Gift Bag Giveaway: Epiphanie Bag and Photojojo Instant Camera

25th August 2010

So! The gift bags for the Federated Media cocktail party in New York were kind of jaw dropping thanks to a couple of good friends. Maile from Epiphanie Bags, the woman who did our family photoshoot, offered to give us a bunch of her camera bags:

Then our friends downstairs at Photojojo said they could get us some Fuji Instax Minis and film:

Are these gift bags ludicrous? Yes they are. Do you want one?

Leave a comment telling us something on your life list by Monday, August 30 at noon PST. Your comment enters you for a chance to win the Lola Epiphanie camerabag and Photojojo’s Fuji Instax Mini 25 Instant Camera. I hope you win, because I like you very much. Thanks for reading.

Now for the fine print: Please only leave one comment, because it’s the nice thing to do, and also because multiple entries will be disqualified. I’ll use to select the winner, and I’ll announce who won at the top of this post and in a separate post on Monday.

2,386 thoughts on “Gift Bag Giveaway: Epiphanie Bag and Photojojo Instant Camera

  1. Molly

    Wow! That bag is pretty amazing.

    One of my items is to take a month-long summer vacation with my children.

  2. Rachel

    On my life list is to travel to Hawaii and Italy for Ultimate Frisbee tournaments. The husband and I are working on this one. :)

  3. wumples

    My life list is really just ideas floating around in my head. I’ve never put it down on paper. So I suppose the most important thing on my life list right now… is to get around to making my life list.

    Or to go on a cruise. :)

  4. Liz S.

    Next up on my life list is running a half marathon triple-crown – three half marathons in one year. One down, two to go, hopefully done by early December!

  5. Maggi

    I just added a new goal to my list: to fish for (some sort of sustainable, non-endangered) shark, clean it myself, and make the tasty shark meat into empanadas. Go on, ask me how that one came about.

  6. Nancy R

    I forget how I worded it, but I have on my list something to the effect of seeing red hot lava flow in Hawaii. We’re planning a trip with my husband’s family for 2012 and I’m starting to wonder if I should reconsider the boat tour I was thinking of and go for a helicopter tour…I’m concerned about sea sickness, you know? When the hot lava hits the cold ocean doesn’t it seem like that would churn up some waves? I need to add that to my list of research.

  7. Megan

    Take my vegetarian self to Buenos Aires!

    (Which I did last week! I’m so full on medialunas and tostadas con queso!)

  8. Sarah S

    I have zip-lining on my list, and I am doing it next week with my husband for our 10th anniversary.

  9. Jen

    On my lifelist is to start a family (and now my hubby and I are expecting in March!) Love this bag and camera! So adorable!

  10. Cam

    I’ve always wanted to go ice skating in Central Park. Looks like I get to check that off come November! Love the bag, very pretty!

  11. Jessi

    I went to France once and stopped at this tiny little bakery in this tiny little seaside village. I ate an amazing espresso eclaire. I want to go back and have another one before I die.

  12. Aron

    An item on my life list is to take photographs using some of the strangest film cameras I can find. The Photojojo Instant Camera is definitely on *that* list! Oh, and my wife would kill for that bag! :)

  13. Marina

    I want to drive a dump truck. A big one. With tires as tall as me. Maybe even as tall as me in my highest heels. Hey, maybe I’ll even wear the heels while driving the dump truck.

  14. celisa

    oooowweeee this give away is just what i need!

    i have been marking off my life list….the one i am working on now is visit all 50 states!! :)

  15. Sabrina Allen

    Go to the Bluebell Icecream Factory (and not count the mass amount of coloric goodness I will consume.)

    For those of you who have never had Bluebell. . . I mourn for you. Get thee self to Texas ASAP and get the homemade vanilla. It will change your life.

  16. Kim

    On my life list: Travel around Europe, take a vacation with girlfriends where we go to spas and lay on the beach for a week, start a family.

  17. N

    One life list item that I just accomplished — my first job in New York! Next up, to start saving for retirement. Hey, stop making fun of me!

  18. Donna K.

    Honestly, one thing on my newly drafted life list
    is to learn to take good, clear, centred photos with my camera. Oh, and it would be nice to have a bag for my camera too so that I can find it when a photo-op comes up. xo

  19. Emily

    One of the items on my lifelist is to attend a speaking event for (and meet) Anthony Bourdain. I am a huge foodie and I love his matter-of-fact (read: badass) attitude. :) ::swoon::


  20. Colleen R.

    Become a derby girl. I only started training this summer, but I love roller derby already! Training however, does not mean teammate… If I don’t make the team next week, I’ll make it next season for sure!

  21. Robin (noteverstill)

    I have this sort of category on my list that involves learning how to make all of the foods I normally rely on buying and wouldn’t think to make: things like crackers, cheese, wine. The subcategory I want to tackle first is condiments. Is it weird to make mustard a life goal? But how does one make mustard? I have no idea… but I’m going to find out.

  22. nancy

    Wow! What a great prize! :)
    I hope to visit Japan, Iran, and India before I die…those are three things wrapped into one from my life list!

  23. Haley

    Sew a dress I’ll actually wear. This started as just “make a dress for myself”. I made a dress and it was terribly frumpy and had a weird fabric bulge at the back. A little wiser about construction now I have a pattern picked for a fresh attempt.

  24. Andrew

    One item on my life list is to teach my kids how to cook. My fondest memories of my mom was learning to cook from her. I want to make sure I pass on that tradition and passion.

  25. Jenn dePaula

    One of my life list goals is to go to Tjernagel, Norway with my parents, my husband and son to meet our family that still lives over there. My mom and dad are the third generation to live in America and seeing where we come from would be overwhelmingly beautiful.

  26. Sasha

    Take my kids to Europe and blow their minds with language barriers and tasty food. Oh…and introduce them to their relatives.

  27. BonnieB

    What an amazing looking bag…

    On my life list is to take a two month vacation to Italy where I can immerse myself into the culture and uniqueness of each city, town or villa that I visit.

  28. Amber

    I bought my first DSLR a couple of months back and have yet to buy a bag for it and have been carting it around in a tote bag, so I’d love this gorgeous bag and camera. I’m actually crossing an item off my Mighty Life List tonight: Get over fear of canning. I’m usually fearless in the kitchen, but canning makes me nervous because of the potential of, you know, poisoning people. So, tonight I take a canning class! Thanks for doing these giveaways!

  29. Beverly

    Currently on my life list: carry a rocking red tote with a cool camera in it everywhere I go. Jokes (seriously though). After a weekend in Sonoma I think my life list will include going to Napa and growing a grapevine on my family’s land back in Virgina. Lofty!

  30. Laura

    Travel and take photos on every continent
    (ps thanks for the great inspiration – i finally paused last weekend and put pen to paper for my list)

  31. Miss B

    I don’t have a written-out list, really (that sort of quantified thinking is not generally my thing) — but one thing that is on my mental list is visiting Iceland. Which I will be doing, for 5 days, in November, as the beginning of a month-long European trip.

  32. Lil

    Ah, it would be a dream come true to share something at TED. That something I still need to figure out :)

  33. Courtney

    What a great bag!
    I set 28 goals for my 28th year and love how accomplished I feel when I complete one. On my list to do soon: get my passport.

  34. Maria

    One of the goals on my life-list is to Ice-skate on canals in Amsterdam. Preferably while wearing a fabulous coat complete with a muff and a (faux)fur hat.

  35. KJ

    Ooo.. my life list includes a trip to Ireland too. I would take my sweetie and travel all over looking at people that could be related to me. Of course, I would be taking this camera and bag too!

