17 thoughts on “Mighty Closet on Twitter

  1. Is that your writing office? THAT’S hot. That is totally on my life list, but it’s more on the 1 year goal, not the 1 month goal list.


  2. If we refuse to tweet based on principle (i.e. too much social media makes mama go nutty)– can we e-mail you photos instead?

    And yes, I realize I’m the only person on earth not using Twitter.


  3. I don’t use twitter either Laura Jane…there are still some of us out there.
    Cute idea to twitter outfits!
    Love the headband Maggie!


  4. Intstead of email, how about uploading them to flickr or whatever photo share gallery you use and tagging them mightycloset so everyone can see them right away? I fear they will languish in my email, because email is my nemisis.


  5. This might be kind of an odd request and maybe you already addressed it in a past post but could you sometime please post some tips on how to incorporate some more stylish elements into a wardrobe? I’m a boring jeans and t-shirt kind of girl that’d love to get into funkier shoes or adding a scarf or another kind of interesting accessory but I don’t know what or how to do it.


  6. Those shoes are so fabulous, I still want them even though I know they hurt. Like my college boyfriend that way, I guess.


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