Mighty Girl Feelings Book and Contest

18th August 2009


The gorgeous personalized children’s book above is by Sarah of Party Perfect. She used objects familiar to her baby to help teach first words. Ever since I saw it, I’ve been thinking about how nice it would be to make a photo book specifically for Hank.

I wanted an idea that would have the maximum impact if it was personalized. Because Hank seems intrigued by feelings lately, I decided to go with that. I’d really like him to learn early on how to identify his emotions and then do something constructive with them, and he already loves to talk about how his toys are “so happy” or “really cross” (thanks Thomas the Tank Engine).

I love the end result. Here are some examples of what I put together:






Shutterfly bought some ads on Mighty Girl, and they let me try their photobook service to lay out my book and print it. It actually ended up taking more time to choose the photos than to make the book. If you’d like to try it yourself, Shutterfly is offering codes to twelve Mighty Girl readers to let them print books for free. You can enter the drawing by leaving a comment about what you’d like to make.

The contest will run through August 24, and I’ll announce winners here. One entry per person please, I’ll have to delete duplicates for fairness. Good luck!

374 thoughts on “Mighty Girl Feelings Book and Contest

  1. Michelle

    I would love to make a book showing the development of the relationship between my two children. How far they have come as brother and sister in 4 short years!

  2. Carrie

    I’d make a book for my son about the sibling he will (hopefully) have someday. I’d use the book as a way to reassure him that he is loved very much and that will never change.

    Your book is beautiful and inspiring!

  3. Stacey

    I’d either do a year in review for our family, or a book of trips and fun my husband and I had before we had our daughter.

  4. mary the pat

    I’ve been wanting to make a book for a baby on the way that teaches the ABC’s through pictures of my hometown. (A is for Allsup’s-the gas station; B is for Booker -the town; C is for…etc….K is for Kiowas-the mascot) I think it would be a good way to teach because everything would be so easily recognized.

  5. Suzanne

    Definitely a book about my five-week-old neice Olive. A little treat for her exhausted parents.

  6. Melinda

    I think it would be a book for the kids I nanny. This is our last year together and it would be a nice way to leave them some visual memories of our seven years together.

  7. Julie

    That’s absolutely adorable. Storing the idea for the hypothetical future children.

    I would make a book of wedding pictures, considering I just got married 3 weeks ago.

  8. Jennifer from Kansas

    I would make a photo book of highlights from my MBA program that I just completed (in Italy!).

  9. Kelley Q

    I’d like to make a book of photos that my boyfriend has taken–they are beautiful and deserve to be shown!

  10. Jeanmarie

    My girls, 9 and 10, are just leaving the time in their lives where they will ask me to “tell us a story about when YOU were young, Mommy!…” So I will make them a photo book of all their favorite stories, like the time I got caught writing my name in wet cement outside the chinese laundry, and the time I played SCROOGE in the third grade play…

  11. Amanda

    Like most families, as the kids grow up, the once physically close and tight knit family begins to move apart. I’m the oldest and the last to leave home after having stayed in my hometown for college and leaving only now for grad school. My sister is married and my brother is a traveling rogue. Then to the south is where my mother keeps house. I want to make those three a reminder of what we used to be like before time and age put seperators in our lives.

  12. theambershow

    I’d make a 2008 book, and then I’d make a 2009 one next year, and so on and so on. I love the idea of a book for every single year, and the thought of my grandkids pouring over them.

  13. Sharon

    I’d make a book of school pics to help my son remember the early school days that are rushing by so quickly!!

  14. Ginny

    I absolutely love your book – it’s great to teach about feelings, which is something that not enough people to do (especially with boys!)

    I’ve always wanted to make a book of photos with recipes to give to people. My brother-in-law is getting married soon & we thought something like that would be a fun gift.

  15. Becky

    it’s so potentially uncreative, but i’d love to create a book with different family members. we’re scattered across the country and I want to make sure he remembers everyone.

  16. Daphne

    Just FYI, and I’m sure you already know this because of your mighty awesomeness, but books that incorporate children’s own life experiences are proven to help them learn language more efficiently…makes sense right? (I’m a preschool speech-language pathologist, I make them for my students a LOT for this reason…) so…kudos Mighty Girl! PS Hank is way cute.

  17. Junglewife

    I love Shutterfly. I made an ABC book for my 1st daughter and I’d love to make one for my 2nd!

  18. Amy --- Just A Titch

    I really love your book for Hank—what a great idea! I’d love to make a book documenting my boyfriend and I’s first two years together. I think it’d make a great gift. OK, probably more for me, but still…

  19. Angela

    My daughter’s “First Friend” just moved to Slovenia (where her parents are from) after living here her entire life. I made books for them chronicling their time together from infants until just days before they moved. They turned out fantastically, and I can’t wait to make more books. I would love to make a “Getting Ready for Bed” book for my youngest, using pictures of her and her sisters.

  20. Kristin Steiner

    I’d make a book about the different nicknames my family and I call each other, and how we got them. Monkey, Bink, Super, Boy!, Beazley, Steindog…


  21. Alaina

    I would love to make a book of wedding photos!

    P.S. I find your life list totally inspiring and I think that your Mighty Closet posts are pretty much the coolest things ever. I just thought you should know.

  22. Annika

    I’d make a book for my son of the first 3+ years of his life, pre-sibling, so he’d have a keepsake of his time as our only.

  23. Laura B

    I just got married one month ago today actually! And I want to make a do-it-yourself photobook with all the pictures. This would be amazing!

  24. Emily

    I’m getting married in September and my boyfriend and I would love to make a book devoted to the wedding & the beginning of our life together
    Thank you

  25. Lenore

    The Book: Photos of loved ones — people nearby and far away, and those things that comfort him (like his frog rattle).

    What a cool contest!

  26. Deanna

    A photo book of family after our upcoming trip to the mainland for our daughter to meet her extended family for the first time. I want photos of my daughter with family and captions like “This is your Great Grammy,” “This is your auntie Erika,” etc.

  27. misstraceynolan

    I love Hank’s book. I’m sure he will too. What a great idea.

    I’ve used Apple’s book making program to put together a portfolio of sorts for my jazz photography. I’ll use Shutterfly next time since they’re smart enough to advertise here!

  28. Jen

    I just found out that I’m 9 weeks pregnant, so I’d like to make a book of my growing belly with the grand finale being a new baby!

  29. Up Mama's Wall

    I want to make a book for my three-year-old twins about how they are different. People always lump them together even though they are separate, unique individuals with totally different likes and dislikes. In the end, of course, it would be about what great friends they are even though they are different people. Oh, they would love it.

  30. Wendy

    I would make a book of all the important people in my children’s lives – especially their grandparents, first teachers, etc.

  31. j

    I’ve been wanting to make a book of pics for my grandfather. He’s in his last days. He always loves pictures of us. He’s in CT and loves to tell the nurses that the photos came from *pause* California.

  32. Becky

    I’d make a book for my kiddos about being buddies. My 2 year-old is enamored with my baby boy, and I want to immortalize these moments.

  33. Tatiana

    In the past two years, I’ve been lucky enough to visit both Peru and Australia but haven’t done anything with the hundreds of photos I snapped. In a book they go!