  36. Brandy

    Spend the day, one-on-one, with each of my siblings. I have two estranged brothers, and I want to spend time with them.

  37. sarah mia

    On my life list? Marry the boy of my dreams. Sappy, but true. Luckily I already found him and we are very much in love, now for the fun parts :)

    Go team!

  38. Lorrie

    Some years ago, I added “camping under the stars at Pt. Reyes”, which I’ll be doing in two weeks!

  39. Desiree.

    I unwittingly made my lifelist three weeks before getting laid off from my job, and it lifted my spirits to use my new free time to do things I always wanted to do, rather than spend every waking moment worried about finding work. I grew a garden, learned how to play the ukulele, and moved halfway across the country to a city I’d never seen.

  40. Jen

    One item on my life list is to see 50 “broadway” musicals by the time I’m 50. I say “broadway” because it would be hard for me to see all of them in NYC because of scheduling – mine and the musicals’.

  41. Jen M.

    I’m training for a marathon the weekend after Thanksgiving! Can’t wait to cross it off my list :)

  42. Kara

    #25 on my list – Get a maple bacon doughnut from Voodoo Donuts in Portland, Oregon.

    I really NEED a good camera bag, too. My precious camera is sad that it doesn’t have a proper bag to be carried around in.

  43. BKC

    That bag is so gorgeous! One of my life list items is to become a surrogate mother for the nicest guys I’ve ever known.

  44. Julia T.

    Have a child – which I’m currently working on as I’m 20 weeks pregnant! So, since that one’s in progress, another item on my life list is traveling to China with my husband.

  45. chellebird

    I want to learn to properly carve a chicken. I bake a chicken every other week, and then just…hack at it. This is a life skill I need. Soon! Then I’ll take mini pictures of my perfectly carved chicken.

  46. Rahul

    My life list: Eat every single flavor of ice cream available in a calendar year at Humphrey Slocombe.

  47. Jacqueline

    Going to ‘the ends of the earth’ and I will cross that one off at the beginning of October when I go to Tasmania!

  48. Nicole Kazee

    To do a half ironman triathlon! I did my first shorter races this summer, and I’m HOOKED. Now I’m feeling that strange urge to totally wreck my body and train for every hour of my free time in the service of accomplishing a personal goal :-)

  49. souphead

    the only item currently on my life list is to start a life list. i’m not saying that just to enter…it’s twue. you’ve inspired me, but i’m a professional procrastinator.

  50. Jessica Hampson

    I want to plan a trip to Detroit to take my mom to Hitsville USA. My mom is the one that introduced the fantastic music of Motown and it is because of her that I know all the words to every Temptations, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder song.

    She is amazing.

  51. Syd

    I keep putting off writing my life list. But it’s lingering in my head. One thing I’d like to do is learn to sew and design my own outfit. I’ve been dreaming of doing this since I was a little girl. I’m 34, I think it time to get over of my fear of starting something big.

  52. Jen Kelly

    I created a new top ten list just for this comment.

    #1 is to get a bike, go carless + lose weight by my birthday

    (I know that sounds like three, but they’re all related)

  53. Camille

    Build a dirtbike. From scratch like a cake, have been slowly reading up on automotives to prepare for this one high on my list!

  54. Katie

    I want to have monthly Sunday dinners with lots of friends, good food, kids playing and music.

    I just started composing my life list last week, only half way through!

    Looks like a super fun camera!

  55. Melis

    I want to swim with Whale Sharks off the coast of Mexico. And I want to take that bag and camera with me (at least on the boat!). :)

  56. Sasha Wolff

    Oh man! I’d love to win either of those!

    Let’s see… what’s on my life list? I want to do a triathlon… or fulfill my childhood dream of working on a movie! :)

  57. Sommar

    Take an entire summer off. No work. No school. Three months of open time and see what happens.

  58. Thomas

    Well, I would have said spend April in Paris with my beautiful wife, but right now, it is get a job and get health insurance again for my family.

  59. Stanley

    I want to see the Northern Lights. Also, winning this would be a nice present for my beautiful daughter.

  60. Misha

    I made a huge life list last year, thanks to you. I love that bag! Whew…

    My number one current thing on my list is to live on the lake while my kids are still young enough to play in it with me.

  61. dreadpiraterach

    One of the short-term attainable things on my life list is to take a mosaic class and make something beautiful for our home.

    A longer-term example is see and photograph the Aurora Borealis

    That bag is a delight and the camera looks marvelous..

    (PS- I am in the UK. You haven’t mentioned that it’s for US only, so I’m going to be optimistic!)

  62. Sarah

    To attend the Olympics, as a spectator, in a country where English is not the primary language (because that feels like cheating, especially if it’s in North America).

  63. angie

    One of the many items on my list… To try my hand at painting.

    Thank you for offering such a great prize package!

    All the best.

  64. Aarron

    I’d love to win the bag because it’s my partners birthday monday and she would loooooove it! Also idle the camera because it would be brilliant to take photos of my gorgeous baby boy Leo. Something about my life: I’m cash poor but love rich :-)

  65. Desiree

    Under the travel portion of my list, I have, “Visit Stonehenge and actually touch the stones.” Done! I can’t wait to see the next amazing opportunity my list brings me.

  66. Sarah Brown

    This is funny, since yesterday I added several items to my life list, and one was “buy a better camera.”

    I have been coveting this baby since Antonia got home from New York!

  67. Sharon

    Actively travel with my kids with the first trip being to Italy. I’d love to take this bag and camera!

  68. Lisa

    On the list: go zip-lining (about to be knocked off this October when I’m in St. Martin – where these fantastic prizes would come in all sorts of handy)!

  69. Megan

    That camera bag is fabulous — who doesn’t want a red camera bag?

    Lifelist item: See the Great White Sharks at seal island off of South Africa.

    I also love sharks. Can you tell?

  70. KoleBigEars

    My list is soooo long I have had to make a short list to compliment the long list.

    On the short list is to finally get myself to Mt Rainier and the Washington coast and take a bazillion pictures. Oh and all of my friends want me to start doing pet portraits for them too…

  71. kathryn

    i would like to publish my novel. heck, just getting it written would be good enough, but it would be better if it’s edited and bound.

  72. Jen

    On my life list: get a pedicure. Don’t laugh! My daughter is 5 months old and I haven’t gotten one since I was about 6 months pregnant. My toes are busted. It’s bad.

  73. Margaret

    on my list? to shoot and put together a collection of photos of the amazing people I see in the city of chicago each day–their crazy outfits, amazing details, and incredible expressions.

  74. Jen

    Love the red bag. :)

    One of the things on my Life List is to visit Texas, which should be accomplished with a work trip to SXSW next year!

  75. Michelle

    as i turn 37 at the end of the month, i’m looking at where i am. i’ve been so lucky in working towards who i am and getting closer and closer to the person i choose to be.

    for the next in my life, i want to be confident enough to show my photos and collages in an art exhibit. moving away from my art just being a hobby hidden away.

  76. Natalie

    So many items on my life list, and none seem worthy to print here….Oh, what the hell:
    -stay at a beach house on Martha’s Vineyard, and walk along the shore with capri pants on at sunset

  77. Mel

    One item on my lifelist? Skydiving. Oh, and did I mention that I have a severe case of acrophobia? I imagine 5 people pushing me off the plane so I can finally conquer it… but I will a la Bucket List style.

  78. JD Kruger

    Life list: Been working on it for a few years now:
    1. live outside of the US for awhile (Done, living in Dublin, Ireland[Have a US address also, though])

    2. Travel though out Europe (Done some, next trip is to Venice)

    3. Spend a week or more in New Zealand. (Haven’t been…yet)

    Cheers, all.

