Do a Miranda July Project? Check.

30th September 2009

From Learning to Love You More, Assignment #9: Draw a constellation from someone’s freckles.


I got so many bug bites in Puerto Rico that I asked Melissa to connect the dots for me. She used the edge of a magazine to draw the lines straight. Body constellations are the new braiding each others’ hair.

6 thoughts on “Do a Miranda July Project? Check.

  1. Shannon

    My first tattoo (and only, for now…) is a constellation made by connecting my freckles. I love it to pieces.

  2. Laura

    When I was little, my best friend and I would always talk about how you could see the Big Dipper in freckles on my forearm, plain as day. I had not thought of that for years, but when I read this I checked just now. Turns out I have about a billion more freckles and can no longer see the constellation. It would probably be easy to make up some new ones, though.

  3. Nicole

    lovely lady – thank you for finally posting on the French Laundry. Now will you pleeeeeaaaase update the strikethroughs on your life list?

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