Friday Mixtape!

I’ve always wished I knew more about music, and this is part of my Life List project to listen to 1,000 new songs. Right now I’m up to 513, and on Fridays I share some of my new favorites. If you’d like to share some music with me, please send your picks to maggie at mighty girl dot com, and I will listen to them.

All of this music is from Tess Evans, who sent me a CD. I’ve been getting lots of CDs in the mail, and they make me so nostalgic and happy. Thanks to everyone who has sent one. You are rad.

Conversation 16 from The National
“I figured out what we’re missing
I tell you miserable things after you are asleep.”

Dominos from The Big Pink
“As soon as I love her it’s been too long.”

Summer Special from Land of Talk

Ambling Alp from Yeasayer

Trashcan from Delta Spirit

Don’t Bother Me from the Blakes

Dirty City from Kids and Animals

Still looking for more music? Here you go: Mixtape 1, Mixtape 2, Mixtape 3, Mixtape 4, Mixtape 5, Mixtape 6, Mixtape 7, Mixtape 8, Mixtape 9, Mixtape 10, Mixtape 11, Mixtape 12, Mixtape 13, Mixtape 14, Mixtape 15 , Mixtape 16 , Mixtape 17 , Mixtape 18

5 thoughts on “Friday Mixtape!

  1. Ambling Alp is an AMAZING song! I saw Yeasayer earlier this year and they were one of the best shows I’d seen live. They are just so full of energy; it infects the crowd and soon everyone is dancing with everyone and smiling. It’s pretty great. It helps that the bassist, Ira Wolf Tuton (whatta name!), is adorable too.

    Do check out their Take Away Show that they did in Paris, France.


  2. maggie, do you know about my 20 something kid neighbors love it and since they only play brand new music and no repeats, you can hit your 1000 new songs in no time, i’d imagine. it’s good.


  3. love getting new music from your friday mixtapes!
    have you heard guster’s latest song? ‘do you love me?” infectious pop. with bells.
    after you love that song, then listen to some of their others ~ amsterdam, one man wrecking machine, careful, what you wish for, manifest destiny, i spy, keep it together, hang on, i hope tomorrow is like today, bad bad world
    ok, i’ll stop now.


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