  79. Kendra

    My foreign language skills have become the family joke so learn another language has moved up to the top of my list!

  80. Annalise

    One big one is to visit Greece, which I’m actually doing as part of a Mediterranean cruise next week. Yay!

    By the time you announce the winner, I will be gone (so if I’m lucky enough to win this amazing giveway I won’t be able to claim it for a few weeks)!

  81. marf

    i’ve got a list of 50 things to do before i turn 50 – a life list of sorts, but i add new things each decade.
    i managed to squeak out all 40 things prior to turning 40 and hope to kick some butt on this 50 item long list as well. i vowed to run a 1/2 marathon each year of this decade. the one for this year is on 10.10.10. i rarely train, and i’m a cranky, out of shape, tired, working mom of two little monkeys – but i love doing these races and kicking my own ass for 13.1 miles.

  82. Alicia

    Planning a surprise trip for my husband is a (secret) life list item I will be checking off this coming January! We’re going to Peru and he won’t know until about an hour before we go to the airport!

  83. Laura

    What a great contest!

    My big life list item would be to travel with a band as their tour photographer.

  84. samantha

    Just added this one after watching Contact the other night: Reserve a private telescope session at the McDonald observatory and study the night sky with one of the astronomers.

  85. vera b

    wow. what a great giveaway!
    on my list is to go back to studying- sooner rather than later. pretty excited.

  86. Kristi D

    Funny, my husband and I were just talking about our bucket list – I would like to take singing lessons – is that crazy? My children have fantastic voices and so does my husband, I’d just like to be not embarrased to sing with them ;)

  87. Jenn

    On my life list would be visiting the UK to see where my grandparents were born and to run another marathon to beat my first, not so stellar, time.

  88. Sarah

    Realistically: Quit my corporate job and run my photo biz full time

    Not so realistically: Make out with Joaquin Phoenix :)

  89. Kathryn Humphreys

    have all of house clean at the same time :) also, I’d like to spend a year abroad with my family

  90. Sarah

    That is a sweet gift bag and prize! On my list right now is to sew my little family of three matching flannel PJs for Christmas. And then take pictures of us in front of our tree of course.

  91. Jess

    Numero Uno on my life list: Finally have a kid! Now – just have to get pregnant… Maybe that should be Numero Uno…

  92. Andrea Lampert

    One of my Life List items is to do a classic pin-up photo shoot! :) Perhaps with my new bag and instant camera??? :D

  93. Kristina Hansen

    One big item on my life list is to write a book. I have been wanting to do this for many years now, and have so many ideas, so hopefully it will happen someday. Every time I walk into a bookstore I think, I could (should!) be in here too on the shelves. That would be amazing!

  94. Rebecca

    One of the less significant items on my list is to smell a titan arum (aka a corpse flower). But I’d also like to take the class on making your own Byzantine mosaics in Ravenna, Italy.

  95. Susan

    Renovate a kitchen.

    (and once my landlords approve my budget and design plan, I’m getting started!)

  96. kate

    To experience paragliding!

    Also, to take our daughter and live in Italy or Spain for a year.

    Great give-away; that bag is gorrrrgeous!

  97. kara sue

    Eat lobster in Maine! Hopefully soon now that we have friends on the East Coast. Lovely giveaway! :)

  98. Jamie

    I love those camera bags, and the Fuji camera is too cute!

    Something on my life list is to take a road trip with my husband to somewhere neither of us has been before in the states – we’ve traveled a lot together over the years but there’s nothing like entertaining yourselves over long stretches of desert or mountains or open fields of corn :)

  99. Funnelcloud Rachel

    Ooh, my life list is LONG. But right now I’m excited about #5: Take an RV Trip because we are in the process of booking a trip through Utah and Colorado with friends this October. (So clearly, I need that stylish camera bag and fun camera for my upcoming trip!)

  100. QoB

    see the Northern Lights – which I’m hoping will be on a planned trip to Iceland next January:)

  101. Cece

    Learning to swim…I’ve failed swimming lessons 5 times over the past 30+ years but I am determined I will learn to swim eventually!

  102. silvita

    Please, let me win that bag. I’m using towels and my daughters changing pad to protect my camera in my purse. SOS! It takes a lot of time to unwrap my camera and that’s the reason why I’ve missed the first steps of my daughter…

  103. Raynah

    I’m going to follow the advice a friend gave via her Facebook page – it wasn’t directed at me but I could do with taking it on board. “Know when to say nothing, and know when to say nothing is wrong.”

  104. Megan N

    One thing that is on my life list is to make sure my dog Dobie has the most comfortable bed to lay on all times

  105. Rachel

    I am going to be checking two things off the list in the coming weeks, the first one this weekend:

    1. Run in Oregon’s Hood-to-Coast relay race – the race spans 197 miles, from the top of Mt. Hood to the Pacific Ocean at Seaside, and we start Friday and finish on Saturday. Yikes!

    2.Visit Crater Lake and take a Volcano Boat tour out to Wizard Island. Coming up this September – yay!

  106. Nicole Kehoe

    My life list includes going back to Hawaii, this time with my husband and my shiny new DSLR, and reshooting many of the photos that I took when I was there 2 years ago.

  107. Kimberly

    Just added to my life list last week:

    Stay in a beach town for one month during the off-season, enjoying the peace and working on creative projects.

    (I just found out how wicked cheap some super fabulous places are in The Hamptons in, say, October. Who wouldn’t do this if they had the time??)

  108. Kakeeweezie

    Life list item #12: take a trip to Maine with my husband and two sons.

    I don’t know what I’d be more excited to win, the epiphanie bag or fuji instax! What fantastic, fun prizes!

  109. Julia

    My #1 Life List item would be to take a trip to England with my husband to do a Beatles pilgrimage. He’s loved them since he was a child and I know he’s wanted to do this almost his entire life. Someday…

  110. tulip

    Life list item #20 – I will take a long walk in a Scottish field sipping whisky and thinking lovely thoughts.

  111. Lesley Watson

    I want to live in Tuscany for six months. And own an Arts & Crafts bungalo with a porch and a patio. And go ziplining. And take my nephew on vacation.

    Wait. Was I supposed to pick just one?

  112. Laura Milner

    My number one thing on my life list is to take a month off and get away from everything with my hubby. Travel through Italy, eat, take photo’s and live. We never got a real honeymoon, my husband had mono so we had to stay home. So this would be a dream come true :)

    And that bag is fabulous!

  113. C. Sablan

    I hope I win this bag and camera! I want to cross visiting the South of Spain off of my list. I’ve been to one place there, Rota, Cadiz, but I want to take a tour of Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada! :)

  114. Tiffany

    One item on my life list is to someday buy a lovely house for my parents. They provided me so much and worked so hard to help pay my way through college. I just graduated, and am working towards a successful career, to give back to my parents :)

  115. Erin

    I am going to Paris next summer with a girlfriend. I’ve never been to Europe, and I’ve never been away from my son overnight. I’ll be due by then. :)

  116. TracyWB

    I’d love to drive cross-country with my family and spend a month in NH during the summer so my kids will get to know their East Coast cousins better.

  117. Nicole

    I want to walk across an entire country. One a year, maybe. I want to see the world with no restrictions.

  118. Clair

    Wow, thanks Maggie! One of the things on my life list is to become a stronger swimmer. I’m working toward being able to swim a mile by the end of September.

  119. Jennifer Wong

    To visit China with my in-laws, husband and kids. I want my kids to see the village where my in-laws came from and help them realize life can be a lot harder than the suburban life they have now. I think it will also help them understand why mommy and daddy work so hard so they can have a nice home, modern conveniences and a good life.

