Mighty You: Your Mighty Lists, Part 5

These are some of the latest Life Lists readers have sent in. If you have a list you’d like to share, you can leave a link in comments or send an email to maggie at mighty girl dot com. If you don’t have a list yet, maybe you should make one right now. Yes! Great idea.

Jen of The Good Life with Jen is going to:
“Get to the top of a lighthouse.”

Amy Gravis is going to:
“Go cave spelunking in Hawaii.”

Jessica Eiden Smedley of Pleased to Meet You is going to:
“Buy Spices in Morocco.”

Kate Wolin is going to:
“Speak at TED.”

Natasha of Becoming Something is going to:
“Learn to can my own fruits and veggies and then actually do it.”

Weirdo Mom is going to:
“Take a mechanics class/learn about engines.”

Emily of Lucy’s Spleen is going to:
“Volunteer, full-throttle, for a political campaign.”

Jennifer June of Cowboy Boots is going to:
“Start a cowboy boot museum.”

Ella Dorband is going to:
“Go night SCUBA diving”

Lesley Watson is going to:
“Tell more stories – live more stories.”

Jacque is going to:
“Pose nude.”

Sara Krafft of Misfit in Any Space is going to:
“Learn every word in the dictionary.”

Christina Gambino of the Lovesome is going to:
“Develop/write my own recipes from scratch.”

Samantha Wedelich of Dwell Deep is going to:
“Learn to linocut.”

Patricia Williams is going to:
“Put myself through nursing school.”

Kendra Bentle Rainey of Southern Constitutional is going to:
“Take trumpet lessons.”

Carly Fornabio is going to:
“Attend Brimfield Fair in Massachusetts.”

Christina Larsen of The Me Show is going to:
“Go to Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico.”

Amber of Strocel is going to:
“Create a ‘Balancing Motherhood’ workshop.”

Mary of The Adventures of Benmar is going to:
“Try to never buy another bottle of water again! ”

Torrie of Shifting Life is going to:
“Learn how to operate a boat.”

Luna Pie is going to:
“Hold a snake.”

Martha of mVelope will:
“Never say, ‘I’m too old for that'”

The Psycho Mama is going to:
“Try hot buttered rum.”

Sarah Brown of Que Sera Sera is going to:
“Go to Svalbard in February when it’s always blue and never light.”

If you’re looking for even more inspiration, here’s where you can find more reader lists: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. Cribbing is strongly encouraged.

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