Mighty Life List: Organize a Retreat

9th October 2009


Remember when I said I would nap? I will get to that. But today I woke up at 6 a.m., like a kid on Christmas. Laura Mayes was sleeping beside me, so I whispered, “You’re so excited!” She laughed. With her eyes closed.

Today I get to see my Blogroll in 3-D. The Broad Summit is this weekend, which means that a good chunk of the online publishers I’ve grown to love over the years are coming to Guerneville to drink wine and talk about smart things. If you want to follow along, everyone’s Twitter handles are here, and their sites are in the sidebar.

All these women have meant so much to me, some of them are close friends, some my inspirations, but every one of them has enhanced my life in some way. For me, this weekend is a thank you for everything they’ve done to make my life better.

Hooray for the Internet! I say hooray.

15 thoughts on “Mighty Life List: Organize a Retreat

  1. Sarah


    I’m building a house in Belize this winter with 11 other college students and I’m in charge of planning our fall retreat. Can’t wait to see your recap. I’m sure it will give me great bonding retreat ideas!

  2. agnieszka

    good lord, i want to be part of that community! lately, i feel like i’m just a solitary self-indulgent little blogger out in a big lonely world.

  3. Sarah

    The Broad Summit sounds so exciting! I wish I could tag along, even though I don’t know any of you personally and my blogging resume certainly isn’t as voluminous.

    I hope you have a fabulous time and can tell us all about it later.

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  5. Mocha

    I wanted to be there like nobody’s business. Except maybe yours. Your business.

    Damn. I’ll just read recaps and drink myself stupid while crying.

    Have FUN.

  6. Maggie Mason

    Heather was invited, she just couldn’t make it. We’re all flying to Utah to TP her house later.

  7. Grace Davis

    Greetings, Maggie!

    So, I signed up for future events on the BroadSummmit.com. What happens next?

    I’m pretty certain that I’m presenting this urgent inquiry on behalf of a kazillion bloggers.

    (Yeah, I’m the one in class who asks the question everyone is afraid to pose lest they come off looking like a dork. Not an issue for me since, well, first grade. “Dorky Since First Grade”, now there’s a good blog tagline.)

    Very cordially yours,
    Grace Davis

  8. Maren

    Sniff. I spent two golden years of childhood living four miles west of Guerneville in a house perched right above the river in the middle of a redwood forest. This is the most glorious time of year there, if not least because the poison oak is bright red and you can’t miss it. Those years were golden, yes, but I also think I had poison oak on some part of my body for the entire time.

  9. robyn

    You just gave me an idea. Now I’m daydreaming about planning a “mini-retreat” at my house for the ladies I know IRL. Looking forward to your recap for some inspiration!

  10. Maggeh

    Hi Grace, how are you? What happens next is heavy napping and sitting very still. But you’ll know more as soon as we do.

    Aubriane, I love that. The site _and_ untangling knots. Specifically knotted necklaces. Thanks for pointing it out.

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