  120. Leslie C

    pay off my student loans. sounds simple. not so easy. not buying things and winning them instead would certainly help!

  121. Megan

    I haven’t taken the time to sit down and write out all my Life List items, but I know for sure that becoming conversational in at least one other language. My occasional firtations with Spanish aside, I’d just really like to be able to order a drink with minimal confusion in at least a small number of exotic places.

  122. Nicole

    Both of these are absolutely amazing! Just perfect. I need them. ?
    One of the things on my life list is to visit an archaeology dig site. Since I was little being an archaeologist was my dream! But I decided to pursue art instead.

  123. Elisabeth

    It’s funny. As soon as I added, “start a community garden in my neighborhood” to my life list, I started finding ways to do so. I started connecting with important people in my community and the ball is rolling!

  124. Stephanie

    Something on my list for years has been to buy my little brother a car when he turns 16! (which is in 2 years now, so I’d better get saving!)

  125. Danyelle

    I want to go on a honeymoon with my husband. I was very pregnant when we got married and two kids and several years later, we just haven’t had the opportunity.

  126. jane

    oh it’s my birthday today and I’ve been making lists right and left. number one is to get over my fear of flying and travel to Paris!

  127. mihow

    LifeList item: To be a contestant on Wipe Out. Preferably soon because my son thinks it’s the funniest thing ever and I’d love for him to see his mom get the shit kicked out of her.

  128. Cameron Mora

    Life List #78: To take our entire family of six (four kids ages 9,7,5,4) on a mission trip to Africa within the next three years. We also want to document the whole thing and publish the photos.

  129. Nicole

    I have lusted over the Epiphanie bags before! It would be great to have a bag that is capable of carrying my gear and looking great. It always pains me to ruin a cute outfit with my camera bag (besides the fact that it screams “CAMERA IN HERE!”) though I’ve stopped carrying my DLSR for day to day, since it is too heavy for most bags that I use… and not protected well to boot!

    There are so many things I’d like to do in life – but one in particular is at the top of the list. It is definitely on my life list to see that my parent’s are properly taken care of as they get older. With the economy/career changes/unemployment, etc. they have both gone through a lot the last several years and will definitely need help and support at some point.

  130. Melanie Hanly

    Because of you I made my life list…on it is to hold a tarantula for 3 Mississippi’s (I am terrified of spiders.) I am getting done the other 99 items first. :)

  131. Mike Kelley

    Love it! Hmm…not sure about the life list, so I’m assuming it’s something that I want to do before I die? I want to open an art gallery/photography/graphic design studio with my designer wife. I also want to use that studio to reach out and give exposure to young artists, much like some people did for me back in HS.

  132. Tracy

    To have a washing machine to call my own and to be forever freed from the constant search for quarters.

  133. Sakina

    To work as an underwater photographer at National Geographic, which also includes learning how to scuba dive!


  134. Megan M

    Something on my life list is to be able to learn how to make my own wine or beer. It could make me very popular among my friends, but that’s just a nice side effect.

  135. LauraSt

    Have officially done the dumbest thing I have ever done in my entire life. (It involves being locked out of my car and house. While the car is running.) I’m sitting on the front porch questioning everything now.

  136. Jolanda

    On my life-list is living for a year in Alaska. Experience life with only light in summer, complete darkness in winter. Or just the way of life of the Alaskan people.

  137. Jessica

    On thing on my Life List is to live in London. I went there as a teen with my school and I would love to go back and actually experience it without worrying about getting into trouble!

  138. Michelle

    Life list: To see (and take a picture of) the aurora borealis. Not even kidding, some people think this is a weird one, but it very high on my life list!

  139. Rachel K

    #41 – Frolic in the Mediterranean Sea. I leave for Tunis in one week for a 3 month stay (not even on my list!) Oh, there will be frolicking.

  140. Jenny

    On my life list…Have another baby and meet the whole cast of the remaining Brady Bunch….I already have Florence Henderson down..6 more to go!


  141. tammy b

    holy funnelcakes! those are both fabulous give-a-ways! one thing on my life list is to be on the amazing race….i would love that!

  142. Jamie M.

    LOVE that bag!! On my life list, I want to go bear viewing. I worked for a company in Alaska that flew people to see the bears but was never able to go because they were always booked on my days off. One day I will go back and see them!!

  143. Ariel

    Graduate from college!
    Well, guess what Maggie? Thanks to you I am 12 credits closer to that goal. After this semester I’ll be 26 credits closer. It’s all your fault you know, you made me write that list, and then once it was written down it made no sense to wait any longer… Yeah for life lists!

  144. tess

    this is the BEST giveaway!

    on my life’s to do list:
    -road trip throughout the entire southwest/northwest with my camera in hand.
    -europe, including transylvania, just seems cool.

  145. Ashley

    I have loved these bags since I saw them at Mom 2.0! One of my life list items is to take a family road trip in a big RV – with lots of pictures along the way, of course!

  146. Rachel

    Touch a giraffe. I think I added this because it is so unlikely? Well, Sunday I found out that one of my friend’s friends works with giraffes as a zookeeper!

  147. Melissa B

    The most important thing on my “life list” Is more patience! My patience is tested every minute of my life…One day I pray to not be overcome with agitation!?

  148. shanbot

    make-out with someone who has a beard!

    –i’m in my late twenties, you’d think it’d be easy! but all my boyfriends have been clean shaven baby faces–

  149. Therese

    This is awesome!

    On my life list: to travel around the world and capture the beauty of each culture. I want to be able to document my travels and create a book for my travels. =D

  150. Mallory

    On my life list – I want to go to Hawaii with my husband and children, just like my husband did with his parents and brother when he was a child.

    I’m crossing my fingers, because I’m dying to get an Epiphanie, yet everytime I think I can swing it, something comes up! And besides that, that camera looks unbelievable awesome!

  151. Melissa

    Love the giveaway :)

    On my life list is traveling to Australia to visit where my grandpa use to leave (before he passed), the people, places, beaches (from what I’ve been told he loved); While out there I’ll also go to New Zealand, because it’s beautiful! :)

  152. Bridget S

    on my life list – we hope to adopt. we’ve been waiting for just about 1 1/2 years now. our 4 year old will ask for a penny every time we go by a fountain and then proceeds to wish for a baby brother/baby sister with her one wish.

  153. Sandra

    The first thing on my life list is a trip to New York City, where I’ve wanted to go for as long as I can remember.

  154. Sara

    Something on my life list? Travel to India and document the lives of women and girls living in the slums of Mumbai through words and images.

    And how cool would it be to have an instant camera to document part of the trip?!

  155. Jana L

    Oh goodness. My list is big. Full frame camera is next on my list. I need a gorgeous bag for it. My goal is to be a business owner by the end of the year! (photog of course!)

  156. Lauren

    boring life list thing:
    learn to have a clean house with much less effort and whining on my part

    fun life list things:
    take singing lessons – I just want to be good enough not to regret karaoke the morning after

    have a baby

    live in a different country

  157. Kasey D

    There are two places that I would really love to go that are on my life list. I would love to go to Alaska and Disneyworld with my husband and my three boys.

  158. Mindy A

    Visit Paris with my daughter. Nope, not my husband or my son. My daughter. She’s 6 and already has a love for travel and is interested in the world around her.

  159. Sara

    Gorgeous bag!

    I want to have dinner at French Laundry. I hope it’s one of the things I can eventually check off.

  160. Monica Brown

    My goal was to get a photograph published. It was a goal I came up with a year ago and now I have more than one photo published. Awesome! Another from my list is to own a successful photography studio. I’m getting there. And to have children eventually. I guess you could say I’ve also been wanting one of those epiphany bags and I was actually on earlier today checking out that very same camera.

