Ace Hotel, NYC

25th August 2010

(photo from The Standard Edition)

Man, I’ve spent a lot of time in New York this summer. When I mentioned the horrible (albeit cheap) teeny hotel room from my first trip, lots of you asked about good places to stay when you’re in town. Stay at the Ace.

We were at the Ace for a week and threw a cocktail party there with Federated Media (photos here). Because we needed the suite for the party, we ended up staying in three different rooms. By the end of the trip, I felt like we lived there.

The Ace is a boutique chain with other properties in Portland, Seattle, and Palm Springs as well. All the hotels have strong, free wi-fi throughout the property. The New York Ace has a welcoming lobby with a bar, an old timey photobooth, and a Stumptown Roasters attached. The coffee is so good, you’ll want to bathe in it.

Most of the rooms have walls painted by local artists, and the in-room fridge has a pony keg.

I can’t say that I’ve ever been inspired to take photos in a hotel gym before. I wonder what the decorators would have to do to inspire an actual work out. There are lovely details everywhere you look.

They even manage to make ironing less irritating, and Laura wanted to take the bathroom home with her.

Plus, you can’t beat a room that comes with a guitar.

Anyway, if you’re booking a trip to New York, I highly recommend a stay at the Ace. Where do you stay when you’re in town?

16 thoughts on “Ace Hotel, NYC

  1. Elizabee

    Oooh lovely! Maybe a good, stealable DIY idea for my own ironing board at home! My sister lives in Brooklyn too, so we generally don’t need a place to stay when we’re there. Although now I will be tempted to say “Oh, I don’t want to trouble you…”

    However! We have a weekend trip to San Fran coming up in October – any hotel recommendations?

  2. Beth

    Just spent two nights there in July…it was wonderful. But I will say I was a little peeved at the reservation process. You won’t get the best rate unless you know what you’re asking for – a reality of business perhaps, but it seems lousy.

    Anyway, ask for the “ACE rate” (unless you have some other connection/in/affiliation discount). We waited until the day of to book our room, and when I called they quoted me a price of $340/night for a room w/ a full bed. I had called hoping in talking to someone I could secure the best rate available (seems logical that it would be in their best interest to give you the best rate if they still have vacancies day of?) When I was quoted this price, I asked why I could book a king bed for $220/night on their website. The gentleman I was speaking to asked if I was sure this was for the NYC Ace, and I assured him it was. Then he pulled up the site and said, “Oh, the ACE rate. Sure.”

    Inexpensive isn’t a word I associate w/ any NYC lodging, and my coffers aren’t flush enough to bat an eye at an extra $120 a night, but they would have taken it from me if I would have paid it. Boo.

    And Maggie’s got the right idea – filling the bathtub with booze. Two cocktails to kick off our romantic weekend cost $28 (a $7 can of Tecate your cheapest option @ the hotel bar.) Yikes.

    That said, it was worth the hassle. The place has lots of personality. Loved the comfy bed, lovely bathroom and functioning a/c on one of the steamiest weekends of the summer! And when the hotel IS your destination, this one is a particularly great place to be.

  3. Amber

    I live in Brooklyn, so no excuse to stay at the Ace, alas. But I work about 8 blocks away and make a Stumptown coffee run at least once a week. Did you eat at the Breslin, too? Delicious! But the one thing I would warn people is that the lobby is a SCENE on weekends.

    We have sent clients to the Ace and also to the Washington Square Hotel, which is an affordable little gem right near NYU, overlooking Washington Square Park. Great location, excellent (for NYC) prices in the $200 range. Make sure you ask for an exterior room, as there are interior ones that aren’t so great. Otherwise, I highly recommend!

  4. Abby

    No NYC suggestions, but just chiming in that the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs is possibly my favorite hotel in the world. The rooms are modern & unpretentious, and my personal heaven would be a whole week just lazily lounging in their pool areas.

  5. Amy

    I was in NYC last week and we stayed at the Affinia Dumont. We loved it. It was in a quieter neighborhood and was convenient to all the subway and bus lines we needed. The rooms are gorgeous (not at all quirky like the Ace, which we had considered). The staff was lovely and helpful and made my 4 year old feel like a princess. They also have a pillow menu! Mediocre internet options, though. I was able to mooch NYU wi-fi from a few buildings over, which meant I didn’t have to pay the hotel for their (wired!?) internet.

  6. Emira

    Love, love, love the Ace. Never been to the NY one (wasn’t open when I was last there), but have frequented the Seattle location and simply adore the staff, owners, the details… everything. It’s everything you want in a hotel, including lovely things you hadn’t even yet thought of, and nothing that you don’t.

  7. Sue

    I stayed at the Standard last December and the rooms are really contemporary and tasteful. The staff were a little too cool and not quite welcoming enough – they all look like aspiring actors/models. You can get great advance booking rates though!

  8. Melanie

    Because we are ghetto, last time we went to NYC, we stayed at the Super 8 in Brooklyn (Gawanus). I’m happy to report that we didn’t get stabbed, though a guy was wandering the hall late at night yelling about drugs, and we went to a wonderful Puerto Rican restaurant across the street for dinner where a drunk guy got kicked out and the waitresses wore the tightest, sexiest clothes ever and it was just awesome. SO much fun. : )

  9. Mareshia

    Hotel Wales on Madison Avenue. It’s got a touch of art deco and a lot of modern details. Plus the beds are plush and comfy and there’s a roof patio for enjoyment in the warm weather months.

  10. Amy

    I considered it for a trip to NYC in November based on your endorsement, but the nightly rate for a basic room is almost as much as my mortgage payment. Uhhhhh, I have a decent salary, but I’m not sure that’s an expense I could justify and my employer would NEVER allow that expense on a business trip! Sigh. But I don’t want to get stabbed at a Super 8 in Brooklyn either. Waaah!

  11. Lisa

    The Ace in Palm Springs is lovely….an old renovated Howard Johnsons. Cool, funky with a beautiful pool area. I love the rooms with Exterior patios and fireplaces! Not that you’d need it most of the year. :)

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