23 thoughts on “Champagne and Chocolate Wednesday!

  1. Elsa

    Here’s to marriage equality! And here’s to holding hands, homemade strawberry liqueur, and believing in your abilities even when the rug gets pulled out from under you.

  2. AVB

    Turning down a job in favor of fulfilling my soul; having a nest egg; being blessed with parents who are my biggest cheerleaders.

  3. Adrienne

    On the grand scale: cheers to marriage equality, love and families!
    On the personal side: cheers to getting into culinary school!

  4. Kate

    I am just going to cheers Adrienne because she hit the nail on the head with the grad scale and culinary school!

  5. shevon

    To delicious secrets and my learning how to keep them. Even though it’s driving me crazy

  6. kristen

    Knocking an item off my Life List – finding an arrowhead — two, actually, while doing something else on my List – volunteering on an archaeological dig.

  7. kd

    Here’s to kittens, $5 ice cream machines, and bad TV with good company!

    In looking at your Jamaica photos, I was so delighted by the hot pink polish on your toes. I’d be grateful if you’re willing to reveal what brand/color it is! :) Thank you!

  8. E

    I’m celebrating my accidental celebration of champagne and chocolate Wednesday. Champagne was the only cold bottle of wine in the house, and my sweetie requested something sweet and Smitten Kitchen just posted a chocolate cake recipe today.

    Other than that, I’m celebrating California marriage equality, and DVR’d episodes of Jersey Shore.

  9. HG

    Marriage equality and heading to NYC myself (with BFF) on the 14th to see Bernadette Peters in A Little Night Music!

  10. Andrea

    I am toasting to my 9th wedding anniversary, a kick ass and well written decision by Judge Walker, and hoping for true equality to spread through this nation.

  11. Nicole

    Oysters and Gazpacho on a steamy east coast day, my sister’s wonderful boyfriend, and 5 years at this job equaling MORE VACATION!

    Maggie, I really appreciate having this space to reflect on my week. It’s made me a slightly more grateful person.

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