  34. JJ

    I would love to make a book for my 3 year old, maybe showing her how to be friends with her new baby brother. Then again, if I made her a book, she wouldn’t let him see it, because sharing is NOT part of 3 year old big sister vocabulary!

  35. Cristin

    I would make a book about my girls who are just now, at 15 and 9, starting to become buddies.

  36. Amanda T

    I have been planning on doing a project for awhile and this is what I need to get my butt in gear. I have my grandmothers cookbook and want to scan the pages and make books for my brother and sister.

  37. Alison

    My girl just turned 6. I’d make a book celebrating some great moments from her first 6 years of life.

    Love that book of yours, Maggie!

  38. jodimichelle

    I’d like to make about how to talk about your feelings or use your words and emotions in a positive way – my 4 1/2 year old daughter has taken to telling me how much she hates being a kid. Yes, you read that right. She’s four. So, you know … maybe a photo book about how much her life IS will do the trick?

  39. Malia

    Oooh, pick me! Pick me! This would be a fantastic present for my boyfriend for our anniversary!

  40. Darci

    I would make a book of family and friends for my daughter who is leaving for a college very far away.

  41. Kara

    I’ve made a Shutterfly book each year since my 3.5 year old was born (just family pictures, chronologically, to show the highlights of the year), and since my husband got laid off a couple of weeks ago, a free book for this year would allow me to continue a tradition without worrying about the cost. Win win!

  42. Marti

    I LOVE your idea. Thanks for that inspiration. And thanks for this opportunity!

    I’ve been wanting to make a personalized picture book for Simon ever since he turned one. His book would contain pictures and personal thoughts of him (or the idea of him) we (his mom and dad) had before he was conceived, while he was in my belly, and since he’s been out. :) But it wouldn’t be all sweetsy sweetsy perfectly darling…. well, I mean, there would be some of that, of course, but it would also include little snipits of honesty that aren’t always documented….like how we were afraid we would totally suck at parenting; how, when Simon was born, I had fear that he wouldn’t like me; how when, not long ago, he came to me with his finger pointed outward and chimed, “booger!” I was SO proud! Because he actually had one on his finger, and how did he know how to say booger? And how did he know that a booger is called a booger? :)

    Yeah, that would be Si’s book.

  43. Kate B.

    I would love to make a personalized alphabet book for my daughter who is turning one in a few weeks. (I know, not so creative, but certainly a fun and doable project!)

  44. Shannon

    What an excellent book. I’m a nascent speech-language pathologist and we frequently use this same kind of feelings book with children who are figuring out their feelings and appropriate reactions to them (called “social stores”). Though absolutely none of them are as gorgeous as yours!

    I was just going to comment on that, but I suppose I’ll throw my name into the ring for the contest as well. I would make a book about our honeymoon to Alaska. Which was two years ago. Oops!

  45. Carrie

    I LOVE your Hank book! It’s perfect! Have you seen the book, “On Monday When it Rained”? Similar concept, and a lovely photo display!
    Anyway, I’d love to do a photo book through Shutterfly!

  46. Jennifer

    Would love to get a jump start on my second daughters 1st year book. This would help alot! :)

  47. Claire

    I’m stealing this idea from another blog, but I’d love to make an ABC book of photos I took…possibly of the city where I live.

  48. Jessi

    I would use it to document the growth of my baby. Which is due today. Which hasn’t arrived yet. Little stinker.
    And also to document the journey my husband and I are embarking on as first-time parents.

  49. Stacy

    I’s love to make a book of my family through the years…parents are now divorced and my brother died so it would be great to have a “happy” book

  50. Ella AD

    Inspired by Maggie, I have my own life list (with the rather macabre title “100+ Things to do Before Dead”) My book would be a record of the things I have accomplished thus far. First page? A photo of me, completely naked on Gassworks Hill in Seattle after the Fremont Solstice Naked Bike Ride.

  51. Marianne

    I moved really far away form my family and I always thought it would be awesome to make them a book of pictures about where I live now, and my life. So they know I am in a wonderful place and I am happy, even though I miss them tonnes. A little slice of m life to do us until we can see each other again!

  52. leila

    Oh, my goodness. This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen. What inspiration! And I love the ideas that some of the commenters have made, too. I would make a book for my baby, I think maybe about virtues and how she displays them (Courtesy! Saying “please” and “thank you”! Assertiveness! Telling me what’s on her mind! Kindness! Taking care of an animal. Courage! Her trying something new, etc.)

    Thank you so much for this lovely idea.

  53. Aimee

    I would make a book of photos of my cat, Delta, unhappily wearing various handknitted items (knitted by me, obvs)

    …how can you tell I don’t have kids yet? Ha!

  54. Toni

    I would love to make a photo book of this, the most glorious and stressful summer of my life! 10 weddings down ONE more to go!!!

  55. Leah

    Love your book! Funny – just tonight I saw a book my friend made for her husband, also from Shutterfly. Kismet? Maybe! Hopefully it means I’m lucky this time.

  56. Atsuko

    I love the questions you pose to your readers. At this point I’d probably just make a book of my son’s life so far. Or, maybe, in an attempt to teach him to stop relying on “Da!” and pointing, I’d make a book of simple words like the one in this post.

  57. Rose

    A Year in the Life of … our first child – I’ve been taking a picture a day since she was born & would love to compile it in a book for her to have some day. Love the other ideas you & others have shared!

  58. Marie

    A book of colors where the pictures are of my son’s favorite things, green:grass in the garden, brown:rasin, blue:backpack and so on
    Also, Maggie, will you please tell Shutterfly to begin offering board books. Paper is so flimsy when you are a toddler with a firm grip.

  59. Laura

    I would make one for my dad about our trip to Longwood gardens. He picked up every seed off the ground and kept them in a little handkerchief in his pocket. At the end of the day, he could name every one of the seeds by their latin names.

    This is what happens when you take farmers off the farm!

  60. Beth

    Great contest! I’d make a book for my girls with photos of our Wisconsin relatives (we live in SC) so they can stay familiar between visits.

  61. Rachel

    I would use our photos from traveling (to Latin America, Egypt, various European countries, Israel/Palestine, and Malawi, Africa) to celebrate how different people are (*seem*) from around the world.

  62. Hala

    What a genius idea! I’d love the chance to win this – I’m getting married in November and I’d love to create a book of memories of myself and Taher, the love of my life, that will be a gift for both of us on our wedding day, filled with out moments together and quotes and phrases that mean a lot to us as a couple. I’d also use photos of both our families, just to how how much of a new unit we’ve become by taking this huge step together, and declaring our love so publicly. All sounds a little corny, I know, but it’s so not, it’s the most sincere, genuine feelings I’ve ever had, and the biggest most important thing in my life for me to believe in. Wow, didn’t know I’d come baring my soul :D

  63. Erin

    Love your book and would do a teaching book for my girls 3 1/2 months and 25 months. Letters, feelings, colors family relationships..ie auntie uncle cousin. Love your site, up for a midnight feeding with the little one and always happy to find a new post!

  64. Liz

    I’d love to make a book of my 15 month old girl and my 3 dogs. They are always together! I have so many great pictures of them all.