  161. Rebecca

    Something that has been on my life list since I was a kid: Visit every state. At my last count I was at 20, and I haven’t decided if I’m counting Louisiana since it was just the New Orleans airport….

  162. Misty

    Love the bag!
    One thing on my life list right now is to get my behind back to the gym and start lifting again to get my “skinny”body back!

  163. Molly

    The #1 item on my life list is Get a PhD in Microbiology.

    But first I have to get my kid to kindergarten.

  164. Brandi Williamson

    On my life list right now:

    to watch and help my children grow into healthy, smart and respectable adults!

    after that: travel with the husband!!!

    and ps: LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEE these prizes!!

  165. Janet

    One thing on my life list is to visit my family in England and Tour Europe while I am over there.

  166. Sromeo

    Go to Sundance Film Festival. Was in Park City, Utah last year but had to leave the day before the fest started. Will not miss it in 2011!

  167. LisaB

    Life list item in progress: learn to dance (am two years into ballroom + latin and love it!). Unticked item: Frolic in a tropical ocean.

  168. Johanna

    I was just telling my husband today…I would love to travel across Europe by train. How heavenly would that be!

  169. Lori B

    My life list includes trying to live every day to the fullest as we never know when it will be our last!

  170. Mary Burk

    Get to know my brother better. I have actively been working on my entire list, but I have not sent it to you yet because I am still trying to find the life list that I wrote when I was about 20. I’d like to be able to compare the two and see what I have gotten accomplished!

  171. aly

    i just accomplished my top life list goal– have a baby– on aug 18th! this would certainly help document that… :)

  172. Susan Mulder

    Recently added to my life list is a trip to Haiti to do a photo/documentary book about Haitian Artists and their resiliency following the earthquake.

  173. Brooke

    Great giveaway.
    One item on my life list is to travel more… we just went to Cambodia (awesome) and trying to think of where’s next

  174. Shara

    My life includes getting out of the ‘burbs and moving to the country and become as off the grid as I can be. I want my kids to learn about sustainability and working hard for what we have.

  175. Deb Kennedy

    #1 on my list would be to be a mom. DH & I have been trying for years & have had no success. It’s pretty heartbreaking to think that my biggest dream may never come true! I know there is always adoption & we’ve always planned on adopting. But, I still have such a deep desire to be pregnant & feel my baby move. Oh gosh! I’m crying now! Anyway. Thanks for the chance. What a pick me up this would be! :)

  176. Liz

    Ooh, love this giveaway! One thing on my life list is to learn to bake croissants. Also, the deadline for the giveaway is my birthday…just sayin’:)

  177. Megan

    I love both the items- Amazing!!!!My life list included my hubby, children(now have two), to start my own photography business (going on a year and half in business) and now to learn how to play the violin so that I can not only touch peoples souls through sight but by sound :-)

  178. Conchita Pohwala

    I have always wanted to take a photography class so that my snapshots become captured moments.

  179. Andrea Lopez

    One of my (our) life goals is to pack up and move to Mexico.

    Thanks for such an awesome give away!

  180. tara

    i’d like to learn to speak tagalog.

    and then i’d like to use those skills while accompanying my husband to his place of birth in the philippines.

  181. Lori

    From the life list I want to plant a huge garden (which I’ve never done before) and from that garden’s harvest I want to learn how to cook a completely delicious five course meal.

  182. Lyana Votey

    Tuscany is certainly on my life list, as is the Great Wall of China. Shucks, my life list is very long. There are so many wonderful things to do and see. Can’t believe you’re giving away two items I’ve been eyeing for quite some time. Fingers crossed! Thanks.

  183. aubriane

    I’m so, so impressed with that camera bag. Hot damn.
    My life-list-item/entry is to “Write a song that I can stand to listen to.”

  184. Karly

    Take a vacation with my mom…and it’s happening in November! SO excited. We live in different states and haven’t done a vacation together in almost 10 years..

  185. Betsy

    Humm what’s not on my life list?… To get my crap together and get my profolio together and sell my photo… To make some money so me and Marc can get married and buy a house of our dreams…. And live happily ever after!

    Oh! And TOTALLY LOVE this bag!!

  186. Cynthia

    One of the top things on my life’s list is to visit Italy, or live there for a year when all my kids are grown and out of the house.

  187. Kara

    WOW – would love to win :D
    my husband & i have so many things on our life-list – geez how does one pick? one of my personal goals tho’ would be to travel to England & tour around.. also to be able to do photography full time !! *crosses fingers*

  188. Earth Girl

    Visit the totally amazing gardens of Piet Oudolf in Netherlands (and tote along my red camera bag as I try to capture the beauty in photos.)

  189. Krista Sparkman

    Top of my list….for my Photography business to continue to grow and grow, for many more years to come!!!! And maybe some traveling!
    Hope I win, I would love to own one of these bags!

  190. Kelley

    Oh wow. Tough question… because my life list is getting really long :-) In the nearest future would be go on a PhotoEx to New Zealand, and sky diving. But farther in the future… have a family.

  191. Jennifer Burt

    One of the things on my life list is to travel from San Diego north on the Pacific Hwy into Oregon, then Washington State and end the trip in Vancouver. All the while..photographing the heck out of everything!!!!

  192. Denise

    Take a tropical vacation with my whole family. If we can do camping at Mt. Rushmore, something tropical is possible!

    Thank you Maggie!

  193. Jen

    My life list: to one day live in a big city. Crossing off soon: to be a mommy (Avery Grace is due in October!)
    I just got my first DSLR and would LOVE this bag!

  194. Drew

    Inspired by your lingerie organizing tutorial of yesteryear, one item on my life list is tossing out any socks and underpants that I would be embarrassed about wearing if I suddenly had to drop trou in front of strangers!

    This giveaway is amazing.

  195. Kaylee Huffman

    On the top of my life list is to visit all of the Disney Parks across the globe… and bring my DSLR along for the adventure, of course. Great excuse to visit Florida, Tokyo, Paris… :)

  196. Lea

    I would LOVE to go to Greece!!! I have wanted to go ever since we studied it in Grade 11; that was 21 years ago!!! Oh, to see the ruins….

  197. Nichole

    Go rafting with my brother! We live less than three hours apart, and there are ample rafting opportunities in the middle. There’s no reason this shouldn’t happen!

  198. susie

    Life list item: Triathlon

    THANK YOU to you and photojojo for running this. These are two of the items on my “Wish I Had Money For” list!

  199. Andrea Lafreniere

    Life list…I’m new to this, but have been completely inspired.

    One of my personal goals is to take more chances with photography and do what scares me.

    I also am in love with RED!

  200. Liz

    I would love to take a tour of the different parts of Asia now that Im old enough to appreciate everything I see!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  201. Kim

    Going to New York at Christmas with my Mom and my Sister taking all the sites in, soaking it all up!

  202. Esha Hart

    On my life list is to be able to travel Europe one day. :)

    I have been wanting an Epiphanie bag for sooooo long. Random generator PICK ME! :)

  203. Olivia

    Believe it or not, taking more pictures is in the top half of my list. I thought that having a camera-phone would help, but for some reason it doesn’t. So this would be totally awesome!

  204. lisa b.

    live in France, in a French village where they speak French and so would I, if I were to dust off my college French.

    That camera is cute as a button.

  205. kimberly/tippytoes

    Oh my, I love that bag and my four year old was just asking about cameras “with stuff that comes out.” I hope he meant something like the Fuji.

    My Life List item is to go to Cuba…before it is opened to Americans. (shhhh!)

