12 thoughts on “eBay Covet: Tailfeather Dress

  1. maureen

    Wonder what that rear pouffe would look like after sitting on it for two hours through dinner. Also, the 8o’s were all about using yards and yard and *yards* of fabric for everything.

  2. Becky

    That is a great look. I had no taste in the 80’s. I was in these Gunne Sax (remember them) nightmares with puffed sleeves and Cinderella skirts. Once I had my hair curled and put in an asymmetrical updo. Why?!?

  3. jodi

    Um, yes please. Happens to be that one of my life list items is to buy a dirty martini, 3 olives, wearing a black cocktail dress in NYC in a hotel bar. Specific, I know. It’s a vision, really.

  4. WarsawMommy

    Oh, I’d love it. Except that my ass is big and I just don’t think having EXTRA material would help matters.

    Although. Hold on. Maybe the tailfeather would HIDE my ass? If so, I’m in ;)

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