Lifescoop: Beyond Evite, Top 3 Unique Invitation Sites

I’m frustrated with the state of online invitations right now. There’s a plethora of sites, but you have to put a lot of work into developing a polished result. Finding templates a designer could use without shame is still like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. But as long as you have a pitchfork, here’s where I’d start hunting… Read more

4 thoughts on “Lifescoop: Beyond Evite, Top 3 Unique Invitation Sites

  1. I still prefer to send out paper invites for dinner/cocktail parties and even BBQs that are planned in advance. A lot of thought can go into hosting an event, regardless of how formal it may or may not be; I enjoy the process and like the effort. I’m also the person that goes crazy when invitees do not RSVP.

    I recently received a baby shower invitation via text message and it made me cringe a bit (“Baby Shower for R at L’s house on Sat! Registered at Target!”).

    Maybe I’m just being snotty.


  2. This does drive me nuts, but then I have an entire tote bag stacked with boxes of lovely notecards. I’ve loved the end result from Paperless Post (after fussing with it a fair bit) for things that feel a little more formal (an impromptu French dinner party).

    The problem with the unfamiliar company names is that people don’t know what they have in their inbox and can delete it or have to go digging in the spam filter.

    I still prefer to send paper invitations for showers or big birthday parties. I can’t help it. I’m southern and my mom’s a calligrapher — Crane stationary is in the blood.


  3. I’m a big fan of, myself, for informal get-togethers. I also still prefer actual paper invitations to things that are more event-y.


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