Hooray for you! Your Mighty Lists, Part 3

If you’re working on a Mighty List, please send it my way: maggie at mightygirl dot com. If you haven’t started your list yet, here’s another set to inspire you (more ideas here and here). Cribbing encouraged:


Positively Anna is going to:

“Throw out any socks and underwear that I would be embarrassed about wearing if I got hit by a car and had to go to the hospital.”

Robyn of A Devine Life is going to:

“Donate 10,000 hand-knit items to charities.”

Anna Bell of Wanty is going to:

“Sew a dress that I am really proud to wear.”

Jodi Michelle of I Tell Stories is going to:

“Take a month long road trip with no destination.”

Tell A Girl is going to:

“Go to disco in Ibiza.”


Aisha of Slices of My Life is going to:

“Learn to play a song on my guitar.”

Thrifty Chick is going to:

“Pick my own flowers for my table.”

Kelli of Working Title is going to:

“See Frank Lloyd Wright’s home(s).”

Sara of I Like to Cook is going to:

“Place flowers at the memorial statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn in Austin, Texas.”

Nadarine is going to:

“Attend a real masquerade.”


Grania of Black Oak’s Daughter is going to:

“Oktoberfest, in Munich”

Amber of The Amber Show is going to:

“Gallop a horse.”

Jen of Feast of Life is going to:

“Fly to Paris for my birthday.”

Jennifer of The Good Life with Jen is going to:

“Get to the top of a lighthouse.”

Emily Grace of LIFE: The Journey, Not The Destination is going to:

“Be brave and eat French food without wondering what part of the animal it is.”


MeL of Stay at Aum Mom is going to:

“Go to an old-fashioned clambake on the beach.”

Liza of Crackle_Loud is going to:

“Buy a sundress.”

Laura is going to:

“Stand in the middle of the marketplace in Marrakesh.”

Vanessa of Yes It Is Necessary is going to:

“Restore my great-grandfathers 1959 Chevy Biscayne.”

Widdershins is going to:

“See Ayers Rock at sunrise.”

Nichole of Butterscotch Sunday is going to:

“Spend a night on a train.”

Jazzellis of Tea Cups and Superheros is going to:

“Grow a garden full of things we can eat.”

Lisa Ortale is going to:

“Own a piano and play it well.”

Nothing Witty is going to:

“Make her own vanilla extract!”

Splinters is going to:

“Make 5 different cheeses at home.”

23 thoughts on “Hooray for you! Your Mighty Lists, Part 3

  1. To jazzellis: I’m currently growing a garden full of things I can eat. It pretty much rocks the house. I highly recommend.


  2. So inspiring, makes the whole world open anew :). (Just a little side-whisper: it’s Uluru, not Ayer’s Rock anymore. The Aboriginal name has been restored which is of huge cultural significance :)).


  3. i have been to the top of a lighthouse (pt. arena in mendocino 115 narrow winding stairs – legs were rubbery but the view was awe inspiring), taken a road trip with no destination and stood in the middle of the market in marrakesh and they are all totally worthy endeavors. go for it!


  4. have also galloped and jumped a horse – one of the most joyful experiences ever, been to paris and have learned to be adventurous with food. maybe i should create a reverse life list and give myself credit for the things i have already done.


  5. To Nichole, spending a night on a train is one of the best things ever. You wake up and you’re in a different city (or country).


  6. The Mighty for this week? Tap Club! Four friends, six weeks, one community center teacher, a delicious pair of Mary Janes. I can’t wait to sport leg warmers and windmill those winter blues away… 🙂


  7. I’m working on 43 things to do before I die, but here’s what I’ve got so far! I just turned twenty, so hopefully I’ve got a lot of life in me 🙂

    I want to:

    – Be able to do one card trick, tell two jokes and recite three poems in case I’m ever stuck in an elevator.

    – Learn how to drink espresso like the Italians.

    – Learn how to play the ukulele and banjo

    – Attend SXSW

    – Create an old fashioned slideshow of my life

    Granted, these are all apart from graduating UCLA and paying off my student loans…yikes!


  8. Forgot to say, too, that Widdershins will only have another 5 (or is it 3?) years to climb Uluru: the Aboriginal people have won a decree to have it closed as a tourist spot & respected as a sacred site.


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