  206. Mindy Corder

    There are so many entries on my life list. Off the top of my head…..A cruise on the Mediterranean Sea.

  207. Tonya@ A Family Completed

    I would love to visit Australia, or South Africa. So many beautiful things to see such fantastic wildlife and ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to flush a toilet in the Southern Hemisphere, lol.
    Thanks for the Chance
    TonyaMCrain [at]

  208. Marea Breedlove

    Well, I managed to accomplish something on my life list last week, which was, to buy a Jeep Wrangler. I love it! Next, Australia! I love, love, love, those bags and that camera is too cute!

  209. Ashley

    On my life list is to be able to be a stay at home mom and make money being creative and doing things I love

  210. Dana Schaeffer Stavana

    Visit the towns my family is from in Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and Poland. I would love to see where I am from.

  211. JD

    Life list: Drive with my family and friends to a bunch of National Parks.

    In a refurbished AirStream RV.

  212. Talar

    …to keep improving and learning, each and every day. I’ll take my fab gift bag now, thanks! xo!

  213. Sarah H.

    I actually have a “life” list called a 101 in 1001!

    One of my goals is to get 3 people to donate to “Brides Against Breast Cancer” with me. It’s a great organization.
    Thanks for the give-away!

  214. Sarah

    one of the things on my lifelist is to go backpacking in europe with my favorite person, my brother, since he hates traveling alone, i’d want to go with him and take pictures of everything, EVERYTHING!

  215. Jade

    I just want to travel the world….one day…maybe when the kids are out of the house and we aren’t tied down with softball, football, baseball, etc… :)

  216. Laura Jane

    Return to all the places I’ve lived in my life (Argentina, Spain, Chicago) with the man with whom I’d like to spend the rest of my life.

  217. TD Smith

    One of the most important things on my life list is to own a small plot of land, off the grid. Self sustainable and green. :) I can’t imagine anything more wonderful than to share something like this with my (currently 3 y/o) daughter.

  218. Debbie Jacobs

    On the top of my lifelist is to be able to continue building my photography business and not have to give it up and go back out into the workforce working for someone else.

  219. CB

    My secret dream for my life list is to learn how to drive a motorcycle. I’m very mild-mannered and I’m scared of driving cars, but for some reason I’m compelled to feel the wind in my hair!

  220. Theresa

    I want to visit my mother’s homeland of Korea and take way, way too many photos. For a number of reasons, including fear of the cultural backlash to my sister and I (children of mixed descent are very often frowned upon), my family never made the journey. I’d like to do the trip with my mother, as she has never been back since she married my father in the early 70s.

  221. erica

    on my life list is travel by myself. right now, i’m saving to either go to switzerland or iceland alone and i’m excited!

  222. bene

    I’m currently working on the details to go see the muppet smithsonian exhibit in Chicago this winter. Can Not Wait.

  223. Kerry

    On my life list: Instead of traveling overseas for two weeks every year, take a few months to live overseas and truly immerse myself in the culture before returning “home.” And see how my photography changes in the process.

  224. sp

    i’ll be completing one of my life list items in 2 weeks! – see an opera in italy. more specifically, we’ll be seeing La Traviata in Venezia.
    i’d love that camera bag (thought it was a regular bag at first!)

  225. Heather

    My God, it’s hard to pick just one item. If I must, though, it would be visiting Hawaii and learning to surf. And doing it slow and steady, like over a period of months. During which time I would lazily get to know the various islands and do my best to avoid most of the other tourists. Plus, sleeping late every day and gathering freckles all the while. Yeah, that’ll about do it, I think.

  226. Elisabeth

    Something on my lifelist is to find my grandmother who I haven’t seen in 13 years and ask her all the things I’ve ever wondered about our family.

  227. Amanda

    I plan to join National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this November and finally write my first novel! I have plenty of short stories, but nothing longer than a few pages.

  228. carlotta

    Learn how to swim the crawl stroke. Really. I only know the breast stroke! It’s embarrassing, really.

    I adore both of these things! I would love to win :)

  229. Beth

    Awesome. One item (or two, really) is to become more comfortable behind and in front of the camera, so this would no doubt help that goal move forward one mini-polaroid at a time. :)

  230. Jessica

    My life list includes taking a two month sabbatical to live in a foreign city; to get to know a place, not just see it.

  231. Emily

    I want to buy a house. Perhaps not the most original goal, but one that I’ve had to be very patient about due to my husband’s schooling and living in a city where it is currently more cost-effective to rent!

  232. Dani Degenhardt

    One day I’d like to have a big garden with lots of fruit trees and make my own jam!

  233. KathyC

    Right now on my life list is learning to photograph stage music. I am a lover of music, have many muscian friends and love to photograph them doing their art. I recently met Tom Petty’s photographer and it put a spark in me to persue this further. A cool red bag would look really hip at the shows!

  234. Cherry Yoon

    I want to one day get a little kitten and a little pup on the same day and watch them grow a bigger and bigger difference in size but a bigger and bigger comfort and affection for each other. Hehe.

  235. Shelly Kang

    Hi. Having just finished my first sprint-length triathlon this summer, I’d like to do an Olympic-length triathlon “some day” hopefully sooner than later.

  236. kirida

    I want to take a family picture back home on the island of Saipan. My husband, baby and son have never been and I’ve had a real aching recently to visit.

  237. Meredith

    I want to go to Bhutan for a week and take photos. I’ve never left the country, and I’m scared desperately of going, but it is something I must do, someday.

  238. Helen

    Visit Paris again, and not leave my boyfriend (now husband) behind this time. Paris is for lovers, after all.

  239. Jennie

    Take an extended cruise to ? I’ve never been out of North America, so the itinerary could include anywhere and I’d be thrilled.

  240. MontanaJen


    I want to be someone’s mama. Adoptive, biological, I don’t care.

    I will have red hair – as a lifelong blonde, I want to be a show-stopper, a la Deborah Messing, and Maggie. I just need to work up the nerve. Ugh.

    Make a pottery bowl by myself from start to finish.

    Drive to Alaska.

    Learn a great song with a band, and perform it live.

    Send my husband to culinary school.

  241. Meg

    Have mud and mineral baths in Calistoga… Which I crossed off in June and learned that some Life List items are one time only experiences because they nearly killed me.

  242. Patsy

    Make something with great grandmother’s fabric and ribbon. She was a milliner and a quilt maker, I have spools and spools of her amazing ribbon from the 20’s & 30’s.

  243. tonya schultz

    1st of all…i <3 this bag! …& camera! My life list gets bigger by the day…travel (of course) by plane, car, bicycle, boat & train! w/ my camera w/ me thru all the adventures! to always have the ability to capture others in 'that moment' that will make them joyous, empower them, make them cry happy tears & overall…just make another human being smile! ;)

  244. Lorena

    Most physically ambitious would be to walk (at least a bitty bit of) the Appalachian trail. Which is high on the tricky list, living in Australia. Maybe I’ll change that to getting the kids ready to leave for school on time FOR A WHOLE WEEK.

  245. Heather Brown

    I want to teach biology to high school students. I want to make them love science as much as I do.

  246. Dalia

    Recently added to my lifelist (I like to call it my bucket list) is travel to Spain & learn to play the guitar & learn to knit. :) Hopefully I’ll start working on at least one of those soon! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Hugs & Blessings!

  247. Amy

    Adorable camera! Something that has been on my life list since I was 8 is visiting the “Nympheas” at Musée de l’Orangerie. It was closed for renovations both times I was lucky enough to go to Paris, if I go again and the museum workers are on strike or something, I will probably throw a fit worthy of my eight-year-old self.

