training for my first 5k.

  47. heather

    I’m working on the idea of a life list. I would really like to go hang gliding. I bet I can try to make that happen.

  48. Liz

    We seemed to have missed it again this year, but one of these days, we’ll make it up to the mountains to see the Aspens change.

  49. Kelly H

    To visit the Greek Islands.

    I was so inspired by your Mighty Summit (and Broad Summit last year) that I’ve planned my 40th birthday party celebration to be a sort of mini summit of sorts. I rented a house out in the wine country of Sonoma County (I live here…) and invited 8 of my closest girlfriends for a ladies only sleepover. I’ve made gift bags for all my friends like you would for a kids party but instead filled it with things I love or things they can use during the sleepover (fluffy socks, eye masks for sleeping, etc.) I even “borrowed” a few ideas I saw in your pics of the Mighty Summit. I bought gallon sized mason jars and tea candles to have on the deck of the house for our outside lounging and have made gift tags for all the party bags with quotes about friendship. You are always so inspiring to me on how to really enjoy life. It’s the details that can really make a big difference. Thanks for always offering such great ideas and making me make my life list.

  50. Sarah

    I just checked off two items on my life list!

    1) Go to Oktoberfest (didn’t realize it WAS on my life list until I stumbled upon the opportunity, go me)

    2) Visit Italy

  51. Cecilia

    My Life List is full of travel adventures. Hong Kong is pretty high up there. Hoping to go in the next few years.

  52. Rachel

    I ran in Oregon’s Hood to Coast cross-country team race event this August! It wasn’t on my list until I was asked to be on a team until 2 weeks prior to the race, but since a lot of my items are sports/activity/trying new things related, I said yes and went ahead and did it!

    It was hard but fun, and I definitely have a strong feeling of accomplishment for having done it. Which is awesome since I’m not doing so hot on my List item labeled “get along with the ex-bf better” right now.

    That gift bag is great swag – would love to win it!

  53. Stephanie

    My life list has always involved living abroad, which I’ve now done…so on to (slowly) starting my own business.

    Writing a book is also up there, but somehow it seems far more intimidating than a business.

  54. Victoria

    At the top of my life list, at least at the moment, is to go back to school and get my master’s degree. I know that I can’t move forward without also moving up.

  55. Jessica

    I finally got around to blogging about my honeymoon, in which I was able to complete TWO Life List items: Ride an Elephant and Take a Cooking Class in Thailand!

  56. Jodi

    I’ve been constructing my life list in my head for the past two years or so… I think I’m finally ready to put pen to paper and do this thing. I mean, life is going on with or without me; I’d better hurry up and figure out what I want it to be!

  57. Dina

    On my life list: “Throw awesome birthday party for myself.” I just did that last month. I turned 40, and celebrated with a bonfire picnic and friends at the beach, where we played and sang American and Balkan folk songs (ok, if Johnny Cash and Bob Marley are folk music…) It was amazing.

    Hey, #68/Katie: That’s on my list too! But I have no plans/ideas on how and when to make it happen…

  58. Summer

    Life List Item #23: Go to Iceland (inspired in part by the Masons!) became a reality last June, when we started trying for a baby. Now my son’s 5 months old, and his middle name is Thor.

  59. Meredith U.

    I want to dance at my daughter’s wedding, I don’t know how to dance, and she’s only 16. I have time to learn to dance, but I desperately hope I am around long enough.

  60. ame

    TAKE A TRAIN SOMEWHERE! I can’t believe I’ve never taken a train, but I want to, even if on a short trip… this is the year – I have a few months left! :) – oh… and what a fabulous prize!!!!!!!!

  61. Desi

    Swim the front crawl endurance swim (500 metre). I learned to swim earlier this year, I’m now in lessons to refine my stroke, and hope to be able to actually finish a whole 50 metre lap by the end of this week. Progress!

  62. Cara

    I scratched off a doozy, to ride in a 168km two day bike event to raise money for MS. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

  63. Isela

    Now that fall is here I am doing this one:

    Make a lattice apple pie from scratch.

    (I’m a pie dough rookie.)

  64. sara

    Nothing fancy, but something I’ve always wanted to do:

    Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

    And… This will actually be happening during a whirlwind 20-hour trip to NYC in November! I am almost more excited about crossing this item off my list than the actual reason I’m making the trip in the first place.

  65. Stephanie

    Recently accomplished goals from the Life List:
    – barefoot winegrape stomping
    – giving a tear-inducing speech at my sister’s wedding

    Need to accomplish:
    – host an utterly fabulous Thanksgiving dinner for friends
    – live for a year in a climate that doesn’t change (much) with the seasons

  66. Karen

    To ride my bike to work, which means riding it from Queens into Manhattan. I accomplished this once so far, and it was pretty terrifying. But I hope to do it again soon. I should probably add “get over fear of biking in the city” to the list as well.

    Great shoes!

  67. Samantha

    I want to make a time-lapse video – I’ve loved them for years, but being inspired by The Unseen Sea sealed the deal. So, thanks for that.

  68. Kate

    I’ve started my Life List a dozen different times on paper scraps. If I win, I’ll compile them all together into one proper list this weekend… okay so I’ll do it anyway even if I don’t win:)

  69. A.M.

    The strangest item on my lifelist is to learn about voice work – ideally being the voice of an audiobook. I love reading the funny bits out loud! But it’s so completely different from all the other things I’m doing with my life.

  70. carolynn

    This may sound crazy, but it’s on my list.
    After cancer and chemo, my body (and skeleton) is weak and my confidence in my body’s abilities has diminished. Just one more cartwheel….

  71. kathleen

    my best friend and i just went on a trip to new orleans, and each picked a life list item to complete before our trip a year from now. mine?? write 50 poems in the next year. i’ve got some time set apart tonight to start.

  72. Kendra

    learn to play an instrument

    My seven year old wants my husband and I to be in a band with her, my husband already plays the guitar, I suspect my ability to learn an instrument will take longer than her desire to have her parents in a band with her. And yet…..

  73. Sheila

    Life List: Roundtrip road trip from coast to coast! Eastbound northern route, westbound southern route.

  74. JoAnna

    The very first thing on my life list is to create a life list. But when I do that, I know one of the things on it will be to ride in a hot air balloon.

    The summit looks amazing, Maggie! Do you invite people to attend or can people sign up for it (I didn’t see a sign-up form anywhere on the Might Summit page)?

  75. Emily

    My volunteer orientation is next week. Afterward, I plan to tutor the HECK out of some kids. Let’s go, theoretical teaching plans!

  76. Amihan

    I didn’t know it was on my life list until I learned that I can do it Sonoma – ziplining through the Redwood forest! I’m going in November with a girlfriend to celebrate our birthdays.

  77. Emily

    Love those Tieks! Am thinking they would make great bridesmaids gifts, especially if I can afford 5 pairs (eep). As for the Life List, I am completely supportive of adding things that are already done to instill a sense of accomplishment from unplanned but still momentous events. Thus I have simultaneously added and crossed off: “Bail a loved one out of jail”. Last but not least, momma needs a new pair of shoes.

  78. Emira

    30. Crack my grandma’s cinnamon bun recipe, which is written down no where and which she seems incapable of making in front of other humans (it never comes out right when there’s an audience).

  79. Danielle

    Learn to play the banjo!

    I’m four weeks into banjo lessons and was just able to pick out the melody of Beethoven’s 9th as I practiced!

  80. Margaret M

    One of my list items is to go to the Galapagos. I’m pretty close, since I’m already living in South America, but I only have a year left to get it done!

  81. Maggie

    I want to have 3 months of salary in a savings account.

    I want to go tubing down a slow river with beers in a cooler.

    I want to make Julia’s lobster thermidor.

  82. Jamie

    I want to take my mom on a vacation to Europe. She has always been so supportive of my travels abroad and I would love to experience that with her.

