Friday Mixtape

I’ve gotten started on my Mighty List project to listen to 1,000 new songs, and I’m already up to 98. While I’m doing the project, I thought I’d take Fridays to tell you about some of my discoveries. Happy weekend, everyone.

I and Love and You,” The Avett Brothers
The hopeful side of having no fight left. Sample lyric, “What you were than I am today. Look at the things I do.”

“I Thought of You Last Night,” Jeri Southern
A new favorite artist. Josh Ritter recommended her in Esquire Magazine.

“Him,” Lily Allen
Via Laura Mayes.

“Vanilla Twilight,” Owl City
Via Laura Mayes.

“Listomania,” Phoenix

30 thoughts on “Friday Mixtape

  1. Oh man! Phoenix. PHOENIX. I cannot stress enough how fantastic this whole album is.

    Also, you should try The National (Slow Show) or Stars (Set Yourself on Fire) if you like that one.

    Sorry to gush about Phoenix ❤


  2. I’m with Kat-Phoenix is heavy on our rotation around here too. We saw them when they came here to Portland and it was a very swell show! Recommend!


  3. top five suggestions (if you care):
    ani difranco (ohmygodohmygodohmygod)
    paper bird (A.Maz.Ing)
    townes van zandt (zant?)
    the del mccoury band (twangy!)
    zap mama (funkagroovalicious)

    enjoy the tunes (all 902 of ’em)


  4. Mmmmm The Avett Brothers, I saw them on Sunday, and I think they will be in your neck of the woods sometime this summer. Definitely worth checking out live. Maggie, do you have a mailing address where I could send you a mix tape? I make and send them monthly as part of my life list goal of sending 200 pieces of mail this year… let me know if you want in 🙂


  5. My four year old considers Vanilla Twilight to be “her song”.
    “Feeling a little overwhelmed by your four-year-old-self, snickerdoodle? Here, let me put on some music for you….”
    Works like a charm and a huge positive that we happen to love the album too.
    Now then, off to iTunes.


  6. My favorite of the week. I think I’ve listened to it 30 times at least:

    Pearl and the Beard: Voice in my Throat

    Great musicians, and unusual instruments. One plays cello. Here is some of her exquisite solo work:

    Emily Hope Price: Gloria. Made me cry when I heard it live.

    EHP is doing a project of composing a new song everyday for all of 2010.

    Enjoy! I really like feature of your blog!


  7. i LOVE this idea. may i suggest anything by ‘the bird and the bee.’ while their latest is an album of covers, their take on them is AMAZING. they sound like totally different songs.

    also, i echo the phoenix love over here. theyre on heavy rotation on my playlist of the moment, as are lady antebellum, jamie cullum and stars…


  8. I just posted about how real mixtapes were the love letters of my youth! Ah, those were the days. But I do love the magic of the internet for the easy access to new music, and I love getting suggestions from people who listen to stuff I don’t know. My latest favorite is an old song rediscovered because my baby boy likes it: Roller Derby Queen, by Jim Croce.


  9. I’m SO glad you’ve discovered the Avett Brothers. They are amazing, simply amazing. My birthday is next Friday and my fiance is taking me to see them play at Merlefest. Very excited. You should check out their album Mignonette. It’s the bee’s knees.


  10. Hi there – my husband and I post about an album from our collection every day and as we listen to a humungous range of artists you may find some inspiration there.

    I love Lily Allen (it’s the first album we reviewed on Jan 1!) so may I also recommend Ladyhawke, Florence & The Machine and Gomez.

    Such a great Life List addition, have fun with it!


  11. Since you’re learning French, you can try:

    “Dans mon corps” by Les Trois Accords

    “Alors on danse” by Stromae

    Two of my favourites, with a definite French-Canadian feel are “Degenerations” by Mes Aieux and “La Catherine” by Les Cowboys Fringants. Check out the lyrics on that first one.

    NRJ (get it? en-er-jee? Energie!) is the popular radio station here in Ottawa-Gatineau. You can listen on-line too.


  12. Second the recommendations for Florence & the Machine and Kate Nash if you liked Lily Allen. Bat for Lashes also interesting.

    My current favourite is Plan B.


  13. I have been a fan of The Avett Brothers for years. They are local to me (I live in Charlotte, NC and they are from next door in Concord). Back in the day you could see them somewhere local almost every weekend. This weekend we’ll see them again at Merlefest in Wilkesboro, NC, can’t wait!


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