Whiskey at a pub in Ireland? Check.

Have whiskey at a pub in Ireland? Check. Lifelist

It’s the best when a life list item kind of falls in your lap, especially one like this. We went to Doheny and Nesbitt’s on recommendation from an Irish friend. As the name suggests, it was as cinematically Irish as a pub gets — by which I mean very drunk. The women on the barstools next to us had just completed some sort of endurance swim, and they were on the group-singing cocktail. I didn’t realize I knew the song until they got to the chorus. Then we joined in, swinging our whiskeys around singing “cockels and mussels, alive, alive, o!” Fantastic.

The Mighty Summit is this weekend, and it’s all about life lists, so I’m committing to crossing five more things off in the next three months. This is a great place to start. Dublin, thanks for making us feel so at home.

Will you join me? What can you cross off in the next three months?

32 thoughts on “Whiskey at a pub in Ireland? Check.

  1. Yayyyyyyyy!!!! I felt like I was flying when I crossed Whisky at a pub in Scotland off mine last summer. Flying. Being right down the street from a enormous castle didn’t hurt. Doing it over and over, once with a old guy playing his accordion in the corner, another time when a Scotsman bought ‘the newlyweds’ a round… those times were pretty damn good too.


  2. Let’s see, I have an apartment that will be done within the next three months so that’s one thing that will be crossed off. A half-marathon in November, so that’s two and then there are the fencing lessons. So yeah, I’m on my way to getting stuff done.

    Have so much fun this weekend!


  3. On International Peace Day (Sept 21) I am going to string my 1,000 paper cranes and hang them on the statue of Sadako at Seattle’s Peace Park.


  4. Um, can I just say, YOU are my Oprah. Okay, life list goals for the next three months: Take dancing lessons with my man. Research places I would like to visit and put them on my lifelist (it’s amazing how much time it really takes to figure out where you might like to travel). Chip away at the bigger life list goal of planning a fun, informal, but classy and organized wedding.


  5. No. 1 on my Mightly Life List was to “get my reproductive house in order.” I am six days post-IVF and feeling both hopeful and empowered. No. 2 on my list? “Learn to Sew.” Not as dramatic, but definitely worthwhile. 🙂


  6. No. 1 on my Life List was “get my reproductive house in order.” I am six days post-IVF transfer and feeling both hopeful and empowered. Next up? “Learn to Sew.” Not as dramatic, but definitely worthwhile. 🙂


  7. Doheny and Nesbitt was a great choice. 🙂

    Mine to cross off are:

    -Show Andy how much fun Oktoberfest can be
    -Vroom!Vroom! Get my Irish driver’s license
    -Take fancy dress for Halloween VERY seriously


  8. By January 1, I will:

    Make tortillas
    Buy another cashmere sweater
    Portrait of Fuzzy
    Learn to play Backgammon
    Finish my Associates Degree

    Thank you for being so inspiring, Maggie!


  9. If you still have time at all, I recommend Oliver St. John Gogarty’s in Temple Bar. The restaurant upstairs has great food, and their mussels in white whine and cream sauce is brilliant! Also, the pub downstairs is the starting place for one of the tourist pub crawls–I think the musical one.


  10. You really are an inspiration!

    I just decided to do a 40 things before I’m 40 list (in addition to my life list), I have less than 4 months to get this done. Crazy, yes. But I’m going to try, and have fun doing it too!


  11. The next 3 months are going to be very busy, but I’m not sure any life list items will be crossed off. There’s that whole issue of regular life – going to work, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn.

    But there’s definite progress being made on things like:

    25. Braid a rag rug (I’ve got 4 pieces of clothing ripped into strips)
    29. Spend more time outdoors (between the new dog, the landscaping project and the gorgeous fall weather, I’m outside for hours every day)
    32. Cut down those ^%$#@ trees (the last step of the landscaping project is to take the big pile of chips – from the trees – and mulch in the new flower beds)
    34. Make 1000 lovely things (getting ready for the holidays is always good for this one – working on a scarf right now)

    Oh, and of course,

    16. Get my masters’ degree. I’m supposed to be writing my thesis this term.



  12. My 29 before 29 will be finished by D day in December, so that’s great. Among the 29, getting my 3 year old to go to bed by himself, making panna cotta, and taking Sunday afternoon naps are some of the highlights.
    The Life List continues to evolve. Isn’t amazing how you keep going back to revise and revamp, somehow getting to your deeper self, learning how to be more you?
    Anyway, I’m continuing to purchase flowers once per week for a year, trying to start meaningful family traditions for holidays for my babes, and instituting a 5 min kissing policy with the huz every day, and also wanting to kiss him, that’s on the list.
    Sorry for the run on sentences!!
    Love you Maggie.


  13. Big ones coming up for this next three months:

    + Become a wife!
    + Throw a rockin wedding reception
    + Learn to drive a stick shift like a spy


  14. I think the item you cross off your life list should be, “drinking whisky at a pub in Ireland while singing Molly Malone with the locals.” That is just too unreal.


  15. Hi Maggie, Yours trip to Dublin brings back warm whiskey memories of a small pub in Doolin years ago with a dear dear friend. Thank you. I also had a look at the Mighty Summit, which looks so lovely. An unexpected consequence in reading through attendees life lists was pleasure at finding that I had already done some of the things on the lists of others. This reminded me that my life has been pretty great and that I should get on my list to keep it moving that way. Thanks!


  16. in the last three months I:

    -Took the largest rotating tram in the world with my kids (even though i had to sit on the floor so I wouldn’t cry from fright)
    -ate at the most expensive ice cream shop in America with my kids (enjoyed every minute of it)
    -visited Ground Zero with my kids, because they wanted to see it
    -walked across the world’s longest elevated pedestrian bridge with my kids
    -went to my first NFL game with my kids (and I hate football)
    I have a long list that I am accomplishing in the next 3 months as well, but the most important thing will be welcoming my husband home from a year long deployment to Afghanistan. The kids can’t ever say that Mom didn’t try to make it fun for them while he was away!


  17. Make a tart
    Go to 3 church/community suppers this fall.
    Knit a sweater, this won’t be done in 3 months but I should be well on my way.
    Also work on adding things to my Life List when I think of them.

    I’m so jealous of your trip to Ireland.


  18. I think I will be crossing off “feed the Laurakeets” this weekened. And some time next month I plan on taking that road trip with my best friend. I have no idea what the third thing is. I made pickles this month! That was a Life List and second batch are actually edible.


  19. what an awesomely spontaneous trip! and I love reading everyone’s list bits.

    by December I will…
    ~ run a 5K for breast cancer research
    ~ visit my best friend at CERN
    ~ eat al pastor tacos in Mexico
    ~ create an emergency box/plan

    still chipping away at a headstand in yoga, NYT Sunday crossword, and learning to say “please” and “thank you” in 30 languages. thanks for the inspiration.


  20. Just the necessary kick in the fancy pants I needed to get a few things done!

    1.) Throw a cookie decorating party that I’ve always wanted to throw
    2.) Paint a wall/room in my house
    3.) Find some cool art for our living room


  21. Hmm, my life list items seem very unattainable right now with a one year old and being broke and all. Or maybe I just lack motivation. I don’t think there is a single thing on there I can do in the next three months.
    Maybe #7. Do one chin-up. I’m so close! I guess I could also work on #3. Publish an article.

    Mine are too hard!


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