Dogsledding in Jamaica

This is Marley, my favorite member of the Jamaican Dogsled Team. He’s proof that, while Jamaicans have no snow, they do have an excellent sense of humor.

Chukka Carribean Adventures offers all kinds of activities — ATV, horseback riding, and so on — but they’re perhaps most famous for their program that rescues mutts from the local SPCA before euthanization, and turns them into sled dogs.

Of course, the sleds in Jamaica look a little different, but the basic concept is the same.

This is our musher, Damion Robb, who recently won a race in Ontario. And while I was dogsledding in Lake Tahoe, Jamaican Newton Marshall was busy becoming the first Carribean musher to complete the Iditarod.

The dogs stay in a large kennel, and each dog has his own house. They’re trained as adults and are found homes as pets when they’re too old to be sled dogs anymore.

If you’d like to sponsor the program by adopting a Sun Dog, just click the link. (Chancey and Doc are dead ringers for Chuck.)

P.S. They had a videographer there. I’m at 51 seconds:

I’m afraid Marley here is taken.

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