7 thoughts on “Santorini

  1. lisa b.

    I have wracked my brain, but I can’t figure it out: *is* there a good reason you are living my dreams? But it looks like you’re having a good time, so that’s good. Beautiful picture!

  2. GirlsGoneChild

    Seven years ago this month I was there, too, with my dear girlfriend, Brooke who as I type this is on her way to meet up with me for a girl-pool date. I plan to share this picture with her and cry in her blonde. Hope you’re having an amazing time!

  3. LPC

    I still kind of hate you but I have to know anyway. Did you go to the dig? Did you feel inhabited by ghosts? Did the present blur before your eyes and the past run vivid down the roads? No? OK. Yes, it’s you living this life, not me. Thought so. Darn.

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