Face Facts

20th August 2009

Two things more people should know about their faces:

1. If you, or your kid has had a cold for a few days, apply some Burt’s Bees Beeswax lipbalm to the nose and upper lip. It protects the skin that’s been chapped from all that nose blowing, and the peppermint in it facilitates a blissful cooling sensation.

2. Ladies, if the skin on your upper lip seems to be darkening, it could be hormones. OR could it be that you’ve been using SPF makeup every single day for a year or so, but have neglected to put any on your upper lip.

It’s a fact!

18 thoughts on “Face Facts

  1. Cass

    Okay, I just noticed today that the edge around my top lip is darker – like a light ring. You have given me this dire warning – but alas, no magic solution?

  2. Kate

    The same thought occured to me! I’ve noticed a darkness over my upper lip, which can make one feel rather self-concious…. do you have any other information on this?

  3. frannie

    #1 –Yes!! I have had great success with this for years. However, wait too long to start it and that wonderful cooling sensation is more akin to dipping your nose in sulfuric acid. Be ye warned. If your nose is already raw, start with plain chapstick!

  4. Isa

    I have another tip re: #1. You can blow your nose with baby wipes (unscented, alcohol-free, preferably with aloe). It feels really disgusting the first couple of times, but it keeps away the redness and chapping, and if you’re careful about blowing/folding the wipe, you can then wipe the area around your nostrils to make sure you have no icky green smears… Try it, I swear!

  5. Helen Jane

    Thanks for the reminders!

    Don’t fail to SPF your neck! Poor necks can age all regularlike, leaving you with an oogy neck but a lovely, protected face.

  6. Jan

    I have to agree with frannie (#4 above). I bought some Burt’s Bees “tinted lip gloss” once – note “once” – during the winter when my lips were chapped. I used it one time and couldn’t get it into the trash fast enough. Peppermint/eucalyptus/menthol in a product to soothe inflamed skin? Didn’t work for me. That was a shame too, because I liked the tint. I won’t buy any more, though, until I check the ingredients list.

  7. teneisha

    Ugh, I have the darkened upper lip from hormones thing. I had hoped that it would go away when i went off birth control but my doctor told me that most women never get rid of it.


  8. dgm

    Aveeno diaper rash creme on the raw nose (or any skin inflammation, including zits) does wonders for overnight healing. It’s the magical zinc.

  9. Jen

    philosophy’s save me will lighten the dark upper lip. I’ve got it too, and it made me look like I had a ‘stache. I’ve been using save me for a week, and it’s MUCH lighter. YAY!

  10. Lynda

    Another AMAZING product that takes redness away and was the ONLY thing (Burts Bees was suggested to us at the pharmacy and never worked) that healed my daughter during last winter’s cold weather was Smith’s Rosebud Salve — the best all around product EVER that I have tried. Nice on chapped lips, red noses etc …and works wonders on blemishes and dry cuticles! You can find it for about 6 bucks at SEPHORA! :D

  11. Rae

    I got the darkened upper lip from pregnancy, the last time. Do you know of anything that gets rid of it? There is also a curious “v” shape on my forehead, which is sort of superhero-esque, but the upper lip thing just looks moustachy.

  12. Curiosity

    I have the misfortune that my upper lip tends to freckle much more profusely than the rest of my face. Rockin’ the freckle ‘stash.


  13. Kate

    I have also read that the upper lip darkness can come from waxing or bleaching … although the hormone theory sounds more plausible to me. I am going to try the philosophy product recommended by Jen.

  14. txgrrl

    Rae, that is the same thing as referenced by #8, Megan. Melasma. I have the ‘stache plus the “v” on my forehead and darker freckle circles under my eyes. Adorable.

    My sister has the same thing and neither of us have had a baby. We’ve done extensive research and the only solution has been a good concealer. And avoiding flash pictures in bright sun in the daytime. My honeymoon pictures look like the hubs married Tom Selleck.

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