  65. Emily

    I have been wanting to make a photobook for my cousin’s wedding. It’s been a long time coming, and the bride and groom are so excited. I think it would be awesome if they both had a personal touch to add to their photo albums. Either that or create a story around Emma Faye, my niece!

  66. Elle

    I would like to make a Shutterfly book to give my parents. It will have pictures of a recent trip my husband and I went on. The conclusion will be ultrasound pictures of their first grandchild. They don’t know we’re pregnant, so it’s a pregnancy announcement of sorts.

  67. Amy Jo

    I’d love to make a book! I’m due with my 3rd in 6 weeks, and maybe I could make a gift for my other kids for when the baby arrives.

  68. traci

    Oooh, I would love to make a book. I use Shutterfly each Christmas to make my mother a book about Audrey (my 4 year old). It’s great, and so much more useful than just stray photos.

    I would make an Easy Reader about the pets that Audrey wants: “a black puppy, a cat, a guinea pig, mice (just one, she adds), and two sheep, a mama and a baby.” I have heard this list at least 4 or 5 times a day for the past couple weeks. I think she means it.

  69. HouseofJules

    I would love to make a travel book showing off some of the beautiful places in the world I’ve been lucky enough to see in person; although I don’t have kids of my own (yet), I often buy books for my friends’ little ones. It would be really fun to give them a book I made through Shutterfly!

  70. Lynn

    I’ve promised a self-made photo album to my parents and in-laws of photos from my recent wedding, and while I was planning to use the site Blurb like I have in the past, I’d love to try out Shutterfly!

  71. jami

    Ooh – we’ve been wanting to make a book about our summer – vacation, camp etc – I bought my son a camera for his 6th birthday (went ahead and got a decent one, not a kid specific one – just tried to choose something really sturdy – so far, so good) and he takes pictures all the time. It’s interesting to see his perspective, and he’d have a really good time putting a book together.

  72. divrchk

    I like to make a book every year summarizing the past year’s events. I’m not a scrap booker but I love these photo books.

  73. Heather

    I have first day of school pictures K-5th and am getting 6th next week. Her elementary school goes through sixth so after this year a new start. Would like to make a book of those photos.

  74. ladyloo

    Oh, my neice would love a book like this! Or maybe I’d actually put together the family cookbook I’m always thinking about.

  75. Melinda

    I would make a book about the friendship between my son Ian and his dog Mason. They are best buds and it would be fun to make a story out of our many pictures of them together.

  76. Bethany

    I’m not entering the contest, just commenting to say your book is BEAUTIFUL and made me cry.

  77. Erin K.

    I had a lot of photos from when my grandparents were young and dating, I’d like to make a book documenting how they met and their life together.

  78. Teresa

    I would either make a book for my nephew or for me and my boyfriend as a journey of our lives together.

  79. Emily

    I would love to make our wedding album like this. Especially since we did it all on the cheap (put together with spit and duct tape as I liked to say) to begin with!

  80. Alyia

    My best friend and I have known each other for 23 years, and she’s getting married in a few months. I’d love to recap our friendship in pictures as a special gift. I doubt she could forget the times we charged our parents money to come see the plays we’d written (read: improvised, badly) or how she looked when she broke her nose and had to play softball wearing a hockey mask, or how awesomely we rocked the tied-up t-shirts and tube socks in the early 90’s… but just in case, it’d be super cool to have a visual reminder.

  81. Carrie

    We live hundreds of miles away from both sides of our family, so I would make a book with pictures of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins that we only see once or twice a year for my younger children (5 and 2) to help them remember everyone.

  82. Claire

    I just got married on the beach and the awesome photographer gave us the disk with all of our pictures- I’d love to make up our wedding album!

  83. Alison

    I would make a book of old family photos. I’d like it to be the same format with the old picture corners, but without falling apart.

  84. Sheila

    Books! We love books! We can do it!
    (Your feelings book is such a fantastic idea– it will be hard not to just copy your idea. :) )

  85. Tammom

    I would like to make a book for my brother of photos I’ve collected of us as children. Our parents died when I was 11 (dad) and 12 (mom), and my siblings and myself were raised in separate states and on separate sides of the family.

  86. Lee

    I am co-director of a rescue group and I’d love to make one about our foster dogs past and present–how they come into our program all dirty and lonely and end up with great families.

  87. Sassafras Mama

    I’ll make a book about my son and his buddy Dominic. They’ve been friends since they were 3 and 1 1/2 and they go camping together every summer. At the ripe old ages of 9 and 7 they have loads of memories together.

  88. Catrina

    I LOVE Shutterfly books! I’d love to make a book for my son to help him learn to read using all of his favorite things around the house. The words would be spelled out using Scrabble letters (a great idea I picked up in a magazine somewhere). I’ve already started a list of familiar words for him.

  89. Beverly

    I would make a book about a recent trip to the Natural History Museum. Or make a book of my friend’s 4 yr old daughter’s artwork. She can give it to her parents and ditch the originals (there are hundreds of pages of her artwork – on walls, frigs, in binders, etc…).

  90. Lisa

    My 7 year old said, “I would take lots of pictures of my family and friends so I can remember what life was like this summer.” Oh, and his friend Troy who he is on the outs with? He would have a black page with frowny faces on it.

  91. Rossy

    Maggie that book is beautiful, both in sentiment and design. I would love to make a book for my nearly five year old explaining/reassuring that the one year old is not usurping her place in Mommy and Daddy’s hearts. Little sibling rivalry going on right now.

  92. Susan

    I would definitely make a family recipe book–all of my mother’s recipes (from her mother, grandmother, etc.) are scribbled in a falling apart volume of “The American Woman’s Cook Book,” and while I love it, I know it’ll disintegrate in the not so distant future, and I’d love to have a beautiful hardcopy.

  93. Sunny

    We live far away from all of our family and I’d like to make a photo book of all of my son’s relatives so we can have an easy and collective way to teach him everyone’s names. What a great giveaway!

  94. Danielle

    A plan is now in the works for my husband and I to have our first weekend away together since our daughter was born (she’s 21 months)! I would love to make a her book of all the people and things she loves and that make her smile, to keep with her while she has her first sleepover at Nana’s.

  95. Jaime

    I would like to make a photo book for my new born son about his Grandmother (my mom) who passed away before he was born.

  96. Jessica

    I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now – it’s such a great idea! Everyone on my side of the family lives far away, and I would love to do an alphabet book with pictures of them so he might recognize them when he does see them. A = Grandma holding an apple, B = Aunt Sara bouncing a ball, etc.

  97. Lora

    I’d make one about my anniversary trip to Hawai’i with my partner. This was last fall and I still haven’t sent out photos to relatives, and this would be the perfect way to make a gorgeous keepsake to share for years to come.

  98. Heather

    I love this idea! I’m an early childhood teacher, and children often have a hard time putting names to their emotions, so this is amazing!

    I’d love to make a book about my upcoming wedding. (9 days! Ahhh!) My fiance is from New Zealand, and we are getting married in Canada, so it would be a great thing to share with his family.

  99. Sarah Mags

    This is a brilliant idea. I teach kindergarten and would love to make a book with things around school that the kids recognize and follow up with a word wall in the classroom.

