Mighty Life List: How You Doin’?

Hey, did you choose three things to cross off your life list this month? How’s that coming along? Did Jen get her learner’s permit? Did Lis frame the photos for her first show? Has Nicole had her baby? (I suspect so. It’s be a while since that last post.)

As for me, I’ve done three things, but one of them wasn’t part of my campaign with Verizon, which means I get to do one more thing with a benefactor on my side. Sweet. As I mentioned, Verizon has been great about supporting long-term, better-life projects, so the last goal I’m working on for the campaign is:

Get to know San Francisco like the back of my hand.

This could take a while. In fact, how will I know when I’m done? I’ve attended the Black and White Ball, but I’ve never done something untoward in the Transamerica pyramid. I’ve visited Alcatraz, but I’ve never mooned tourists on the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a tough one to check off decisively.

So I did what any good list maker does in this situation. I made a sublist. I decided I’ll “Know San Francisco like the back of my hand” when I:

1. Crown a favorite burrito.
2. Take five tours.
3. Finish 7×7’s Big Eats Top 100.
4. Make my own list of the hundred best things to eat.
5. Choose the fifty best cocktails.
6. Choose my fifty favorite shops.
7. Photograph all the public libraries.
8. See the view from Coit Tower.
9. Write up mini guides to the main neighborhoods.
10. Choose my top ten things to do when you visit.

That’s right. I’ve begun to make lists about making lists. (Take that, Escher!) It’s a lot to tackle, but I’m getting started in these last couple weeks of March.

And what about you? How are your projects coming along? Tell us in comments so we can cheer for you, because you are great.

A huge thanks to Verizon Wireless for sponsoring my Mighty Life List. They’re helping me cross off a few goals, and they also gave me a Palm Pre Plus. I’m using it to take photos and video of my escapades, and to make actual phone calls that don’t disconnect unexpectedly at awkward moments. Thanks, guys.

59 thoughts on “Mighty Life List: How You Doin’?

  1. 1. Made a soufflé
    2. Bought a lottery ticket
    3. Was the first to borrow a new book from the library

    I can’t even believe how being accountable and setting deadlines makes things happen. This is great!


  2. 1) I started running trails in the hills above where I live
    2) Be happy where I am, while I’m here, while working toward being somewhere else in 3 months
    3) Finish my resume so I can find a new job (okay, I started it!)


  3. Oh hurrah hurrah!

    I’m chugging along on two thanks to you! Massage booked! And drinks with you (almost checked) What say you to Thursday evening or Sunday afternoon with me and Miss Alix whom you’ll absotively posolutely adore!


  4. Even though we’ve never met, go ahead and think of me when you go to Coit Tower to catch the view. Picture a very cold, somewhat cranky girl staring down at an incredible man on one knee with a diamond while she screamed at him: “What are you dooooing??? Get up!” That’s pretty much my Coit Tower experience. : )


  5. I’m working toward one proper pull-up with lots of practice, push ups and other strength training. I’ve made progress but when I get my chin about three quarters of an inch from the bar, my arms turn to concrete. And I simply CANNOT go any further. I’m so insanely frustrated because I can’t imagine how I’m ever going to cross this from my list. ARGH!


  6. I started by writing down my list for the first time. Then I saw Kevin Smith live and learned to cook really good steak.

    I also signed up for a sushi-making class and inquired about joining the cast of the local Renaissance Faire, so I’ll be able to check off 2 more things in the coming months.


  7. Stay offline one day per week – check
    Cancer free mammogram – check
    Still to go, finish painting and knitting project


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