  83. Sarah

    To get married at the top of Vail mountain. On skis. In a wedding dress.

    To be accomplished 12.11.10

  84. Lindsay C

    I want to complete a 5k without walking! (I’ll be making my first attempt on November 20 at my local Turkey Trot- wish me luck!)

  85. Stephanie

    My favorite thing on my life list is to have a Cadbury egg mcflurry. It’s kind of a dual goal, because I do not live in a country that serves them, and I’ve always wanted to leave the US.

    Also, it’s the one most likely to happen soon!

  86. Jessica V

    I want to learn how to really use my camera and take better photographs. Also, to get back into shape – this is on my life list because it will make my daily life so much better.

  87. Laura

    I want to visit Tokyo, climb to the top of Mt. Fuji and visit the Harjuku district to people watch, find fashion inspiration, and take photos to document the glorious madness!

  88. Saoirse

    I want to live abroad for a year. Anywhere but where I’m from and immerse myself in another culture.

  89. Beth

    One of the items on my life list is to learn how to make cheese. So far I’ve taken a class on making yogurt, ricotta, farmer’s cheese, and feta (and have been mildly successful at making yogurt and farmer’s cheese). Next month – brie!

  90. Kate

    Become multilingual. Over the summer I stayed for a while with some French friends of my family, and the six-year-old boy in the family, Raphael, taught me how to count to 10 in French. I told him that when I come back to visit next summer, we’ll be able to have a whole conversation in French.

    My French classes start tomorrow! :)

  91. Emily

    To bring my son back to San Francisco for Swensen’s ice cream some day. We’re moving from SF to Arkansas tomorrow!

  92. Madison

    Giant goal: get into graduate school.

    Smaller goal that seems a bit more feasible in the midst of so many applications: learn to knit in a basic fashion, and stick with it long enough to make a scarf.

  93. Deb

    I rode a recumbent bike at the beach this weekend. That should have been on my list and I’ve added it retroactively. Next week I fly to St. Lucia to take a flash photography class with Joe McNally and Scott Kelby. That’s a big one to cross off the list!

  94. Sue Robinson

    To walk quietly around the Taj Mahal. Breathing in and out peacefully as I take in it’s beauty. I do this my my dreams and I can only imagine what it would feel like to do in reality. Ahhhh…

  95. Natalie

    This year, I beat my first video game, which was on my life list. I’m currently working on learning to dance.

    This giveaway would help motivate me to take one good picture a day for a year, which is also on my list :)

  96. Jolie

    My life list is illustrated and directly above my desk. I want one of my paintings in a museum. I want to be interviewed on All Things Considered. I want to see all 7 continents.

    I really want this bag… I’ve officially added it to my life list.

    Fingers crossed! Thanks!

  97. Courtney

    I am being completely honest when I say that I have never won anything online, isn’t that crazy?

    Here’s one thing I’d like to do: I’d like to go to Puerto Rico with all my kids, my siblings, their spouses & families, and my parents.

  98. Alex

    Learn Arabic well enough to bargain and make small talk, and do so (preferably in Egypt or Morocco).

  99. Dev

    Take each of my daughters to NYC for their 13th birthdays. They are 4 and 6 now, so I have a while yet! :)

  100. cjm

    I’ve been super inspired by Mighty Summit and have come up with 5 of my own Life List items to tackle in the next year. The biggest? To birth this baby.

  101. Susan

    Run a 10K. I did a mini-tri this summer, which included a 5K. Now I want to stretch the distance out a bit, and get off the treadmill to run outside.

  102. Ivy

    Take a trapeze lesson!

    @kara sue: I had grappa in Rome last year, and I thought the 70-something-year-old sales guy in the liquor store was going to split his pants laughing at the face I made when I tasted it. I highly recommend the experience. :)

  103. Jenny K

    I’m in! Please randomly pick me! :) I need a camera bag baddddd! I put mine in my purse, but it always gets turned on and my battery ends up dead when I take it out. Bummer.

  104. Megan

    My life list is a work in progress, but of the 11 things I have so far, getting emergency/disaster relief certified is my favorite. I would love to be able to contribute in some way when disaster strikes and I know that without the proper training I’d cause more harm than good. Simply wanting to help isn’t enough – training is important :)

  105. Melanie

    I began my Life List on a plane last Friday afternoon. After spending the weekend in Toronto (and knocking “Have sex in a foreign country” off my Life List), seeing and understanding most of the bilingual street signs, I’ve decided I want to brush up my high school French and become fluent. It’s such a beautiful language.

  106. Beth

    Up next on my list: do a headstand in yoga. I’m so close, but need that last little something to get there. Marked off this year: scuba certification, pickling vegetables, going to a shooting range, and buying my dream house. Busy year!

  107. Stephanie

    Love reading all these comments! I want to go see the aurora borealis or australis. I think this spring might be the time. I have to figure out where (Canada, Iceland, somewhere in South America?).

  108. eliza

    Actually go to the bar and defend sexual assault victims and children whose parents are going through ugly divorces. This has been my dream for so long I can’t even remember when I started dreaming it.

  109. Maura

    You totally inspired me to write up my life list, and you’re right. It’s way easier to tackle things when you’ve written them down. So far I’ve swam from Alcatraz, met 2 of my favorite bloggers (yourself included), and unfortunately had to cancel skydiving plans temporarily…but for a good reason. I’m pregnant! Thanks for all the inspiration and sharing the love, Maggie.

  110. meg

    I think I mentioned this one last time, but it’s a current favorite: Play the Old Course at St. Andrews with my dad.

  111. Sarah Songer

    Its been a dream of mine for years to open a holistic yoga retreat and spa in Central PA near my grandparents and the rest of my family. Its a big dream.

  112. LisaB

    Learn how to play the violin. The violin is in the closet waiting, but I’m busy learning how to ballroom/latin dance. So much to do!

  113. Ana

    I want to make things of all kinds, and I want to start with getting my hands on a decent DSLR camera and enrolling in a photography class. Bliss…

  114. Erin

    My dream of visiting Paris is slowly becoming reality. Another one to start work on: become a certified homebirth midwife.

  115. Kate

    After one of my best friends died in August I realized there is no more time for waiting to do the things I’ve always wanted to do. Since August I have:

    1. Taken a 5 week Lindy Hop class with my boyfriend so we can dance more together.

    2. Taken a knitting class. I learned I do not really want to be a knitter.

    3. Taken a photography class to learn how to use my camera. I’ve only gone to one so far but I’m learning a lot and so so excited about becoming a better photographer.

    4. PAID OFF MY STUDENT LOANS! What what? SUCK IT, THE MAN. That’s 40k bucks I am no longer enslaved by.

    5. Started Health Month and have successfully gotten at least 7 hours of sleep almost every night.

    6. Cooking dinner at home almost every night. This is good for my health AND my student loan busting budget.

    7. Also part of health month, I’m doing cardio at least 3 days a week. Going dancing with my boyfriend really helps!

    So here’s to living the life you WANT, now. Cheers!

  116. Josephine

    Go to a Liverpool FC match at Anfield. I’ve already visited the stadium but it was a few weeks before the season started.

  117. RubyDu

    I’m tackling two things on my list — learn to speak French and learn photography — by taking classes at Purdue right now.

  118. Mara

    So is it too ingratiating to say that meeting you is one of the things on our life list? In my defense I actually did tell Cecily that I wanted to at Type A Mom last week, so you know I’m not just making it up now.

    But I’d also like to take a photography course. I’m such a rank amateur photographer and I finally have a snazzy camera – I’d like to learn how to use it.

  119. Anabel

    I want to sell something made by myself. First, I have to get it together and actually make something, but that’s a thing I really really want to do

  120. JC

    Life List – Renew wedding vows on the beach in Hawaii.