  100. Liz

    I love the idea of a book for my son’s upcoming 1st birthday, though we never did put together a wedding album from four years ago, so maybe winning would be a sign that I should buckle down and do it already.

  101. Bibs

    I’d love to make a photobook of pictures of my wedding for my mom. She designed the invites, the tables, all of the really cool stuff and I’d love to make her a book of all of her awesome accomplishments. (since it might be a little odd to frame photos of save the dates and hang them in her house.)

  102. Maura

    What a fabulous idea, Maggie. I’m totally doing that when we have kiddos. I’m still hankering to do the before and after book for our house renovations. Or, our wedding book, including scans of the little story cards people filled out about us in lieu of a guest book. People told great stories, gave cool advice, and drew fun pictures for us. Can’t wait to put them all together. Thanks! I lurve shutterfly, and of course your website(s). They make me happy on a regular basis. Thanks Maggie!

  103. Courtney P

    I have four kids, the oldest of them age eight and the youngest age three. I would love to create a book about the evolution of our family through pictures from the birth of the first to the third birthday of the last.

  104. Maggie

    I would make a book about a tiny boy and his relationship with his grandfather because the boy doesn’t have a daddy but that’s ok. Because his Poppy fills the void just fine and they are inseparable as Poppy teaches the little one about love, sharing, tools, reading and the bond between two men on each end of the spectrum called life.

  105. April

    I used Shutterfly to make a book about our dogs once. You’re right, it was super easy. If I win this, I’d make one for my parents, to thank for them for letting us squat on their land to build our tiny house and for everything else they do to help us out.

  106. Leigh

    Oh! I’ve been thinking about using an online service to make a book so this would be perfect (saving me lots of “research” time to find the perfect service). I’ve got so many ideas for different books… one for my son, one of my jewelry, one for my niece to help with her speech therapy, one of that trip to Europe a few years ago….

  107. Lisa

    I’m three months along with Baby #2 and I’d love to put together a little picture book of my pregnancy to share/give to my child. Photos of things I like, things I don’t like, weekly or monthly photos of my belly, etc.

    Kids always want to know what it was like when you were pregnant with them — this would do it in a fun and visual way.

  108. Aisha

    I would make a book documenting my summer – I made a mighty *summer* list, and I’d like to be able to look at what I did without having to open up my computer to do so. This summer has been about living a little more in the moment, something I don’t usually excel at, and a lot of that is thanks to you. Thank you Maggie, for being such an inspiration. :)

  109. isahrai

    After 5 years living out of the country, I have spent the past summer staying with friends while I reacclimate to life in the US. I’m a single 30-something and have always lived alone. Living with a family of 4 has been a shocking and shockingly wonderful experience. I’ve introduced them to new foods (they introduce me as their personal chef), I’ve shared my yoga practice with the girls and I have given the parents a bit of freedom with their built in babysitter. Meanwhile, they’ve taught me about compromise, sharing, patience and the joy that is Friday night singalongs. I would make a book of photos of our summer together so they could know how much this time as a member of a family has meant to me even as I’m getting ready to move across the country.

  110. Meredith

    My husband and I both have families that live all over the U.S. I’d love to make a photo book for my girls with ALL of their family members along with the good memories the girls have had with each relative.

  111. Jen

    I would love to make a keepsake book of my son’s achievements that took place in his first two years so he can see how much he’s changed. Thanks, Maggie!

  112. Jenny

    My daughter’s third birthday will coincide with the birth of her baby brother, so I want to make a book of her infant years to show her that she was once a tiny baby too. I’d probably tie in the alphabet somehow…

  113. Adrianne

    It would be about my relationship with my husband — starting with photos from when we went to college together, up through meeting each others’ families, and through our wedding and anniversaries.

  114. Andrea

    I’ve done two 365 projects, one for each of my children. I’ve always wanted to turn them into a book and this just might be my chance to do it!

  115. Laziza

    What perfect timing! My little one’s first birthday is coming up (sniff, sniff, but also: hurray!), and I’ve been planning to make him a personalized alphabet book with pictures of himself. A is for apple (him eating an apple), B is for ball (him playing with a ball), etc. Wish me luck!

  116. Bonnie

    Maggie, your book is fantastic; I would buy that that book for little kids I know.
    I have been planning to make a book, too. I’ve been building dioramas containing scenes from the life of a unusual woman I feel has been overlooked in history. I’m going to photograph the dioramas, and add text.

  117. Heather

    I’ve been meaning to make a “lifebook” for my newly-adopted son about his birthfamily and his time in foster care.

  118. Sarah

    This summer my 23 year old sister finished RN school, moved from NY to California took her boards and got a job and with her 2 year old son. She did it so her little boy would have a better life. I would make him a book of the family he left in NY and the adventures he’s had with his mommy this year.

  119. amy

    I’d make one about my summer vacation with 5 kids under 6 and my dad’s awful new wife. It would include photos of many kinds of cocktails and their recipes.

    (not really, just pictures of the kids being silly and my wonderful husband, sister, and brothers in law)

  120. Jen W.

    I would like to plagiarize your book, but replace “Hank” with “Ben”. But that would be wrong. So, a counting book for my son, using photos from family birthday parties to count from 1-20.

  121. valeri

    I’ve been talking about making a book about our family vacations for years. The photos just sit in my hard drive indefinitely. It’s very sad.

  122. elsie

    my book would be a birthday present for my daughter who turns 21 in October – a brief history of her amazing life so far…

  123. Hillary

    We live 1000 miles from all our closest relatives. I’d like to make a family book for The Boy and his soon-to-arrive baby brother, so they know who those weird people talking to them on the phone are.

  124. Mena

    I would make a book for my mother of her three grandchildren. She does so much for her children and grandchildren it would be nice to surprise her with a book like this!

  125. meg

    My 15-month-old has a large extended family and many loving grandparents and step-grandparents, but they all live hours and hours away. I’d like to create a photo book for her loved ones so that she begins to recognize their faces even when she doesn’t see them all that often.

  126. Truda

    I’d love to make a book for my in-laws. They just sponsored a lovely trip to the beach as a family reunion and we all had a magical time.

  127. Alison


    I recently made an ABC book for my son’s 2nd birthday with his favorite things. My older son is about to start kindergarten (!) and I’d love to make a book about of his years of preschool (I took pics of his art projects b/c we couldn’t keep everything)….and then start some tradition of making mini books for each year of school…since I don’t get around to printing out pics much anymore!

  128. Gaby

    I would love to make a book from our honeymoon pictures. We just celebrated our two year anniversary…the time is now.

  129. Shera

    I am getting married in 2 1/2 weeks and my future father-in-law is the photographer. I’d love to make a book of photos from the results!

  130. KC

    What a great idea! We’ve recently begun homeschooling the kids and I’d love to make a book chronicling their first year. :)

  131. Kristin

    LOVE this! Ugh, you’re such a darling mom. I just got married in January and I’d love to make a book of all the memories my now-husband and I have made together over the past 3 years. I never get around to printing digitals. Love this idea.

  132. juniper jane

    “The Many Adventures of Little Bear” chronicling what my son’s special toy does while Owen is at school…

  133. Megan

    I love your book for Hank! What a great idea!

