Links for You

23rd October 2009


-Bill and Jane from My Parents Were Awesome

-Thoughts on thank you notes. (via Swiss Miss)

-Jason Kottke’s take on the FCC ruling for bloggers –see the footnotes for the post — are exactly what I’ve been thinking. (And congrats to True Ventures and Jen Bekman! Smashing.)

– Designer Erin Jang’s very sweet subway map made according to the interests of her three-year-old nephew. What a lovely gift. I originally thought Jason made this, but it turns out he just found it, and so.. (via Kottke)

8 thoughts on “Links for You

  1. beyond

    i don’t think that that jason kottke made that subway map himself…
    when i have kids, i will try to instill in them the importance of hand-written thank you notes. it’s a dying art.

  2. kaja

    I think Jason missed the point, too. The NYT has an ombudsman. How many bloggers have a public editor?

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