4 thoughts on “Computers Should be More Like Bicycles

  1. Meg

    Because I am a paranoid person (even on behalf of others) I’m ever so slightly freaked that I know where you work. I mean, I’ll just think happy thoughts your way when I shop for kids toys for kids I don’t have (I don’t really do bikes) but still. I’m registering a iota of concern. Maybe take down the direct link?

    Please don’t think I’m a freak for personal safety (which should be the name of a urban women’s self defense class).


  2. EricaLucci

    I love the idea of making computers more like bikes. One of the things I really like about bikes is how easy they are to work on myself. Wouldn’t it be nice if laptops were like that? I remember the good old days when I wouldn’t hesitate to pop open my tower and replace the video card or add some memory. I’m way too scared to even think about opening my laptop.

    My personally customized bike: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ericalucci/3326938967

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