    I would make a book of all the grandkids for my mom and give it to her for her upcoming birthday.

  134. Andrea

    Every year I make a summer vacation book for my three boys, they love it. School just started today so I will be needing to start that soon ;)

  135. Monika

    I’d like to make a book for my son who just turned four weeks yesterday. We take about 100 pictures of him a day (a result of both new parents and a new camera); a book would be rad.

  136. Susan

    I’d love to make a baby book for our little bundle-to-be, showing him all the relatives and pets by name. I think this idea is adorable!

  137. Kate Copeland

    I would like to make a photo album of my wedding! We tried to save a little cash on our day and didn’t get an album or even really good shots. We have been married 4 years now and we still don’t have an album, BUT coincidentally, I already made something on Shutterfly, but we can’t afford it right now. So if you were to grant me the code to get a free one, that would be amazing. Our next anniversary is Sept 17th… that would be a lovely gift for both of us

  138. Deb

    5 days a week I send our far away family an email containing a photo and a blurb about what our little mister’s been up to. I’d make a book outta that.

  139. Jessica Woodrow

    I would like to make a book of my first family vacation taken with my new step dad and step sisters.

  140. Stacy

    The book would be photos from our baby’s first year. We must have taken 5,000 photos of her, so I’d better start editing!

  141. Brandi

    a book of my 4 yr old and of my pregnant belly for my father who will have open heart bypass surgery tomorrow.

  142. cate

    i would like to make a book of pictures of our big family trip to ireland, when we got engaged. it was the first time our respective families met and our first step towards (what i hope is) forever. sadly, those photos are currently at the bottom of the rough seas of a dead hard drive, if that makes sense. if data retrieval works, i am printing everything. EVERYTHING.

  143. k

    I’ve been wanting to make a photo book of the visit we made to see some trains. It was a really good day for our little guy.

  144. Kimba

    I saw this book of hers, and am currently putting together objects to make my baby’s first book! I’d LOVE free printing. :)

    And I love the feelings idea – keeping it on file for later… :)

  145. Aleesahn

    I realize that Hank is a ways from preschool yet, but if you are considering making more books for him in the future I recommend a “daily routine” book for him to help with the transition. The idea is to photograph the stages of a typical day at preschool- wake up, breakfast, drive to school, drop off, circle time, play time, snack, nap, story time, pick up and go home. You take photos of him and the school and the teacher. The book can live in his cubby and he can look at it for reassurance when he’s missing you or feeling upset- where am I in the day now? What comes next? Mom comes to get me in the end, right? It can be a great way for children to self comfort throuh the transition of being away from home/Mom during the preschool day.
    Love your blog!

  146. Katherine

    Ooh! Ooh! I think I would make a book for big brother about the arrival of little brother (any day now)…..such a great idea about feelings/frustrations for toddlers too.

  147. jessica

    I would make a book for my husband of special moments with our son. He always says there aren’t enough photos of the two of them together, so I would enjoy collecting what we have in order to 1. prove him wrong or 2. realize I need to take more. And then of course there would be a great book to give him as he returns to the new fall teaching quarter.

  148. Dodi

    Oooh, hope I get a free one. My sister has already told me that for Christmas she only wants more photobooks from me. A few years ago I “helped” my then 7 year-old nephew make a book for his little brother. We both took pictures of little brother’s favorite things and used some favorite pictures of each family member. The 7 year-old dictated the captions. It turned out great and gets read now almost every day. I’ve already started choosing photos and trying to figure out how many books I can afford to make.

  149. Liz Rogers

    A number book, 1 – 12, for my son’s first year. A picture to identify each month and a large number on the facing page! How delightful! Shutterfly is great!

  150. Nikki

    I would love to make a book with pictures from the first year of my son’s life. And an ABC book. And a counting book… I could keep going… Pick me! :)

  151. Katie P.

    I’ve been living in Pittsburgh for 2 years now, and my entire family is in Virginia. I would like to make a book about this city to send to them. :]

  152. Kriss

    My son’s first birthday is August 27th, and I’d love to do a photo book of the past year.

    We struggled with infertility for seven years, and I’m so grateful he finally found us. I already know what the first page would say:

    “Once upon a midnight star,
    I made a wish and you came true.”

  153. Kathleen

    I would make the sequel to my son’s first Shutterfly photobook, entitled “The Early Years”. This one would be on “The Toddler Years”, and winning a free code would help motivate me to get off my butt and actually make it before he becomes an adult.

  154. Ruca

    My youngest is about to turn one and her older sister is two and a half, time seems to be whizzing by! Reading is MEGA important in our family and I would love to make the girls a book that we could read filled with pictures of them-something that would be super special. Your book with the emotion pairings is a great idea!

  155. Jenni

    Your book for Hank is creative, inspiring and so awesome. I’ve been wanting to print out a book with some of my favorite photo (that I’ve shoot) and some quotes and facts that I’ve come to adore. This would be the perfect opportunity to do that as well as come in handy in the future should I need to show someone my “portfolio” hard copy, rather than just having a bunch of prints.

  156. Pam

    We just had a baby three months ago, so I would make a book of pictures of people who love her, whom she doesn’t get to see very often.

    Great ideas!

  157. Catherine

    I would make a book to celebrate the summer that just ended. It was fun and relaxing and I truly gave myself some time off. I don’t want to forget how important that is!

  158. Becky

    I would love to make my 1.5 year old son a book about his family members. Most of my family is in Alaska and my husband’s family is all in Puerto Rico. I don’t want him to forget our loved ones just because we’re in Ohio!

  159. Rebecca

    I’d love to make a book of our photos from our travels. My husband and I have been together for 3 years, and have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit in that time. It’s fun to look back, and fun to look ahead to places we want to go next.

  160. Jennifluff

    What an adorable idea! After lots of thought, I would make a book for my husband. He’s an ultramarathon runner who’s going to run his first 100 mile race in 11 days (He does this all in a row. He’s hoping to complete it in less than 24 hours. Its so insane!). I’d like to make a book documenting all the races he did that led up to this point. Its a lot. I think it would be something good for our kids/family to see!

    Thanks again for the inspiration Maggie.

  161. Desiree

    hmmm….for some reason your photos aren’t uploading for me. anyone else experiencing this problem?

    i would make a book that illustrates the various ways i’ve learned to stay upbeat and enjoy my nonmaterial blessings since i was laid off from my nonprofit job in february.

    going from having an expendable income and little free time versus virtually no income and nothing but time is like walking on a route you usually drive–the world opens itself up for you in entirely different ways. there are plenty of sleepless what the f*** am i going to do nights, but this is countered by nonmaterial blessings i never would have experienced otherwise.

  162. Alicia

    I might just make a book similar to Sarah’s. I love the idea. That or chronicle the 1,600 mile road trip I just took with my husband. Whew!

  163. Emily D.

    I would finally make a wedding album. I have the photos, but I’ve slacked on this for 3 and a half years!

  164. Sarah

    Id love to win this for a friend who has a new baby. I’m sure she’d do something really cool with a photobook for her little one!

  165. Kim

    I’d love to make a book covering the work I did for my summer internship. It would be a great tool for presentations!

