1,000 Lovely Things: Paper Snowflakes


I decided I wanted to fill our windows with wax paper snowflakes, so I asked Libby and Kelly to help me cut them out. We met for a winter night of chili, champagne, and snowflake cutting — which is so much easier when you’re not using safety scissors.


So much fun.

19 thoughts on “1,000 Lovely Things: Paper Snowflakes

  1. My aunt fills her windows with paper snowflakes every year. She made a digital story about the family tradition on YouTube – check it out (a little long but hey)


  2. Your post made me run into the kitchen and grab some scissors! I have now produced one, perfect, lovely wax-paper snowflake. Many more to come!

    Thanks for the inspiration Maggie. (even though I should be working right now!)


  3. Hey Mimi (and Maggie too),
    The woman on that website you linked was my step-Grandmother. As soon as a saw Maggie’s post I thought of Kay. Every year the family accumulated more snowflakes for the tree. It is a tradition that I continue… although I have not been able to find them wherever they are hiding the basement.
    A Mouse


  4. a very lovely thing indeed! i am totally going to talk the ladies into making these Saturday night during out “girl’s night” sleep over. so fun!


  5. These are wonderful!!! Seeing your beautiful photos reminded me of when I was little and used to cut out snowflakes with my brothers. I had completely forgotten. We’re going to create snowflake window art in our house this year – thank you!!


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