15th July 2009

Puerto Rico was warm, and fun, and happy. It’s not tough to make Melissa laugh, and I’m an easy audience myself, so the sensation of coughing up aspirated Coca-Cola will forever remind me of Old San Juan.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about swimming with the glowing plankton (amazing), but for now I’m cuddling my kid and marveling at how much extra weight you can pack on in a single week of cheese fries for breakfast. Who knew?

In other news, Melissa’s luggage was lost againon the way home. Bwah? Melissa refuses to own more than ten items of clothing at once, so the universe is trying to shove her headfirst at the nearest Old Navy. The universe obviously doesn’t know Melissa’s will, or how particular she is about her T-shirts. She’s wearing wool in July while she waits. Melissa, our thoughts are with you.

Intel is making my site more interesting by sponsoring my Mighty Life List over the next few months. They paid for my trip to Puerto Rico, which was just as good as it sounds. Thanks, Intel.

12 thoughts on “Home

  1. brooklyn

    i miss the old mighty girl…what’s all this waiting days for an update? please tell soon of the plankton and what’s next to come on mighty’s life list–please?

  2. Renee

    I’ve only recently started reading your blog, but I love it! What a great way to spend your life. Right now, I can only dream about traveling the world and crossing things off of my list, but I will make it happen one day!

  3. Jan

    So… were you able to sound a few notes on the conch shell? It does look like you were exerting the required effort, but the things can be tricky.

    Can’t wait to read about the plankton! (Now there’s a sentence I might never have uttered in my whole life, were it not for MightyGirl!)

  4. Erin

    I hate to be a stickler here, but you weren’t going to get anything out of that conch by blowing on it from that end! To get a conch to “play” you have to break or cut the tip off the other end (the end with the pointy tip) and then blow into it like a trumpet.

    Sorry, we live in the Bahamas and I just couldn’t let that go!

  5. cousin Colleen

    Tell Melissa that’s what all those old t-shirts from races and old employers are for! (Just recently discarded my 1984 Bay to Breakers shirt. Oh, the cars I washed, and walls I painted wearing that thing! NOTHING better than an old Bay to Breakers Tee!!)

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