  166. boojumama

    so many great ideas, so little time… i think a fun “color-ing book” using photos of everyday (or not) things to illustrate colors… a little red barn for red, amazing deep blue colorado sky for blue, bright yellow sunflower for yellow… even more fun if the little monkeys are part of the photo-gathering expeditions.

  167. Carolynn

    We just moved back from Australia where we lived for 2 years. I would make a book of our fav moments “down under”!

  168. Megan

    I’ve been with my partner for over 7 years and we don’t have a single photo album (almost all of our photos are on our computers). So, I’d make a “best of” album, including photos from our high school prom night to his proposal in Florence.

  169. amy

    I would make a book for my twin daughters (11). It would express how wonderful they are and why I think they are so great. An empowering book!

  170. Ellen

    Love this! Very cool. I have a few ideas up my sleeve as to what kind of book to do. Love what you’ve done for Hank. :)

  171. Hillary

    I would make a personalized words book like the one Sarah made. I have a kindergarten friend who doesn’t seem in the least bit interested in reading…maybe a book with personalized pictures would trigger something.

  172. Stacey

    I’d make a book about my daughters’ first year with their puppy! I’ve got some adorable shots that need to be viewed somewhere other than my computer!

  173. Stella

    Well, I don’t have kids so that’s out of the question. But I’ve been thinking about giving my parents a book made out of pictures featuring our life as a family. Since I’m the only child and I’ll soon be moving out (don’t ask, it’s a Hispanic thing), maybe that will lessen the empty nest syndrome.

    If not that, a book that illustrates my boyfriend and I’s relationship for the additional 3 out of 4 years we’d been together. I made him a book for our first anniversary, but haven’t repeated it since.

  174. elisabeth

    I love this! What a fabulous idea. It would be great to have a book like this in my preschool classroom. We’re all about social-emotional development!

  175. Kari

    I’d make a book for my one year old daughter of all the family that lives so far away. Each set of grandparents (4 in total) live in a different state and the few times we’ve seen them, she cries and cries over these “strangers” in our house. I’d love for her to have a book she can look at with all the grandma’s and grandpa’s that love her so much!

  176. Clarissa

    I counsel young kids and would love to use this to provide a personalized feelings and coping book as a parting gift at the end of treatment!

  177. stefanie

    I love this. The pictures and corresponding text you chose are fantastic. Also, I can’t believe how big he is already! (You don’t know me, and neither does Hank, of course, but I remember when he was born. Could it be that long ago already?? Time flies. Anyway, he is adorable.)

  178. Amy

    I would love to make my husband a book of our first year of marriage. Our 1st anniversary will be on September 3rd!

  179. Pattie

    Since my new baby niece lives in Cleveland and everyone she knows is in Chicago. I’d love to send her a book with pictures of everyone in Chicago telling her how much they love her.

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  181. Onbeelay

    I would like to win a code to make a book for my child’s 2nd Mom, the woman who watches him daily so we can work. She treats him like part of the family and she’s giving it all up to go back to school and become a nurse at 35! She has a blog I’d LOVE to make a book out of for her so she can remember my son and the lives of all the children (and parents!) That she touched by opening her heart as well as her home.

  182. Nikki

    I’d make a photo album from our family vacation on Cape Cod for my mother-in-laws 70th birthday. I got some great photos of the grandkids!

  183. bridget

    I’d make a album of our recent 10yr anniversary. It was more wonderful than our first ceremony this time with our children included. Gosh I never comment but read faithfully and inspired regularly. THanks maggie!

  184. tinyzero

    My boyfriend and are building a house this year (with our own two (four?) hands!) — I’d love to make a book of the experience from beginning to end…

  185. Nicole

    I adore that first word book and your book of feelings is adorable. I made an ABC book of my oldest son’s favourite things last year and I would love to do the same for my baby.

  186. Sarah

    What a fabulous idea. I think I would make a book of my various hiking trips. Either that or it would be full of pictures of my recently departed beloved dog.

  187. Beth

    I’ve been interning at the Oakland Zoo this summer and I was already thinking about making a book for them with the pictures I’ve taken of the animals I work with. This would certainly help!

  188. Sarah

    I would create a book to showcase all the really cool places we went to on the Central European Road Trip we did with my parents this summer!

  189. Kate

    I would like to FINALLY gather all the photos my mom took on the first day of school. I have two siblings, so that means three kids, times twelve years of school…. not a project she’s organized into book form yet, and I know she’s wanted something like this since the oldest started kindergarten.

    At the end, I’d like to put a picture of a pregnancy test or an ultrasound to tell her she’s going to be a grandmother for the first time and gets to relive all those first days of school again :) Surprise!

  190. Kelly Hall

    I made a First Year book for each of my 2 biological children documenting highlights of their first year of life. We now have a 13 yr old foster child (with plans to adopt) and I would like to make a First Year book for him as well with fun times from his first year as part of our family.

  191. Emma

    I’d like to make a book about family for my 2 little boys (2 1/2 and 10 months). They have 2 half-sister (11 and 13) that they don’t see very often and it’s very confusing for them. They love and miss their “sissies!”

  192. Sally

    My three-and-a-half year old boy has no concept of time. Things that happened a week ago, five minutes ago, two days ago, four months ago… they all happened “last week” to him. No matter what it is, he will say, “Mummy remember last week when…”

    I would like to make a book that will help him learn more about time frames. I don’t know how… But gee that would be a great challenge I would love to take on!

  193. Erika

    I just spent two months in Southeast Asia with a French man I met in Madrid two years ago. We met randomly at a hostel and keep in loose touch for two years until he visited me in Tokyo this February. It would have been impossible to imagine that after two years we’d meet up again, travel together and fall in love, but we did. With the Shutterfly photo book I would print the photos from that trip to have as a memory. Although it was magical to be with him and magical to have that time together, he lives in France and I’ll be heading to the US to find a job (Ha. Ha.).

    It’d be great to have an album of memories in case that trip was the first, and possibly last, trip we had together.

  194. Cate

    I would like to make a book of my 1 year old daughter at mealtime. She relishes all kinds of food and I’ve got some great shots of everything from a blueberry-glazed child to her hair spiked with cheerios.

  195. heather

    i would love to finally have a wedding album. our photographer provided us with proofs and then promptly folded the business, leaving us with an album unfinished – heck, not really even started. anyway, we’re approaching our 13th anniversary and i figure it’s about time to put an album together.

  196. Kelly

    I would make a book for my 3 year old daughter Erica, who has been insulin dependent since 20 months old, and now is off needles and wears an insulin pump. It would be for her daycare to show workers and the kids that some things affect Erica and action has to be taken..but she can do all the same things anyone else can do. It would be a decision-style book where the child/adult would see the picture and shout out what action needs to be taken. Erica eating cupcakes? Insulin! Erica feeling tired and laying down? Check blood and Juice! And pictures of her getting her blood taken so not to make it scary, etc.
    I think this would not only be a non-scary resource for the daycare and temporary staff, but a special way to normalize a difficult situation for her and her caregivers, not to mention a snapshot of her time as a young child with this condition. If it turned out really awesome I’d also donate a copy to the pediatric diabetes unit for other young children who are diagnosed.