    SIGH. I think about it every day while working out……

  121. Bethany

    Ooh, pretty! Love those shoes. Number 14 on my life list is winning a national title for speech and debate. Only got 1.5 years left to do it before I graduate college, but I’m optimistic :)

  122. Liz

    To find a way to sell my baked goods & jams that doesn’t give me heart palpitations. Or at least, gives me excited palpitations instead of terrified ones.

  123. abi

    Maggie, the Life List thing has been such a tremendous inspiration for me. Here are some of mine: Take my family camping. Finish my Bachelor’s degree. Write something and get paid money for it. Sew an item of clothing and actually wear it. Post something on my blog every week for a year.

  124. See-Dub

    For the Sporty Spice section of my life list: see my favorite team play in all of our conference’s stadiums. Four down, five to go!

  125. Sheryl

    Grow a vegetable garden. Small, I know. I haven’t quite learned how to dream big. It’s a little scary for me.

  126. Katie

    I just started my Life List a short while ago (it grows daily), and I was able to cross one off about a month ago – shoot a gun. Wow, it’s a serious rush, and now I am now more than all set with firearms.

    The “biggies” on my list include attend culinary school, learn to speak Italian, and pay off all of my (embarrassing, former relationship baggage) credit card debt.

    Here’s to beautiful swag and living life to its mightiest!

  127. ktbuffy

    I’m excited to be crossed #5 — Take a Photography Course — off my Life List this week. It’s just a one day thing, but I’m already looking at signing up for another class after this one is done. And I LOVE that red bag!!

  128. Tzena

    Donate money to my highschool and my child’s elementary school. Donate so much money in order to be tempted to do it anonymously.

  129. Ashley

    To take my kids to see the ocean- out of my four, only one has dipped their feet in salt water!

  130. Elisabeth

    I want to find a way to finish school. A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I took a very serious look at our finances, time and the amount of classes I have left and we’re coming up with a plan to make it happen.

    I’m terrified but ready.

  131. Tia

    To (obviously via motorcycle) recreate my own Motorcycle Diaries trip around South America as Che did.

  132. theurbancowgirl

    I crossed an item off my life life this weekend – I met a blogger in person! I’ll be crossing another off on Sunday by completing a half marathon.
    I love my life list! :)

  133. Shelley

    I wouldn’t be lying if I said that “win an on-line contest” wasn’t on my Life List ;-)

    But on a serious note, I have “live in a foreign country for at least 1 year”… on there as well!

    Keep up the “Awesome” Maggie, you’re really good at it!

  134. Jessica Mae

    My camera and I are praying I win.

    One thing on my life list is go play Bingo at a Bingo hall. My husband teases me about this one… but told me that he would be my date that night as long as I call him Earl. =)

  135. LauraSt

    On my life list last year was to “grow vegetables” and I just harvested 40 pounds of carrots. Troubling but delightful consequences. Heh.

  136. Candace

    I have slowly, but surely been composing a life list. The big ticket items are daunting: run a marathon with my boyfriend, publish my novel, get married, wear a bikini on the beach… it’s the random things that comes out when I start writing that bring me lots of happiness. I want to paint a room yellow, and learn to arrange flowers skillfully. I didn’t know these things about myself until I started writing.

  137. Ali

    Ooh ooh I started this one today: design and make a bed-size quilt. The Victoria and Albert museum has a website that converts any image file into a quilt pattern, so I created a stylized version of the Montreal metro map. So excited!

  138. Sarah

    I’m working on one of the things on my life list right now – founding a weekly open mic night in my neighbourhood.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  139. Caroline

    Always have wanted to live in France. Sent out my CV to a University in Paris and am now on the short list to fill in (for a summer, semester, or year) when someone in the department goes on sabbatical. :-)

  140. christine

    Every single day, I take a moment, hush down, listen to my heart and ask myself, “Am I being true to myself?”

    I don’t know if I will ever really check this one off my list, and that’s okay. I will try to be kind to myself until the day I die.

  141. Ms. Huis Herself

    My silliest, and most recently added, item on my life list is to make 12 different kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches. Today for lunch I made one with thin slices of leftover leg of lamb, colby jack, cheddar, and this amazing mustard from Das Wurst Haus in Lanesboro, MN.

  142. Samantha

    About a year and a half ago, I wrote my Life List, and one of the items on it was “Re-create V–J day in Times Square with someone I love.”

    Two months later, I fell in love with a (ex-)sailor. Coincidence? ;)

  143. Maggie

    This is my biggie one: I want to find something that I can’t wait to get up and go to work at every morning (which also will pay the bills).

  144. Jessica

    I want to white water raft through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado river. Among other things (like traveling to China, owning a fancy camera, and having a baby).

  145. Sromeo

    To last a full year in my first “grownup” job. (I’m a little more than 3 months in so far)

  146. jjzach

    #12 on my life list is to help save a farm. We are currently attempting to save a piece of farmland in my town with the goal of starting a community farm on the land. We are about to submit our proposal to the town and hope our plan is more attractive than a soccer field.

  147. Christy Skelton

    Downsize my house and get rid of stuff!! It may seem mundane, but with a toddler and another baby on the way, plus a lot of “precious family heirlooms” from various deceased relatives, we have stuff coming out our ears!! And my cluttered space is making my mind cluttered and thus unable to move forward with other goals and dreams.

    I was uber impressed with your recent post about family living in a tiny apartment, would love any more info on how you make it work!!

  148. La Banane

    Take both of my little sisters on a weekend getaway somewhere that none of us have never been. Bonus points for not making them stress about hotels and feeding themselves.

    Also: bike cross-country with my dad. Which means learning to ride a bike first.

  149. Kirsten Keane

    I want to teach English in Spain for a while. It combines a few of my “life list” items–to travel more, to live in a foreign country for a while, and a new one: to teach.

  150. Debbie

    I haven’t written out my life list yet, but I’ve begun it in my mind. Three things that I KNOW I want to do are:
    1. Give birth and/or become a mom.
    2. Make so many good and loving friends that finally someone throws a surprise party for me on my birthday – and I want it to be a true surprise. (Does this count, since it’s something that happens TO me, rather than something that I make happen for myself?)
    3. Attend a Halloween costume party wearing a really clever costume. (Have never dressed up for halloween as an adult!)

  151. lucyv

    I want to collect copies of all the books I loved as a kid to keep for my future children. I wish my mom hadn’t thrown them all out!

  152. Christianne

    I want to trek across Europe, visiting abbeys and monasteries and spending my days writing, taking photographs, and talking to people who live there and in each town.

  153. megan

    Wow. This is the best giveaway EVER.

    Life List #27: Learn how to give really good massages. Hot stones and all.

  154. Krissa

    I’m going to learn how to bake bread soon, which is the most intimidating item on my life list (not including, you know, becoming a parent. Which is definitely more intimidating than bread.)

  155. kristy

    The few that come to mind most readily:

    I want to write a book.
    I want to meet Bill Clinton.
    I want to not suck at taking pictures.
    I want to never get plastic surgery.

  156. Anne O'Neill

    One of the items on my Life List is to learn to play piano well again. I have the piano. I have the time. I also have a four year old daughter who would rather have me play with her than at the piano keyboard. So I don’t practice much. Yet. And I don’t regret it one bit. :)

  157. Amanda

    I want to go a month without wearing make-up. I don’t wear much to begin with, but I have a hard time being confident going completely au naturel. It’s time to overcome that!

  158. Erika

    Things I can check off: take a photography class, go white water rafting, visit China, fly on a private plane.
    Still to do: travel to Vietnam, find time to get out and shoot at least twice a week, take a cooking class in every country I visit and go zip lining in Costa Rica.

  159. Sarah

    To buy really cute shoes. I lean toward comfort and I want to find the cute and the comfortable.