  248. Meg T.

    oh. my. mercy. Well one of my life list things just came true: “#25: give Colin a little brother” he is due in February!

  249. Beth

    Recently added to my life list is the Songkran Festival in Thailand. 10-day gigantic water fight? Sign me up!

  250. Claudia

    Wow! That’s a lot of entries! Love you for reading them all.

    An Epiphanie bag in that fabulous blue/green was on my birthday wish list this year. sigh.

    My top priority on that life list is to find my subject. I shoot macros and kids and my kid and feet and events. Where is the project that consumes me? The one that will make some small change in the world, the one that comes from my heart and makes a difference? Ever vigilant.

  251. Jennifer

    Travel to Africa with my kid(s). Been to Africa, but still waiting on the kid(s). First baby is due 12/25 so I’m getting closer to achieving this one.

  252. jen

    SWEET giveaway. I don’t know that I’ve ever been so excited about one! I’ve eyeballed (coveted) both of those products before. Okay – life list item: pilot a small airplane.

  253. Kylie

    I dream of learning Spanish and living in South America for a year. I have tried unsuccessfully to learn it before so I think I need to just move there and learn as I go.

  254. Brandy

    Oh. Camera bag. I kiss you. Mwah, mwah, mwah.

    I’ve been building a life list in my head for months now. Lots of grand ideas and whatnot (foreign countries! hiking! mountains! danger!) that sends my logical, perfectionist (chicken) self into a fit of hand wringing and hives.

    The complete opposite of this entire exercise, I know.

    So! I decided to start small: Visit a local farm, pick peaches (and maybe plums) and bake a pie. The thought of biting into a peach, straight off the tree, juice running down my arms and chin, makes me giddy. I can’t wait!

  255. lee i.

    Lovely giveaways. Lifelist: I would want to go on a Mediterranean cruise with my husband. Thanks.

  256. Alicia

    I’ve written about half of my life list even though I started it a while ago.
    One I just recently checked off was
    #6 Sew clothes for Lillian (that’s my 2 1/2 year old daughter). I’ve sewn her several things now! I’m happy to say most of them turned out well.
    One that’s a little (like 15 years) farther off is
    #12 Plant my own orchard, and have a successful harvest.

  257. Allison

    To take my daughter on a grand tour of Europe. Which would be my first time in Europe as well.

  258. MsRantyPants Herself

    The ultimate, one and only life list is to travel the world with my daughter, educating her in the school of life, writing about it, and taking pictures and, of course, to have someone pay me for all that. So, obvy I need the bag and the camera first. Pick Me! Me! Me!

  259. emily

    Life list item NUMERO UNO: Finish my dissertation. 7 ish years and one kid in and I am losing steam BUT MUST FINISH! My sister used one of these cameras at her wedding along with her guest book and I have been coveting one ever since.

  260. Amandalynn Jones

    On my life list is “climb a mountain”, I would love to stand on a summit with the landscape laid out at my feet and to feel that rush that comes from realizing how incredible the world around you is.

    Great giveaway, thanks!

  261. Jessica Evers

    To travel to another country i would be happy with exploring a number of them but would like to go to atleast one :) With lots of memory cards lol

  262. Abby

    Win something from an online giveaway
    but for real, I want to try out paddle boarding some day.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  263. Toni

    Oh my that bag is so beautiful.

    On my life list is to move to Chicago and finish my masters degree at UIC.

    Cheers to that!

  264. Megan Berka

    The top of my life list is to make a life list and somewhere on there will be a road trip through the South with my kids and husband.

  265. Karol

    Travel to Italy with my family. That red bag would be the perfect! Thanks for the chance to win.

  266. Stephanie

    So many items on my life list are travel related, it’s hard to choose one to tell you about. Now that my niece and nephew are just about out of the toddler stage, I am looking forward to one day taking/going with them to Disney World. We just discussed it last weekend and my niece thought that was the best idea ever :D

  267. William corona

    One of the main things on my lifelist is to become a photographer so I can do something exciting/creative/fun/personally fulfilling.

  268. Sheila

    On My Life List right now is to learn how to use my amazing camera on manual not Auto. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can and I will! Now how great a motivater would that be if I won this!!!!!!!eeeeeeeeeEEEEEE please pick me.

  269. Jen S

    Go on a road trip with my oldest friend and our moms, like we did when we were eleven (that time we went to Pittsburgh and the Kenny Wood Amusement Park, and it’s one of my favorite childhood memories).

  270. Wendy

    Cook something I have never cooked before every week for a year. Tried it before, failed it before :P

    Covet that bag!

  271. Tess

    Hmm, so many… Travelling through Europe with my best friend has been in the for front of my mind lately though.

  272. Valerie

    Life list item: Have my Mom teach me to make grape jelly. One of my earliest memories is of watching my mother and her mother make jelly out of the grapes from the arbor Grandpop built behind the garage.

  273. Bec

    On my life list? Finally get the hang of the ‘clean the house’ part of being a housewife! I’m awful.
    I love that bag!!!

  274. Tami

    One item on my life list to to travel to Italy. The trip has been planned and payed for twice and something came up each time that we had to cancel the trip. One day we will make it there!! Hopefully for my 40th in 4 years. :-)

  275. Cassie

    One day I would like to sit under the sun on a grassy hill with my son and daughter look to the clouds and talk about all that we see and imagine, just like I did with my own Nana.

  276. Yolanda

    An insanely generous giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity.

    On my life list (the writing of which is still very much in progress):

    Perform in a dance recital as an adult.

  277. Ashley

    To start, I want to teach English in Japan. Not only would it be an awesome job, but it would give me plenty of new picture taking opportunities. I’m sure I can make my 2500+ picture library seem minimal if I get the chance.

  278. Lasha

    Something on my lifelist:
    To go to school for makeup artistry, and work on major movie sets! (this is the first time I’ve written this down) …time to make it happen!

  279. Rachel

    The only thing on my life list is to HAVE a life list. Tt takes courage to admit to yourself what you actually want. I’m not quite there yet, but that’s ok.

  280. Jude

    I must finish my at home photography course studies and work. I mean, really, it’s at home and I can’t get it any better than that. I have a year left to complete the course. Yes! I can! But how cooler would my camera look wearing the stylish red hot Epiphanie Bag.

  281. Gennie

    Wow – thanks Maggie & Sponsors!!

    I want to learn Spanish by living somewhere it’s spoken, not just studying in a classroom (which totally doesn’t work for me).

  282. Mary P

    Professional Life list – Help 1000 women capture an image of their family that they will treasure in their old age

    Personal Life list – take my daughters to an awesome outdoor concert for some mother daughter bonding

  283. melanie l

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THE BAG!!! I have NO camera bag and would love to be a stylish mom with one!

    Whats on my life list.. jumping out of a plane (doubt I will have the courage), Move to Hawaii and retire, and help my daughter grow into the best woman she can be while making a difference in the world.

  284. Stef

    One thing that is on my life list that I will be crossing off next week is to go snorkeling in the FL Keys!

  285. Lori

    I want to visit all the national parks, especially Yosemite. I am a huge John Muir fan (and so are my kids) and his words make us want to experience the national parks for ourselves. My husband and I are hoping to time our vacations next year so we can start on that adventure!

  286. Joel

    My life list…to stay true to my creative form. Stay creative, never to take a job that isn’t right for me just because of pay. Just to stay an artist. Photos, design, and travel. POW!

  287. Liesel

    Climb/hike Mt. Kilimanjaro. Top of my list.

    Also, I have had her bags bookmarked since my husband gave me a Nikon D90 for my birthday last year. They are gorgeous. Now if I could just get her to design a stylish laptop bag with enough room for said laptop + books and such, I would keep her in business single-handidly.