  197. Emily

    there is nothing my son loves more than lining up his animals in a “parade”…so I’d love to capture that and make a story about it!

  198. tasha

    I would like to make a book for my 1 year old son that has all his relatives in it. We live so far away that I want to make sure he reognizes each and everyone of them and feels connected in some way to our extended (large) family.

  199. Amy

    Cool! I’ve been thinking I should make a book of my trip to Swaziland this summer. I’ve been comparing options and am frozen by indecisiveness.

  200. Judi

    I got married in May, and was planning on doing a “story of our wedding” book for my flower girl & ring bearer. This would be perfect!

  201. Beth

    I’d love to make a book for my baby charting her journey here – photos of her parents, my pregnancy, her first days, etc.

  202. Amy in KC

    I will make a book of my 3.5 year old twin boys, and the most amazing summer we have had this year doing fun, free things close to home.

  203. Carly

    My son absolutely loves books. He knows his ABC’s and is now trying to learn to read words. I would make a word book using the words and pictures from some of his favorite books (of which he has a ton!)

  204. pam

    My son just started K5 (sniff, sniff.) I would love to make a book about his first day/week of school!

  205. KC

    I’d love to make a book for my daughter’s grandparents that depicts the many memories they’ve already shared together in her 18 months as part of our family. Shutterfly would make out on this deal b/c I’m sure I’d be buying copies for me, her other grandparents, her aunts…

  206. Monica

    I don’t scrapbook and I’m not very good about updating my family blog. I want to start making one book every year for the family. Then if grandparents want to order a copy it’s like instant Christmas present. :)

  207. Shay

    I love the feelings book! What a perfect learning tool. Awesome idea.

    I’d love to make a baby book using the photos that we’ve taken this year, creating a story of the things she’s done and accomplished. I’d also include the items that she began using and the signs that she’s using next to the object!

  208. Hesper

    I would like to make a book for the family. I know that my step-sons (who are with us only part-time) would love to be included in something like that. They’re adjusting to having a 4-mont-old half-brother around the house and I know it would please them!

  209. Judy

    My boyfriend is really getting kick by life – I would love to do a fun book for him with some happy times just to remind him to hang in there!

  210. Jennifer

    My husband and I had a great first date – a trip to South Africa. We took a million photos that are now sitting on a hard drive doing no one any good. I’d like to make a book about this trip as an anniversary present for him.

  211. Andrea

    I would love to make my sister a book of photographs Ifrom our trip to New Zealand – she lost all of hers!

  212. Amy

    I would love to make a book for my son who is on the autism spectrum. He has difficulty identifying and naming emotions for himself and other people so this would be just the ticket for him. I think I’ll make one even if I don’t win one for free :) Thanks for the idea.

  213. emily

    Now that both of my husband’s paternal grandparents have died I would love to make a photobook of them for my kids to use to remember them. We inherited many pictures of them when they were younger, and I would like to be able to include those with some pictures of them with the kids.

  214. amber

    I’d either make a book of my nature photography or a book commemorating this past summer with my husband and two little girls. We’ve had so much fun!

  215. Linnea Krizsan

    we live in denver surrounded by mountains but no water. every summer we venture to the coasts and soak up the sea. i would make a photo book with images of the sea, sea shells, boats, my boys lounging in the surf, running on the beach…so they could keep the sea with them all year in denver.

  216. Jennifer

    I’d love to make a book for my fiance’s birthday, showing off my new photo editing skills thanks to the software he bought me for *my* birthday. It’d also be a fun keepsake as we head into the insanity of wedding planning.

  217. Vicki

    I would like to make a “See Spot Run” type book, except with my Boston Terrier, Lola, as the star.
    (See my blog, queenofsmalladventures.com for pics of Lola; Adventures at the Dog Park entry).

  218. tracylea

    this idea is amazing! My daughter, Aurora -3.5 y/o- is a mighty girl, too! She is incredibly independent and dramatic. I’d love to put together a book of all of our fun costumes (from our crocheted mermaid tails to zombies – she does an amazing green and red zombie makeup) to remind her as she grows that all we need for a little adventure is a scarf and our imagination.

  219. tracylea

    PS : Kelly (#270) this is an amazing idea! I think pediatricians would really appreciate it, not to mention all the other parents coping with similar issues! Hope your might idea makes it!

  220. Kristin

    Such a great idea! I would love to make a book for my 14-month-old of all of her family members. She is obsessed with books lately, and especially loves books with photos in them.

  221. Brittney

    I’d like to make a book of colors for my daughter using things in our yard- finding all the colors in nature.

  222. Kate

    The story book is a great idea. I’d make a couple of copies – one to read to my son, and one for my mom to enjoy.

  223. Jessica

    I’d love to print a book for our daughter Violet (born in July, 09) with photos of her family. We’re stationed at a base in southern California (my husband is a Marine) and our families are spread across New England and the Midwest.

    They all get to see picture of her online, but it would be wonderful to have a book that shows her who all the people who love her!

  224. Elis

    My husband’s mother moved suddenly out of the house they shared when he finished college, leaving him with all his (unorganized) baby photos. I would love to scan in some of those and pair them with photos of him as an adult, to give them the reverential display they deserve.

  225. Mutt

    I would make a family book. The kids love looking at pictures of various family members doing fun activities with them. “there’s me with Grandpa”

  226. Leah

    I’d love to make a book of family vacations for my family. We live scattered across the country now, and it’s good to remind ourselves of good times we’ve had together.

  227. Laura

    I don’t have any children but I would love to make such a nice book with pictures of my friends and families and all the great memories we have had!

  228. EmJay

    Grandma “O” (my mom) just turned 93 years old. She is in assisted living and can’t travel. We three kids (& our families) live far away and don’t see her very often, but we had a mini family reunion for this special day. The photos would be a wonderful keepsake in book form — who knows if she will even be here next year?

  229. Olivia

    My nephew is going to become a big brother near the end of the year, so I’d love to do some kind of photo book for him. I know he’ll probably have a tough time adjusting to a new baby, so it would be nice to have something special, just for him. He’s also starting to learn to read. I like the idea of something that helps him learn new words and is also personalized with pictures of people and places he knows. Your book for Hank is so adorable. Well done!

  230. Gill

    I want to make a book for my son and his 5 cousins (all under 3 years who live in 4 different cities across the US/Canada) which uses pictures of their parents and the cousins together over the past couple of years to teach them the alphabet

  231. Melissa Wilder

    I would love to make a book for my daughter and have been contemplating doing one for some time now. So many photos, so many choices. I have narrowed it down to a book about herself based on the alphabet- one page for every letter. OR, I would like to do a family book for her because lots of family members live very far away from us. Thanks!

  232. rebecca c

    I want to make my son a book to take to daycare that shows him “Where is mommy?” with a pic of mammy at her office and “where is daddy” etc, complete with “Where is Bandito?” (the cat, sleeping on the bed)…I though this would help with separation anxiety and now he’s old enough to think it would be cool for show and tell.

  233. Brynne

    I think I would like to make a book for my mom with pictures of the two of us on our many adventures. Or I would make a book for my best friend to celebrate her daughter turning 5 in October.