    A few months (years?) ago your life list inspired me to come up with 25 and they were nearly all travel related. We are going away tomorrow and I am anxious. I think I need 25 more.

  160. Sarah

    Ride in a hot air balloon.

    Teach my dog to go to the bathroom outside.

    Live in a state besides NY or CA.

  161. emily

    Number one is still finish my dissertation. I am hoping when I finally get to crossing it off the list that I feel a sense of lightness because right now it just makes me crabby :).

  162. jess @ fushmush

    I really want to swim with Whale Sharks in Western Australia, visit every continent in the world, see La Sagrada Familia when it’s finished and most importantly stop procrastinating!

    Hrm, mine are all travel related…

  163. Michelle

    To piece together the trip my Dad took around the world in the 1970’s from the stamps in his old passports, and then to make the same trip at the same times of year, to get a glimpse of what he saw.

  164. Lisa B.

    I really really really want to live in France for 6 months. In a village, where I can actually speak French to French people, and buy French vegetables, then take them home and cook them in a French fashion.

  165. christina d

    Visit Seoul, South Korea with my husband (who was born there and has never had the chance to return) with our now-20 month old son, Miles Jae. In my mind, this is on my life list timetable for when MJ is in high school.

  166. nicholle

    Life list – go dog sledding at midnight under the aurora in northern Canada. It still counts if I’ve done it, right? :)

  167. Juliann

    Own a pair of red cowboy boots.

    I’ve wanted a pair ever since I saw Footloose when I was 7. I finally have the disposable income to make it happen, I just have to find the perfect pair.

  168. Liz

    I have so many things to check off but the one I’m working on right now is perfecting the art of baking chocolate chip cookies. May sound simple to some but I’m awful at it!

  169. Holly

    To set foot on the northernmost, southernmost, easternmost, and westernmost points in the U.S. And to learn whether I should have capitalized N, S, E, and W in that sentence!

  170. Nuala Sawyer

    There are so many things on my life list! The top one which I’m most looking forward to is owning a dog. I grew up with a menagerie of cats, horses, dogs, guinea pigs, and newts, and am excited to reach a point in my life where my lifestyle can support having a dog of my own (from San Francisco SPCA, of course).

  171. Michelle

    It’s on my list to master packing light – inspired by Maggie who does it with such style!

    Going away this weekend and I plan on practicing just that!

  172. Beth A.

    Paint a portrait that I am proud of.

    This first involves re-learning how to paint. I’ve started attending a weekly figure drawing class… baby steps.

  173. isahrai

    Have a photoshoot in the rain – with yellow rainboots, a fantastically unique umbrella and the biggest smile ever. I ordered the boots yesterday. I’m on the lookout for the umbrella…

  174. Kat

    My life list includes really boring things though! Hmm, trying to pick the most interesting. Oh! I have been working toward (and I’m getting closer) learning how to spin my own yarn. Okay, still lame. But it’s on the list! (along with becoming a mom so really you can see how ordinary mine is)

  175. natasha

    on thursday they announce the latest winner of the nobel prize for literature, which is pertinent to my life list goal of reading something by every single winner

  176. Isa

    One of the items one my life list is to make it a habit to take more photographs. My son’s childhood is flying by, and I seldom remember to pick up my camera.

  177. Carly

    I would like to travel out the of country! I live in Oregon and the only country I’ve visited besides the US is Canada – I’d like to go to France.

  178. Lindsay

    I want to learn Spanish well enough to converse (at least with pleasantries) and order at restaurants! :)

  179. Amy

    My next life list item: to finally sit down, as an adult, and have a detailed conversation with my mother about my biological father, about whom I know nothing. It’s going to happen this Thanksgiving.

  180. Elizabeth

    I just crossed one off last week – learn how to poach an egg perfectly (yay! so much easier than I thought it would be!)

    To do this winter: learn how to knit something other than a scarf or a hat

  181. DC

    Visit my cousin in Turkey, and travel around Ireland with my mother. Both happening (hopefully) next year!

  182. Linda

    I want to take cooking lessons in Greece with my husband.

    (This is the first time I put that out to the world!)

  183. Emma

    One of my life list to-do’s to hike a portion of the Appalachian trail! I have been wanting to do it for years and I finally decided to start training/planning and saving for it after making my life list this year!

  184. freddy

    I want to start bike touring! It has always been a dream of mine but I sort of gave it up when my son was born. I’m realizing I’m not quite ready to give up on it.

  185. Meredith

    My list includes:
    Learn how to row (done!)
    Carry my camera with me everywhere, every day (done! since November of 2009!)
    Learn to play an instrument, preferably piano or guitar
    Live Somewhere Else for at least a year (I’m moving to Spain in 6 weeks!)
    Become fluent in another language (see previous!)
    Own a house by the time I’m thirty (6 years to go on this one)

  186. Rachel

    I want to take cooking classes at the Culinary Institute in Hudson Valley and then using the awesome techniques I learned to throw a fab dinner party!

  187. mando

    Donate my hair to create a wig for cancer. Currently in the growing out phase. Cut off the majority of my hair last year to get all the hair dye out because I was getting impatient.

  188. pinkleahtard

    I REALLY want to sing an Ella Fitzgerald song on stage, preferably into an old microphone while wearing a blue sequined dress. Not that I’ve given this any thought.

  189. Carly

    to make space for the enjoyment of the now rather than always planning for enjoyment in the future.

  190. kim b.

    I want to spend a week in a quiet cabin by a lake where I’d spend days reading, tossing the ball for the dog, and playing in the water with my kids.

  191. Patsy

    Host an outdoor movie party in my backyard. Must contain jammies, picnic blankets, a projector and a white sheet as a screen.

  192. Funnelcloud Rachel

    I just checked this one off the other weekend: sell my art at an art market/fair. It was a small market, but the experience has inspired me to apply to a bigger one. Also – 10 days until I leave on an RV trip across the west – that’s been a biggie on my Life List for a while!

  193. Christa

    This is quite the giveaway. Right now I am working on number one on my life list, trying to have a baby. Currently recovering from my (second) ectopic pregnancy a few weeks ago, but hoping to be back at the fertility doctor soon.

  194. Jane in CA

    Is it a LifeList if it isn’t written down yet? I’ve been working on it though, in my head, and at the top of the list is “write a book”. Trying to decide if it should be “publish a book”–or perhaps they are two separate items?

  195. BonnieB

    Travel to Spain. My favorite thing to do when traveling to a new country is to visit local spots and not just tourist places.

  196. Michelle

    I turn 35 in December and set a goal of doing 35 things on my list. I am on track to get to 35. So far, the best have been going to Spain, feeding a giraffe, and trying more ethnic foods.

  197. Sarah G

    Currently in progress: Have a guest room that visitors look forward to staying in. T-minus 10 days: the in-laws arrive on the 15th!

  198. Lauren

    I’m was going to work on replacing my ugly, super-pink bathroom countertop, but I think I’m going to just do something wacky to it instead. Maybe draw all over it with permanent marker, or something less dumb-looking but cheap and eco-friendly.

  199. Greta

    I only just finally started writing my life list down last week, so it’s still in development. But one thing that was on there, that I’d really like to do but scares me a little, is take singing lessons.

    I’d also really like to win this stuff! What an awesome goody bag. :)

  200. Janet

    I’m currently working on a sub-life list based on things I want to see/try/eat/etc in San Luis Obispo, where I just relocated to last month (yes, I have lists within lists). I’m calling it the Mighty SLO List and it includes things like paddle boarding, eating basil ice cream at the Basil Festival, and staying at the Madonna Inn. So much fun!

  201. Jennifluff

    Go to a Steelers game at Heinz Field with my husband. I bought the tickets for his birthday this year. SO EXCITED.

