Friday Mixtape!

30th July 2010

I’ve always wished I knew more about music, and this is part of my Life List project to listen to 1,000 new songs. Right now I’m up to 400, and on Fridays I share some of my new favorites. If you’d like to share some music with me, please send your picks to maggie at mighty girl dot com, and I will listen to them.

“Samson” by Regina Spector
Via Kat Sanford

“Le Moulin” by Yann Tiersen
Via Kat Sanford

“Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk” by Rufus Wainwright
Via Kat Sanford

“Hand Me Down” by Visqueen

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20 thoughts on “Friday Mixtape!

  1. Lindsay Masten

    Samson is probably my favorite “emotional relationship” song ever. EVAR.

    good pick!

  2. Lauren

    Big, big fan of Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk. It’s the only Rufus song I know besides his version of “Hallelujah” from Shrek. (I’m so cosmopolitan.)

  3. Courtney

    Alligator by Tegan and Sara… anything by them would be fun to add to your list :) I live at the N/W corner of the US, so we get a lot of Canadian stations here :)

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