Clock Without a Face: Numbers 11, 4, and 3

Remember McSweeney’s Clock Without a Face treasure hunting book? The first three numbers turned up, and they’re lovely:

Eleven was found first in the California Valley.

“After maybe two stabs at the ground, the treasure was revealed. Or, leastways, a plastic baggie (with a rather large hole in it, which may have been groundhog mischief) covering another plastic baggie, containing a wooden box, was revealed. As we made very pithy proclamations, such as “I can’t believe this!” and “No way!”, I opened the baggies and then the box to find a cloth with a wax seal and string around it, as well as a piece of paper with a handwritten note.”

The four was found next in Virginia.

Number three was the most recent find in Washington. Photos of the container and wax seal are here. Those photos might give other sleuths an idea of how deep to dig.

Aren’t the numbers gorgeous?

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