  202. Nancy

    Last month I biked across the Golden Gate bridge. Up next is moving across the country to Vancouver. :)

  203. Britni B.

    Become an accomplished large animal veterinarian. …And I turned in my application to veterinary school last week!

  204. Daffodil Campbell

    There is an item on my life list that is gaining a life of it’s own. Someday, I will own my own cafe. Someday I will own my own cafe. Someday I will own my own cafe. When I have checked it off my list, I will have you for lunch, with pleasure.

  205. Valerie

    This past month I had Mom teach me to make grape jelly, and then we made an elderberry pie from fruit we picked ourselves. Two items in one weekend! Right now I’m working on another one: I’m knitting a sweater.

  206. Kelly

    Road trip across America! My husband, who is from Canada, has been to more states than I have on tour with his former band. I, of course, have romanticized this and now want to road trip with my husband and son for a month. My husband tells me that it wasn’t all I imagine it to be, but you know what? It could be!!

  207. Katie

    – Get a PhD in Computer Science. (Passed my qualifying exam!)
    – Make a quilt out of my old t-shirts.
    – Gamble in Atlantic City. (Hoping to do this over Christmas break!)

  208. Emma

    I completed my first goal, participating in a 12km run/walk. I was sore but it was so satisfying!

  209. Charlie

    #9 Build a well for a village in Africa. This means saving $5000 that I can give away. With 2 kids in college right now, that is some serious saving…I will do it though!

  210. Joelle

    Oh Maggie, you’re killing me.

    Did I mention the excuse to buy sexy shoes? Ah yes, that was in the last one. But these are such nice pretty sexy shoes, that would work with my poor deformed painful feet…

    On the last giveaway, I read every single entry, thinking it would inspire me. I got exactly one new idea for my life list. Are people so uncreative they all want to travel to Ireland, Italy and Iceland? I mean, yes, traveling in those places would be great, but what will you do once you get there?

    Ok, enough bitching. Should have my own blog, huh?

    I want to make a set of wooden blocks for a baby. And play with them. The blocks, and the baby, together.

  211. E-Money

    I just crossed #14 off my list: get engaged! Even after finding my wonderful boyfriend (of 3.5 years), I still had to get comfortable enough with marriage to let him know I was ready. That was the not so easy part, but once I realized that life is one giant leap of faith, sometimes more calculated leaps, I just had to trust…and more importantly LOVE. And we both couldn’t be happier.

  212. Stacee

    I got to mark something off my life list this past weekend! After having not seen my faraway best friend for more than three years, we snuck away from our regular lives and met up for a getaway weekend in Portland, Oregon. It was divine!

  213. Carrie

    So many wonderful life list entries in the comments… My next list item to cross off is to throw an amazing and memorable 30th birthday party for myself next month.

  214. ElizH

    I’m taking my first digital photography class as part of my life list. It’s even better than I had hoped!

  215. Sarah

    As an Italian New Orlenian who loves food and spent her childhood in the kitchen listening to my mother’s stories while she cooked, my favorite item on my current life list: create a family cookbook

  216. Sarah

    I want to attend a live performance of Saturday Night Live. Apparently you can only get them by emailing ONLY in the month of August. Someday…

  217. bre

    Something on my life list that I work toward every single day: graduate medical school!
    I think I need to add some simpler goals as well though, too many of mine will take too many years…

  218. AmandaL

    I’ve been dying to try a pair of those shoes, but just can’t see myself swinging the cash right now. as for my life list? I want to sell the things I make, but am afraid no one out there will want it. I need to just take the plunge, but the water seems oh so dangerously cold!

  219. wendy

    earn my ph.d.
    I’m about one month away from reaching this goal and I couldn’t be prouder of myself and my husband who has supported me in every way.

  220. Vanessa

    Ooooooh! All of these would be perfect right now, I’m going on a trip to Italy with two of my girlfriends next month.

    One item from my life list? To visit 6 of the 7 continents… all but Antarctica.

  221. Riona

    Own nothing that I do not use at least one a month (for most things it would be once a week, but hey, I don’t bake very often.)

  222. Courtney

    Learn how to ride a horse! I always wanted to take lessons when I was little but my dad thought if I did I would want to *own* a horse, so he wouldn’t let me.

  223. Jacqueline Asher

    Learn to cook/recreate my grandmother’s recipe for roast and homemade noodles (a longtime family favorite) and serve it to all of my immediate family and inlaws.

  224. Beautifulmess

    attend the annual Over the Rhine Christmas concert at the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati . . . just might make that one happen this year.

  225. Ali

    Next thing on my life list to tackle is to get a degree in fashion design. 2011 you’re looking like a good place to start.

  226. Becky

    Learn to use my sewing machine (to repurpose old clothes and make cute things for my kids and home)!

  227. Candice

    Find the perfect lipstick. I have it pictured in my mind, some sort of raspberry/plum color but have never found it. Is that life list material? I have big life list items but I’ve been dreaming about this lipstick for 10 years that I think it’s worthy now of being a life list item :)

  228. Melissa

    Oh, those shoes. COVET.

    I started writing a novel in July and am about 35,000 words into it – about halfway done the first draft. I want to finish it and then map out the rest of the trilogy I see it kicking off, then sell those bad boys so the rest of the world can read them. It’s a big, crazy dream and no one knows about it yet but my husband. And now all of you :)

  229. alison

    I am totally smitten with the idea of folding shoes in half and keeping them in my purse. I tried this with some cheap, old flats the other day, but the results were not pretty!

  230. Marla

    I realized some time ago that I didn’t have to become a teacher to teach – so in my position as a Lunch Room Supervisor, I’m going to teach the kids who need an activity on a rainy day to knit using their fingers. After I teach myself.

  231. Marla

    I realized some time ago that I didn’t have to become a teacher to teach – so in my position as a Lunch Room Supervisor, I’m going to teach the kids who need an activity on a rainy day to knit using their fingers. After I teach myself.

  232. Abigail

    Oh, pick me pick me! I want to start my own business, to have an in home barista, and to get married!

  233. Maureen

    I’m starting a new life list after completing my first one between 1985 (skydiving) and 2000 (completed my BA) In between, I took tap dance lessons, swimming lessons, bought a guitar and learned to play well enough for me to sing along. I also learned sign language, and took a leave of absence from work to travel with a backpack and passport. My new life list includes (among other things) learning to use a cordless drill, pulling out my sewing machine again, and traveling through Newfoundland.

  234. Kathleen

    I have added “learn sign language”, even though I don’t know anyone hard of hearing. I hope it leads me to a new world of communicating.

  235. Victoria

    Some of the things I have on my life-list include learning how to snowboard and participating in a Latin ballroom dance competition (like Dancing with the Stars!).

  236. Christine

    You inspired me to get off my butt and make a life list. Next week, I’m tackling #8: a Chinese calligraphy class so I can honor my grandfather

  237. Lindsay Masten

    The item on my life list that’s getting the most attention lately is definitely:
    Sell an original painting for what it’s worth.

    I’ve sold prints before, but I’m hanging in a small (teeny tiny) gallery show soon, so maybe I’ll get to cross this off!

  238. Bridie

    Here is one of my favourites from my life list:

    Organise and execute a Flash Mob at the local Farmers’ Market

  239. Annie Hall

    I want to learn to make lobster. I am plum terrified of making lobster and yet I find it delicious. Perhaps my abject fear stems from my youth spent landlocked in Nebraska where there are cows aplenty, but very few lobsters. Now that I’m living on the East Coast, I’m ready to master the crustacean. I can already imagine he’ll be delicious with butter sauce ala Julia Child.

  240. Cynthia

    My life list changed recently; I added this to it: help my hubby by being his own personal wonder woman health advocate while he goes through some stuff in the coming year!

