7 thoughts on “Doctors or Parents: Who Do You Trust More?

  1. Hi Mighty Girl,

    I just love your mighty life list and after reading your convo with Chookoolonks (in your 2.0 post), I made my own (posted part one on my blog today!). Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. Like you said, it has been transformative for me so far. I am loving it! Can’t wait to get started!!!


  2. Oh Maggie, I’m so, so, so glad that you threw your voice into this conversation about trust. And not because I agree or disagree with anything you said. But because you were okay appearing vulnerable, and contradictory, and imperfect. And in that I know I am not alone.


  3. Thank you for the respectful way you handled the issue of parents of children with autism & some of our beliefs about a vaccine connection. I do not believe vaccines cause autism, but I believe that autism is almost always genetic and immune related and that sometimes in some people it can be triggered by vaccines. And, I think you are very, very wise to take into your family’s auto-immune history in relation to you your own children. I am a parent of a child with autism and I blog about autism/disAbility. I have “watched” your blogosphere maneuvers from afar and find them impressive. Namaste.


  4. I’ve never had the flu shot because a friend of mine got Guillain Barre Syndrome after she had the shot 10 years ago. While it basically paralyzed her for a year, she slowly began to recover thanks to therapy. Even today, she still needs a cane to walk.
    So, I suppose I got scared via her story, even though I know millions get the flu shot without issues.
    On the other hand, I have no problem making sure my kids get immunized for measles, mumps, etc.
    Is that weird?


  5. I loved this discussion. I tend to trust my doc for most things, but I take my friends’ accounts into serious consideration. I am fortunate that my kids’ doc is a bit of an old-fashioned type and not so quick to dish out prescriptions for every affliction.

    I had my three children vaccinated against all of the traditional diseases, yet only the older two received the Swine Flu vaccine. My doctor disagreed with that, but my guts told me otherwise.


  6. I trust my parents more than my doctor. I didn’t have good experience with doctors so whenever I get sick first I try home remedies from my mom which works most of the time in case it doesn’t then I turn to doctor.


  7. My mom is always right, so it seems. My doctor once told me that if I raised my kid vegetarian she would be stupid once she got to school and if she wore her socks too tight her feet would fall off…so…there you go.


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