  234. In Due Time

    I’ve always wanted to make a book like that. I’ll probably make one of my nieces pictures to give to her mom since she doesn’t have that many pictures of her.

  235. Megan

    I’d love to make a book for my daughter with pictures of her with all of our family and friends. So much love to document!

  236. Stephanie

    I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant and would like to make a book for my Poppyseed about all the ways I already love him/her.

  237. Sherry

    I’d make one of my favorite photos I’ve shot on the digital camera I’ve owned for a couple of years.

  238. Melinda

    I would like to make a special book of pictures of my second child to try to avoid the slight that inevitably happens.

  239. Joanne

    Your book is inspiring. I would like to make one that encourages and celebrates the (mostly) loving relationship between my 3-year-old and 1.5-year-old daughters.

  240. Tracy

    I love Shutterfly books! I did a “test” of a day we spent enjoying NYC and was super-pleased with the result. If I win, I am definitely doing my wedding weekend photos. Thanks for the opportunity and thanks to Shutterfly!

  241. Nicole

    I’d make a before-and-after remodel book. It would be sublime on the coffee table in the living room of the finished product!

  242. Nancy R

    I’d go with my family vacation with the in-laws…and the 24th is my birthday, maybe it will bring me luck! I love Shutterfly.

  243. Sheila

    I am going to San Juan and Vieques in September. I would love to make a book of that vacation.

  244. Ami

    I’d make a book of our family members and other everyday objects to help my 2.5 year old understand how people and things often go by two different names, e.g., “grandma” is also “marie,” “papa” is also “howard,” and “kitty” is also “cat.” He is very confused when I change names on him.

  245. LauraJ

    I used Shutterfly to make photobooks of my wedding for my parents and in-laws, and they were fabulous! I love your idea of making a photobook to teach your kids words. As an up-and-coming counselor, I especially love the idea of teaching them about feelings and emotional/relational needs. :) Hank is a lucky little guy. :)

  246. Gabby

    Oo cool idea! I think it would be neat to take some old family photos, sketch them out, and then use the sketches instead of photos for a scrapbook type book.

  247. Sandy

    I would like to make a photo book about my sister and her fiancee’s lives and give it to them as an engagement gift.

    I also love your book about Hank, it’s very very cute!

    Thank you for the opportunity, Maggie.

  248. Krysta

    I’d make a book of my photos from an online photo project called Ten on Ten(tenontenphotojournal.blogspot.com). On the 10th of every month, take 10 photos, one every hour, for 10 consecutive hours…it’s a really fun way to practice photography and get a snapshot of life every month :)

    Thanks for such a fun drawing! :) And loved your book!

  249. Mevr. Haus

    I’d like to make a photobook for my parents, who are well into their eighties. We’ve been living in Europe for over five years, as my same sex spouse is an EU citizen, so California is not an option. We moved to Holland a year ago, and I would love to send a book of our photos of our ‘new country’ to my mother for her upcoming birthday.

  250. Mandi

    My youngest daughter leaves for college soon. I would like to make a memory book for her and her sister.

  251. Fritz

    i would like to make a book for my soon to be husbands wedding present, using the first emails we sent to each other and photos from our amazing vacations with family and friends!

  252. Marie Green

    Ooo, I would love to win… I make a Shutterfly book every Christmas for all of our parents and grandparents, but I never order one for myself. I’d love to make one for our family to enjoy.

  253. Curiosity

    Oooo! What a wonderful idea – filed away for future children and/or baby gifts for friends.

    I would love a free photobook. I had been meaning to put together a record of all of the preparations for our wedding, but life hit (as it tends to), and I never managed to get it done. I had actually pre-paid for it too, and don’t have the budget now (sigh). Would love the chance to get it done anyway.

  254. Annabelle

    I shall make an alphabet book. And a book with pictures of the relatives that live far away (with their names). And I shall make a numbers book. Now that the little munchkin can handle books with pages (not board books) the world is my oyster.

  255. Catherine

    I have created several photo books of all our memories since having our son. I should really look into buying some shutterfly stock at this point. This type of ABC book is defintely on my to do list what a cool idea.

  256. Rachael

    I’d like to make a book for my twins, detailing the fun things they are doing/learning together.

  257. Jen Diamond

    I would make a book of our summer vacations with recipes for my grandparents. We’ve been doing it for 30 years.

  258. Miss Pamela

    I’ve been wanting to make a photo book about my father (deceased) to share with my two nieces and my nephew who never met him. He was a jolly man who loved children, and I want these children to know that their grandfather would have adored them.

  259. jana

    I LOVE Shutterfly! And I’ve been wanting to make a book about our family members for my kids. We don’t live close to grandparents, uncles and aunts, so a reminder with photos would be wonderful.

  260. Amy

    Adorable book! Yes, these things take waaaaaaay longer than you ever expect. I’ve made a few of them. I’d love the chance to do one for free though!

  261. Rachel

    In two weeks I’m moving to San Francisco from Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve lived in Madison my entire life so the entire contents of Niagra Falls will probably leak down my cheeks as I drive away. I’d love to make a book about my favorite things in Madison, to look at when I feel homesick.

  262. brooklyn

    i’ve been designing a “life book” to illustrate where my son was adopted from, including many of his birth relatives. He’s 18 months now and i’d like to begin introducing the concept of his birth family to him. a free book from shutterfly would be awesome!

  263. W-

    My babe is really into faces, so I think I’d make a book of all the important people in his life, with their favorite things.

  264. meghan

    i’d finally make that book of honeymoon pictures that i’ve been stalling for a year on. no kids to make books for yet!

  265. The other Margaret

    I’ve been telling Isabel for nearly 7 years that I’ll make her baby book. I have all the text and photos, but haven’t found the time to put the damned thing together. I will, for her 7th birthday, on Oct 24th.

  266. Melissa Tison

    I’m getting excited thinking our son would love to make a book of all the photos he has taken. We let him snap shots with our digital camera (his framing skills aren’t bad either). I would love for him to tell us with pictures and words what is important to him at three years old. We’ve recently moved to Norway from Texas, and I think it would be lovely for Alec to have a place where his old home can be remembered and his new home cherished.

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  268. Karen G.

    I would love to do this for my 2 1/2 year old son who is also very interested in emotions. What an excellent idea.

  269. Holly

    I would love to make a book of my new baby once he arrives in the next couple weeks. My husband’s father has a terminal illness that means he won’t be able to travel to meet the new little guy, so sending a book of pictures would be a great way to introduce them.

  270. Karen

    I would like to make a book to remind myself of how far I’ve come…. Hank’s Book of Feelings was inspiring… Maybe it IS ok to try it….

  271. Charise

    I am just about to start making our wedding guest book using engagement photos, and shutterfly is one of the sites I am looking into, so this would be perfect!

  272. Leah

    I’d love to make a book out of photos from my son’s three-month-old portrait session. (My son was three months old, that is.) We are lucky enough to be friends with Sean Slinsky, an amazing photographer (and beau of an amazing blogger!), so we traded him a portrait session for supplying the music system at his upcoming wedding. Hooray for music, weddings, friends, babies, and photo books!

  273. Sarah

    I’d make a book about families – so my two munchkins can appreciate their relationship to the rest of our spread out clan.

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