  241. Michelle

    Deliver a child without drugs. Currently pregnant with number three… third time’s a charm?

  242. Erinn

    like many other people, getting to a healthy weight and fitness level is on my life list. i just started with a personal trainer, and when she asked me what my ‘fitness goal’ was, i told her that i wanted to feel and look better by the time i turned 30 next July. then i hesitated for a minute and admitted that my slightly more *specific* goal was to have great calves so i could finally wear slutty boots.

  243. Cora D

    I posted my life list on my blog and have had several friends mention writing one of their own. It warms my heart that I could take something that inspired me (your list, Maggie) and have it inspire others. Thank you.

  244. Jen

    One little item on my list is to make and can apple butter. My great-grandmother used to make it and it was so good, and I’d like to do it myself. I’m planning on crossing this one off any weekend now, as soon as I can get a whole bunch of fresh apples.

  245. amandaC

    to become fluent in ASL. i took a semester class, learned TONS about Deaf culture and ASL, and have always wanted more. so far, life has had other plans. but, someday!

  246. Mir

    I would like to hike the Grand Canyon with my husband; I’ve actually never been there and feel like it’s somewhat criminal that I’ve gone nearly 40 years without managing it!

  247. heather

    I would like to take a trip across the country with my husband and two kids this summer – Those shoes and that camera bag would make my trip that much better

  248. Kerianne

    My husband and I are trying to reach every continent before we have kids (2 left – Antartica is one of them.

    Would love the giveaway, am so inspired & entertained by your blog daily!


  249. Sarah

    I’d like to travel throughout the rural south, finding small towns like the one I grew up in and photographing a book of portraits with short accompanying bios. Churches and flea markets, I think, will be the best place to find subjects.

  250. Kristy

    To drive alone across the desert, in a muscle car at least twice as old as I am, while blaring ‘Spirit in the Sky.’

  251. Amy C.

    I want to find a job that I love so much that it makes me unreasonably excited to get up in the morning. I want to learn to make a souffle. I want to eat dinner at an expensive fancy schmancy restaurant and feel totally comfortable.

  252. Judy R

    I did my first Olympic distance tri last year and my big goal is to do a full Ironman in the next few years. First, I have to have this baby due in Feb and get back to triathlon shape afterward!

  253. Rachel H

    One of the things on my life list is getting married. Hopefully I can make it a few more weeks!

  254. Amy M

    When you blogged about ziplining in the redwoods, I added it to my list. At the time, we lived in Orlando, Florida, and I had never been to the West Coast. But we moved to San Francisco a month ago. :-) I’m getting closer!

  255. Redneck Mommy

    To one day take my quadriplegic son hang gliding off the cliffs of Greece. So that he can know that even though he will never walk, he will always be able to fly.

  256. Tiffany

    I want to travel somewhere that requires a passport. I got one a few years ago and have yet to use it!

    As of now I don’t have a life list, just alot of ideas swimming in my head. I think it’s time to start writing things down and start making them happen!

  257. Earth Girl

    I haven’t finished writing my life list, but raising a few chickens for eggs and entertainment is on it. I am reading a book now as the chicks are purchased in the spring. I rejected the idea of a life list for a while because it seemed appropriate for younger women and I have done so much already. But then I realized how much I need the list at age 60 to make sure I’m living my life desires.

  258. grammaoffive

    Live in a home alone with my husband for the first time in our lives. We have been married 34 years and have always had a family member living with us. 3 kids, Mother in law, sister, daughter w/2 grandkids…
    I would love to decorate one of our spare rooms as a guest room.

  259. grammaoffive

    Get a passport so we can travel to Australia and Greece, and Isreal, and London, and Scotland and…

  260. Dayna

    I’m going to start a website.
    I’m going to organize my photographs.
    I’m going to become a teacher.
    In doing so, I’m going to show my kids what kind of students they need to be.

  261. Rachelino

    I want to finish my grandmother’s biography by the end of the year. Well,I want to have a draft for her to review by the end of the year. She will definitely have comments!

  262. Kristy

    Ooooh…small manageable thing from life list…organize and beautify my mess of a spice collection!

  263. SarahF

    To run and not die while doing so a full marathon. I”m signed up this weekend so we’ll see how it goes! :)

  264. Margie

    This summer I crossed off taking my mom to a Storycorps booth, but now I’ve added taking my husband to one. Thanks for the chance!

  265. Sarah

    To finish my early childhood education degree. I also achieved something on my list: I’m now the supervisor of the child care centre I work at!

  266. Jen

    To knit myself a sweater. I know how to knit, but I’ve never completed an actual garment. I want to knit something I can wear that isn’t a scarf or a hat!

  267. Chiara Ogan

    I’m still working on my life list (only up to 50 items), but I’ve started to make progress on some of them. The biggest progress has been to meditate on a regular basis. I find a feel better after wards and miss it if I don’t do it.

  268. Vanessa

    This giveaway is spectacular! On my life list: to save as many abandoned and misunderstood dogs as possible through volunteering, training, and rescue.

  269. Lorrie

    I had one career doing something I love (was a pastry chef for a while) and now I want to figure out what inspires me like baking for and feeding people did. I think this involves travel.

  270. Bextoronto

    Direct and choreograph a full-length dance show. I have the music and the idea. Now I just need a plan.

  271. Leah

    I would like to scrape up the courage and sing on stage. By myself. Loud enough for people to actually hear it.

  272. Mary Jenkins

    I made a life list 10 years ago and have done almost everything on it! How crazy is that? I still haven’t ridden in a hot air ballon, but after having a kid, I had a change of heart about that one! I have added a new one in its place: Finish the book I began writing!

  273. Jen M.

    One that is in progress is trying 1000 new recipes. One that I hope to start and complete this winter is taking a glass blowing class.

  274. Victoria Sum

    One of my goals is to ride a horse! Thankfully my sweet boyfriend is taking me to Marfa, Texas Halloween weekend to check it off my Life List. I’m stoked.

  275. Christine F.

    To take voice lessons and audition seriously for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus. The hope would be to make it, of course. :) But the life list is to seriously audition.

  276. Marian

    I crossed the first item off of my life list this summer: Ride a horse on the beach. My parents took me on a super swank vacation to Turks and Caicos where Pilgrim and I rode into the clear turquoise water until he started to swim. It was possibly the most frightening yet exhilarating experience of my life to date.

  277. Samantha

    top O the list – decide what I want to be when I grow up. Second – be that.

    #1 is taking a bit longer than I planned…=)

  278. Clarissa

    I am currently attacking the following:
    1. Academically approach my wardrobe and acquire clothing that is both flattering and reflects my personal style.
    2. Learn to part with my money without a)having a panic attack, b)returning all items purchased with said money, or c)both.

    Awesome giveway!! Thank you!!!!

  279. Maggie E.

    Someday, while singing to my ‘someday’ baby I want to sing a lullaby that I’ve written. So I guess I’d better:

    Write a lullaby.

  280. Pamela

    I’ve just started thinking about a life list though I have been a “what would I do if money is not object” list maker from waaaaay back. And lots of the things on those list came true so I know it works….the one most often on my mind lately is–to live for a year in a foreign country–preferrably either Mexico or France….but I’m open to other opportunities!

  281. Emily

    One of my life list items is to learn how to pack a carry-on bag without feeling deprived of clothing and shoe options. Thinking the Tieks would help with that!

  282. Tiffany

    Regularly write, publish and distribute a zine serial about something.

    A bit sillier: ever since you posted your outfit with magenta superhero boots, I’ve wanted a pair of colorful boots (preferably in teal or turquoise), preferably custom-made since I have large wide feet and fat calves. Because everyone needs to have a pair of awesome superhero boots.

    Also, due to pondering my Life List (thanks to y’all) all this time, I’ve been slowly realizing with increasing strength that I really, really want to travel, perhaps somehow make a living from that. Not sure how to accomplish that yet, however (teaching English? hmm).

