Twitter as it Relates to This Internet Website

18th August 2009


Hello. Do you know I’m on Twitter? If not, you should follow me here. I am not noisy.

Also, if you use Twitter to keep up with your favorite sites, and you’d like to know when I’ve posted here, on Mighty Goods, or elsewhere, you should follow me here too.

The first account is mostly for original content and the occasional post of which I am very proud (I’ve sent you my clippings, Mrs. Tenenbaum!), the second is an automatic feed I just set up to update when I’ve posted.

In conclusion, follow me, my friends. I will not lead you astray.

10 thoughts on “Twitter as it Relates to This Internet Website

  1. bethany actually

    I do believe you were the first person I knew of who mentioned twitter on her blog, which is when I signed up over two years ago. And I’ve never even thanked you, how rude of me. So…thanks, Maggie. ;-)

  2. Karen (Miscellaneous Mum)

    I actually wanted to DM you this week on Twitter to say how much I’ve been enjoying your blog lately (the tap dancing post was amazing), but you have that disabled, and I can see why.

    But then I didn’t need to I guess because I just said it :)

    (If that makes sense..!)


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