  288. Kim

    Life List item: “Take a picture a day for a year”

    Why, this could actually help with that item!

  289. Jen

    In one month it’ll be a year since I had weight loss surgery and all year I’ve been checking off misc life goals I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t do before (or at least comfortably.) I’ve ran a 5k, learned to ski and just last weekend learned to kayak. Surfing and snorkle/scuba-ing is next on my list! I decided that I was letting my previous weight determine my life too much and now I’m setting myself free!

  290. Kari


  291. Sarah K

    to take my husband to South Africa. Show him all the sights, visit the extended family, and show (rather than tell) him what I’m going on about when I say Africa smells different.

  292. Stacy

    Make a major move out of this state and region. I think it’ll be a great challenge to start somewhere completely new.

  293. Patricia

    My life list is to travel the USA and photograph scenes at all the national parks. I also want to visit, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

    Thanks for the great opportunity to win this great prize!

  294. Tisa

    To watch a soccer match overseas…preferably Manchester United in England :) Thanks…beautiful camera bag! sigh

  295. marymuses

    I have been coveting one of those bags, and my adoption budget will not allow such an expenditure. Okay, to be honest, my usual budget won’t usually allow such an expenditure, but sometimes I massage the numbers a little bit to splurge. But now? NO SPLURGING. EVER. (Except on toddler shoes.)

    I hope I win. I really, really, really hope I win.

  296. Kate A

    Gorgeous! The thing on my life list that I’m wishing could happen, oh, any second now? Take a return trip to Italy and Europe.

  297. marymuses

    Apparently I want to win so badly that I forgot to tell you something on my life list. Oops! My brain is addled by recent travel vaccinations.

    On my life list is this very important goal: Bring home a daughter from Ethiopia.

    We leave to do just that on September 25th.

  298. Jenn

    I’ve been drooling over those bags since I first saw them mentioned on your blog! I absolutely love love love them! Plus they would fit all of my camera gear and my lip gloss :)

  299. emily

    top of my life list right now is to give birth to and raise a loving, caring, creative, passionate, considerate and hopefully quite handsome son. i’m on my way to completing this one – he’s due in two months!

  300. Court

    Finish my novel and attempt to get it published. If I don’t get published, be okay with trying alone.

    (That’s technically two!)

  301. Joanna

    One item that is on my list, and I should say items, would be to travel to ALL the professional baseball parks in the United States with my hubby!

  302. Lara K-W

    Find out if any of my grandfather’s family’s houses are still standing in Russia and then go visit. (I’m going to need a translator!)

  303. Aimee Stiggins

    I want to learn how to make the perfect apple pie. The flaky and tender crust is elusive for me.

  304. Jennifer

    If you check out my website link (aka click on my name), you won’t find my life list, but something close. It’s a list of 101 things to do/accomplish in 1001 days.

    On my life list though (that’s not on that list): to visit each continent.

  305. Tristin

    My boyfriend and I want to live for a year in Bermuda. I plan on making money by taking pics of families on vacation and selling them beautiful beach pictures in paradise! :)

  306. Susan H.

    On my life list is a visit to Denmark, land of my ancestors, and hopefully to take my mom along with me.

  307. C.C.

    Go on a safari in Africa and see the big five.

    ….and I’m leaving for my month long adventure to Africa next week!

  308. Kat

    Oh my gosh, are those tiny polaroid-like prints???

    On my life list: learn to use a “real” camera. The kind with f-stops and things.

  309. Lyndsee

    Oh my, this is a good giveaway. I want climb a mountain someday. Not necessarily one that requires oxygen bottles or anything. I just want to stand on top of a piece of earth that I got myself to the top of.

  310. Mary

    Taking voice lessons so I can sing the part in “Don’t Stop Believing” where he goes “in the NIIIIIIIIIGHT”! Seriously. That’s on my life list. I’d like to sing other things too, but that’s definitely what spurred me into life-list action.

  311. Candice

    Take horseback riding lessons. Or work in a stable for free with horses. Anything with horses. The little girl in me needs to do this someday!

  312. Rebecca

    Travel to China (hoping for next March). I am hoping to make it happen even more so as we are hosting 3 international students from China right now! Woot!!

  313. Melissa Leach

    One of my things on my life list is learning how to surf, however, i’m petrified of sharks, therefore, for now, i will settle on having a fabulous camera bag? Not the same, i know, but closely as awesome!

  314. Emma Nathews

    The most pressing item on my life list to to start my own photography business!! And what better motivation than a shiny new Lola bag!

  315. Natalie

    Give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby Girl…, travel with her to Italy, Russia, France, and England… Haveing a baby Girl this Octorber, and hopefully we can travel together in about 10 years or so… can’t wait

  316. Amy

    High on my life list would be living for at least 6 months in a country other than the United States.

    Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!

  317. Holly Allred

    I want to visit the small town in Italy where my great grandfather is from. My ultimate dream is to make this trip with my grandfather who has inspired me from the beginning in my photography.

  318. darrah parker

    Besides having Maile do a photo session for me (someday!), one of the things on my life list is to be in the audience at the Oprah show before it goes off the air.

  319. Anna

    Amazing giveaway!

    My lifelist item: I want to visit my sister and her sons in Sydney, Australia!

  320. Barbara

    I want to create my own personal chapel on our property. Would love to photograph the process! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  321. Wayfaring Wanderer

    While there are many places that I would like to travel on my life list, I’m going to go with another answer.

    Becoming a portrait photographer for people is on my life list. I’m taking a step in that direction tomorrow with my very first maternity shoot! Woot :D

  322. Jennifer Puckett

    I had two things that were very important to me in life…

    1) have children and be a great mother to them. now I have two boys and LOVE them so much!

    2) save money for them to go to college. I want them to learn the value of money, so my personal philosophy is to have them pay for half and I’ll pay for half. If they get a full scholarship, then I’ll save my half of tuition money to give them as a down payment on a house or as starter money for building a house. I’ve had to work for everything I’ve ever had and I know how hard it is to work full time and take difficult classes. I don’t want that for my children.

  323. mando

    I’m currently working on two things to be able to strike off items from my life list: 1) Growing out my hair so I can eventually cut it off to donate to cancer, 2) Paying off my OSAP, so I will have money to start travelling Canada.

  324. Tonya Poitevint

    I would love to take my kiddos and husband to Italy and live abroad for a few months…of course, while toting my new Epiphanie camera bag! ;)

  325. michelle r.

    Life list… There is so much. First have my second baby and lose all the pregnancy weight… from the first baby too!

  326. Jenn S.

    Number one on my list is to find time to be ME. Not mom, wife, daughter, friend, just ME for a little bit. I feel i lose myself in everything else.

  327. Grace

    My dream is to travel all around the world (especially all over Europe, India, Korea, and South America) and take photos and capture those precious moments.

  328. Michelle

    Something I haven’t done: ride in a hot air balloon.

    Something I have done: hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

  329. Cindy

    I’ve been coveting these bags for awhile. Nice giveaway!

    Life list: Write down the rich oral history of my mother’s family & their immigration from Scotland to New Zealand to Canada. The stories are told at each family gathering and I need to start recording them before they are gone.

  330. la_florecita

    Something I’m considering adding to my Life List…

    Take care of the things I don’t want to think about: a living will, funeral arrangements, whatever else sneaks up on you when someone dies and it’s 50 years before you expected it.

  331. Stacey

    One of my top goals:

    Travel to London and, among other things, purchase a set of all seven Harry Potter novels in the closest bookshop to King’s Cross Station.