  283. Catheroo

    Submit an answer to the Sunday Puzzle on NPR and get chosen to call in to the show. (And yes, I realize getting chosen is a bit out of my control, but I *did* submit an answer this week!)

  284. Brandy

    Become fluent in Spanish. A few of my co-workers are bi-lingual and have been gleefully sharing their culture and language with me. It’s really fantastic so far!

  285. Julianna

    A few things on my life list are:
    1. Get an essay published in the New Yorker
    2. Hot air balloon ride
    3. Learn to sail
    4. Meet Oprah
    5. Meet HH Dalai Lama
    6. Live in Thailand for 3 months
    7. Live in India for a year
    8. Run my own business
    9. Swim with biolumniesence (sp??) – yes, Maggie, you inspired me!
    10. See Northern Lights

  286. Michelle

    My friend Emilie and I have both recently been inspired to continue listing and have agreed to help each other get 5 things crossed off in the next year. I had recently crossed off wearing skinny jeans in public and attending a cooking class! A few things on my list to tackle next are becoming comfortable eating alone at a restaurant (it’s taking a lot of practice), cooking a new recipe every month (and in the process resurrect my old blog), read Arabian Nights and listen to 20 full length classical musical masterpieces! Thank you for the inspiration and the stories! Did I mention my best friends all live in different states? Life lists will help us stay close!

  287. Darci

    I want to teach English in Paris or Italy…whatever comes first. I have started the registration process – hoping for this summer.

  288. emma

    I simply couldn’t decide between “making waffles on my Foreman grill” (i’m completely intimidated!) or “visiting Bhutan” (when? how? with what pocket change?) because they basically exemplify the range of items on my list, which I’ve labeled “Intentions” because I so strongly associate “Life List” with you.

    Anyway, these are gorgeous items you selected for your bag – of course. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, and cheer for whoever the lucky winners are if my fingers don’t do the trick.

  289. Lisa May

    One of the biggies is to live in Barcelona with my family for at least a month. Related: learn Spanish.

  290. Emily

    At the top of my list right now is to have a natural childbirth. Positive thinking is leading the way!

  291. Helen

    Other than make these two toddlers happy, healthy,loving, and productive members of society…I would like to uproot and move to France for a year (or, you know, for ever a year is easier to wrap my mind around)

  292. Erin S.

    Drive a Zamboni is on my life list. I have no idea how to make it happen, but I’m just itching to do it!

  293. Caitlin

    One thing on my life list is to work in a restaurant as a pastry person, at least for a week. Just to get a feel for the professional side of baking.

  294. Kasey Schroeder

    keep my house clean for a week
    go on vacation with my girlfriends
    have a family band-me, my husband, our son, and whatever subsequent children we will have
    go to New York and eat everything
    piggy backing off of that, i’d also like to be in amazing shape.

  295. Laura Jane

    I just started my blog which was on my Mighty Life List for a long, LONG time. It feels pretty good and I’m really excited to start cooking one thing that scares me each month (also on my list). First up: MUSSELS?!

  296. Caroline

    I want to have a house that is big and comfortable enough to house my parents in their retirement for as long as they want to live with me.

  297. Lauren

    One of the first things I hope to cross off my Life List is “take 100 photographs in 100 days.” Having such a lovely camera bag would be inspirational!!

  298. Leah

    Well, on my Life list is “Become a Giants season ticket holder”, but now that they’re in the playoffs everyone will think I’m just jumping on the bandwagon. I’ve BEEN ON the bandwagon! Truly.

  299. Brittany

    I hope to finish a book. I don’t care if it is published, or finds any kind of success, but if it’s something I can give to my daughter that she will be proud of I will fulfilled my biggest goal.

  300. dcfullest

    I want to own the perfect pair of red cowboy boots. I keep searching but we haven’t found each other yet!

  301. Melanie

    I’ll tell you the thing I’m working on off my life list right now – learn how to use (really use) my camera. I’m taking a class, and my camera and I are taking our relationship to the next level.

  302. Lisa

    Be able to support my husband financially so he can pursue his dream of writing a novel. Right now we’re in the opposite position — he’s supporting me while I pursue my dreams and I desperately want to return the favor.

  303. Cameron

    Hi Maggie!

    I checked another item off my life list in September. Throw out the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game. I’m not kidding. I was one of the first responders recognized at “Heroes Day” at the Los Angeles Dodgers September 19th game. I represented the LAFD and our educational non-profit, MySafe:LA.

    Usually I’m shooting this kind of event -stills and video – but this time I was in front of the camera. Not an easy spot for me. That Lola Epiphanie Camera Bag by Maile Wilson is making me drool!


  304. alyson

    One that had been on my list for awhile that I have accomplished this year (!) was to be my own boss. Which is great, because I’m kind of the best boss ever. New life list addition? Earn enough to support me and my husband with my business. The three month vacation I’m planning for next year (ALSO a life list entry) may delay that….

  305. Eilis

    I crossed of “run a 5K” earlier this year. Have been training for, and will be crossing off “run sprint triathlon” on October 23rd. Long live the Life Lists!

  306. Donna

    On my life list: I want to stay overnight in a windmill in Greece. I’ve even picked out which one I’d like. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  307. Jae

    My husband and I are crossing something off our Life List together at the end of the month: we are moving West-something we have dreamed of for the nearly 10 years we’ve been together. We’re leaving the flat, boring Mid-West for Portland, OR and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

  308. Peggy

    A few from my list:
    – learn how to juggle
    – visit every state in the US
    – read the Bible from start to finish

  309. Amy

    On mine and my husband’s life list: “Touch the snows of Kilimanjaro.” A fleeting experience that would reveal a bit of the breadth and depth of Africa.

  310. rebecca

    learn to swing dance/lindy hop (i just signed up for my second set of classes – so much fun!)

  311. Jeannie

    When my kids are all in college I will be in my late 50’s. THEN…I’m planning on conning some poor soul into letting me be a roadie for her band for a year. I’ve always wanted to be a roadie!!!

  312. g

    Long before you had The Mighty List, I had “this thing I need to do”. That’s how I always referred to it. When my parents asked why I didn’t want children, I always had “this thing I need to do” first. I am in a PhD program and I am just about half way through this thing I need to do. Better yet, I am just about to the good part – fieldwork! Nearly everything in my life has been put on hold for this thing, but it’s totally been worth it. My husband, too, is working on his PhD and it’s been an incredible adventure for the two of us to do together (even if we don’t see that much of each other any more).

    I do my research on another continent, so I board lots of airplanes, take lots of pictures, and spend an insane amount of time worrying about the right kind of bag to carry.

  313. Catherine

    I’m a lit professor, so here’s an appropriate one from my life list: 1. Read every Pulitzer Prize for fiction award winner of the 20th century.

  314. Sally C.

    My list is short at the moment because I lak perspective due to newborn sleep deprivation. My list? Sleep for six hours…in a row.

  315. Karen N

    Take a whole-foods cooking class.

    Find a great vegetarian lasagna recipe.

    Take a class or private lesson in watercolor painting.

    New Year 2012 in Hawaii.

  316. Teri

    Writing a book has been on my life list before I’d ever even heard of a life list. My first book comes out this month, and I’m going to be celebrating it. A lot.

  317. Desiree

    This is very timely as I am just about to post my list on my site! A few things on mine include:
    -Go to Scotland and have an awesome guided historical/ancient sites tour.
    -Try glassblowing.
    -Learn to enjoy cooking and make food I love.
    -Take a photography class.
    -Spend several consecutive days being pampered at a spa.

  318. Lindsay

    Go to Italy (coming true next week!!!).
    Write a book with my sister.
    Tour the Jelly Belly factory.

  319. Martha

    Those shoes look awesome! I’ve never spent that much on flats, I feel like I can justify boots for that much, living in the Northeast. But they look nice for traveling!

  320. Lauren

    My life list: I really want to be a midwife. My personal prerequisite to that is having a baby. My husband just quit his job to go to grad school, so for a long time we have felt like its not the right time, or we don’t have enough money, but I think its time we through caution to the wind and just go for it!

  321. Em

    Throw a “frat party,” adult-style: trompe l’oeille jello shots in delicious thematic flavors.

  322. Nicki

    I’ve always wondered what bangs would look like on me…& today I found out! Not too bad, not too bad at all :)

  323. Amy

    Three things on my life list (and I’m not even kidding about this): finally find a pair of shoes that don’t kill my feet, learn to use a DSLR, and carry a bag that doesn’t look like I only paid ten dollars for it (even if I did).

    Thanks for getting me to dream big, Maggie!

  324. Pauline Roy

    Go back to the Philippines. I was born there but haven’t been back since we left when I was 8.

  325. Cat

    learn how to can/preserve like my mother and grandmother did . . . good time to try here in michigan with the abundance of apples . . .

  326. Haley J.

    I want to read all of “A La Recherche du Temps Perdu” in French. I figure it will take me the better part of a decade to be that fluent, but it will be worth it when I accomplish it.

  327. Laura Rehbehn

    I found your website a week ago and have been trying to spend 15 mins a day thinking/adding to my life list. I want to make sure its thorough and thoughtful!

  328. Liesel

    OMG..I want that bag soooo bad!

    On my life list is to actually learn how to use my Nikon D90. My sweet husby got it for me last year for my bday and all I ever use is automatic. I would like to change that.

  329. Mandy

    Fill my passport so I need to get extra pages! I’m super close; I just have one page left! :)

  330. Nicole

    on my life list, which is still very much in progress as I only recently learned about all of this — to learn to forgive myself for not being perfect.

  331. Becky

    I have been coveting those shoes for a while now. But- I just finished grad school (1st item to get crossed off the Life List- Become a Physician Assistant!) and am doing the unemployed/job hunt thing. So, shoes are a low priority now. How great would it be to get them anyway?

    I want to someday have a house with a spiral staircase. In the short term I’m going to go puddle jumping. In colorful rainboots. And, I want to give a kid a library of classic children’s literature.

  332. Jamie

    I will see a spectacular showing of the Northern Lights someday. I am thinking Norway. Snowy nights with that indefinable mid-winter calm in the air, followed by fire-lit lounging in a warm cabin.

  333. Ricki

    I’d love to return to Switzerland, minus the 25 teen Jazz Band members I was with on my first visit!

  334. tessa

    i checked off a couple things from my life list this summer…and now i’m ready to expand on my pottery goals. i made lots of tiny bowls (check) and now want to make a giant serving bowl (yikes!).

  335. Lacey

    One of the things on my life list is to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall.

    P.S. — I’m job hunting! So if you pick me, you can tell everybody that there’s an awesome PR/communications person up for grabs. :)

  336. Niamh

    I’ve added a few new things to my life list since I began work as a tenure track professor in a Midwestern city.

    1. Consciously work to educate myself about fashion and develop a coherent fashion of my own, in which I feel comfortable and beautiful.
    2. Learn to play the banjo! (Hey, I live so close to Kentucky now…)
    3. Attend 10 sporting events at my new university.

    Also, last month I crossed another item off my life list: I learned how to score a baseball game!

    Thanks for being such a great source of inspiration.

  337. Anne-Katherine S

    I would love love love to go to Germany and see the Neuschwanstein Castle. The one Walt Disney based Sleeping Beauty Castle on. I think that would just be absolutely fantastic.

    Also, go to every Disney park that exist. 2 down so far!

  338. Liz B

    To stop buying so many “disposable” clothes, and invest in some long lasting classics. But still save room for the fun stuff.

  339. Christina

    i need to edit my life list. as i’ve been checking things off of the list i’m refining my idea of what should be on it. i thought i wanted a lot of solo experiences, but i find them more lonely than i thought. it was fun taking myself out for a fancy dinner, but it would have been awesome to have a friend with me!

    one new thing: i want to learn some swedish and go visit my cousins in sweden.

  340. Cynthia

    Something that’s been at the forefront of my list right now is to write a short story. Then another. Then a novel. Baby steps.

    Your life list has been pretty inspiring. I’m glad it’s motivating people (myself included) to get moving on their life goals!

  341. juliloquy

    A goal to live overseas – I lived in Bulgaria from 2000-2002 while in Peace Corps. I’d love to do so again when the kids are no longer minors.

  342. Anne

    To win a drawing from Mighty Girl! (although I’m not into photography so I would take the shoes and see if you could randomly choose someone else for the strap and bag. Except the bag is so cute maybe I’d keep that as a handbag. Hmmm.

  343. Charm White

    i’m still working on my life list… but one thing that is definitely on there is to buy a house that has a yard big enough for chickens and a dog, i’m just so sick of renting and having to deal with real estate agents!

    i have a question about the life list though… can it include things you’ve already done that were challenges and dreams?

  344. Breanna

    To compete in a Three Day Event. I used to ride very seriously, but stopped due to kids and lack of time/money. But I will get back on the horse again!lol.

  345. Sara Antone

    Finish my Bachelor’s degree! I started school again this semester, and though it is uncomfortable to be the oldest student in class, I love that I’m working towards my dream. Also, I’d like to learn how to make a soufflé.

  346. Bianca

    Get a job where i can use my French and become fluent, or a job where I can learn another language.

  347. Betsey

    This past year, New Years Day in fact, I rode in a helicopter. Life list check off thank you very much. I also started aggressively paying off debt, and took on a saying as a way to inencumber myself of things. “Love people, use things. Never confuse the two.”. It’s been a great year.

  348. CarolynC

    Take more pilates classes. Knit more. Swim with stingrays (will be doing this in less than a month!)

  349. Cathi

    I hope to tackle two life list items in the next few months: 1) teach my children to read (they are four) and 2) learn to make really good bread.

  350. christine

    Hang a sheet in the backyard under the stars and project a Pixar or Harry Potter movie, with popcorn, mind-blowing candy mixes, the works. Quick, before our 3 kids get too big!

  351. Amanda

    To start and run a successful photography business and get out of the portfolio building stage!!!!
    With that Hot Red Camera bag I would be in STYLE!!

  352. Jessi

    To win something in an internet giveaway contest. For real! It’s on my list. And it hasn’t happened yet. This is where YOU come in. ;)

  353. Marge

    1. Become a Nurse Practitioner and start a family practice with my health profession friends (MD, Midwife and genetic counselor)
    2. Run a 5k
    3. Learn to speak Danish

  354. ladyloo

    To learn how to sew. And wouldn’t you know it I passed a sign for sewing lessons in a shop window today. Gonna sign up tomorrow.

  355. dani

    To go to a surf’n’yoga retreat in Bali. On my own. Sorry georgeous partner and deliciously lovely toddler. Mummy needs some me time.

  356. Adrianna

    Now that I’m in the midst of post-B.A. retail hell, the majority of my life list boils down to this: Go to graduate school and get my PhD. Oh, and staying sane through the final month of wedding plans is pretty high up there right now too.

  357. nicole

    Open (and cook in) a restaurant somewhere in Northern California (well: a b/b, with a restaurant on the first floor), possibly in wine country, where most of the food comes from the garden grown out back.

  358. Jaclyn

    learn how to poach an egg, how to mesh video with still photos in one project, take Sunday afternoon naps.

  359. emily

    i think it might be time to actually write a life list down! i’ve been taking opportunities as they come … but the next big scary thing might be a real full marathon.

    hence, i would kill for some sensible flat shoes. :)