I Got Your Dad a Present

10th June 2009

I got a Father’s Day gift for your dad. But why am I buying stuff for your dad? It’s not what you think! We’re just good friends.

Actually, I’ve been meaning to make little surprises for you guys for years, but it’s kind of labor intensive, and expensive, and I suck at errands, and there’s a lot of reality TV between me and my grand ideas. You understand. I finally got my act together because Sandisk slotRadio offered to foot the bill for my theme-gifts project, as long as they got to pick the themes. Of course, they threw in some slotRadios too. Sweet.

They picked Father’s Day, so I made a Lazy Sunday Kit, which contains restful things. Would you like to know what’s in it? Yes:

The Aforementioned slotRadio
It’s like a walkman, but instead of CDs or tapes, you put in a little memory card that comes preloaded with music you didn’t have to download. This one comes with 1,000 Billboard songs, but you can buy other cards if you like. Also, there’s room for you to upload your own mixes if you want to hear something that’s not on the card.

A One-Year Subscription to The Week Magazine
I’ve told you about this epic magazine before on The Morning News. Here’s what I said:

The Week is a news digest for the impatient and globally curious. Say you had a genius friend who read three-dozen of the world’s best newspapers every day. Then say that friend agreed to write a summary for you featuring all the best stuff he found on every subject.

That’s The Week—excerpts from the top columns, news articles, business deals, real estate, gossip, and even TV listings. Best of all, it’s slim enough to fold in half and read during one good, long soak in the tub. You’ll emerge wrinkled, but utterly prepared for the most arduous cocktail party.

Warning! This will be shipped to whatever address the winner provides. So you’ll need to think really hard about how much your dad means to you.

Oxo No-Spill Travel Mug
A travel mug with an agreeable clicky button on the top that opens and closes the cup when you press it. You could practically throw the thing in a bag and it wouldn’t spill. Genius. Now dad can read his magazine anywhere he wants.

The Perfect Cube Silicone Ice Cube Trays

These make excellent, perfectly cubular ice cubes. I’m including these instead of a bottle of bourbon, because I technically have no idea who you are. You could be like sixteen, and Bam! You’re corrupted. Suddenly I’m a corruptor. Anyway, please use these perfect ice cubes in the tasty beverage of your choice — cocktail or otherwise. Kids, stay away from drugs.

Now, isn’t that a nice present? I think so too. I spent a lot of time agonizing at the mall today. Anyway, if you want it, or your dad does, here’s the deal. First you have to live in the continental U.S. or Canada. If you do, please leave a comment below about the ideal Father’s Day gift. Be sure to include your email address in the field provided (so I can reach you if you win) by June 12, 2009 at 12 a.m. EST. Just one comment, please. I have to delete duplicates for fairness. Random.org will decide who wins, and I’ll contact the lucky via email. I’ll also tell you who won here.

So, ready? Best Father’s Day Gift on record? Aaaand go!

370 thoughts on “I Got Your Dad a Present

  1. MissusB

    The ideal Father’s Day gift for my dad would be to get up early, take him to breakfast and then spend the day fly fishing with him. When we are done fishing, we’ll stop at the tavern that’s by the river and have a burger and a beer. Heck, that’s a great day for me too! Love you Dad.

  2. Alison

    I just finished buying hubby’s Father’s Day gift, one that does not involve pictures of the kids (!)…but since his bday is rapidly approaching I could certainly use two gifts! Intrigued by the idea of the music device. Is it terrible that I actually want these things for myself? Best father’s day gift: A fantastic wife & mother to the kiddos!

  3. wendy

    when i was little my dad would read to us every night. a few years ago i found a father’s day card that had an illustration of a father reading to his daughter in his lap. it’s sort of the worst present ever because i did no work at all, but the pair in the picture looked just the way that my dad and I look in my memory. the illustration captures the devotion and love that we fostered during those evening readings. he now has it hanging on his wall.

  4. Eilis

    We have continued my childhood tradition for Father’s Day…breakfast in bed, a homemade card, and a family outing. We’ve now got a 9 month old and a girl on the way…I’m looking forward to years of getting up and helping them make my husband breakfast in bed. :)

  5. Gina

    Still have my walkman. Really. But the slotradio thing is so 21st century. And my dad would like it too, I think.

  6. JennBo

    Ideally, I would live close enough to invite my father over for BBQ and then go golfing. I think those are his two favorite things.

  7. Betsey

    I wish I could surprise my dad by visiting him in Michigan for father’s day. I miss him and I’m 33.

  8. Annika

    Never mind my dad, I want this for me! (Maybe not the Billboard songs. But whatever.) Best father’s day ever was probably the one when my husband was a brand new dad. I have no idea what I gave him. It doesn’t matter.

  9. Beth C

    I’m lucky; my dad is an avid reader and so for most occasions I can find a book that he will like (something about history or politics will do) and if he can share the book with my brother or I and have a little impromptu book club afterwards – bonus!

  10. boredmando

    Mines not really a gift, but my ideal thing to do on fathers day would be to go fishing with my mom. My dad and I only talk about once a year now, but back when I was a kid, we’d go fishing, and my mom and I would sing out “Here fishy fishy fishy” like Ernie would, and dad would get totally mad. So I’d rather go fishing with just my mom.

  11. Donna

    Best Father’s day gift – was getting to spend the whole day with dad! The usual burnt toast and rubber eggs in the morning, then out to the shop where I’d hold the flashlight, pass tools and the like as dad explained what he was doing. I felt so important.

  12. Carrie

    Last year, I got my dad a bottle of Jamesome 12 Year Irish Whiskey. He would definitely tell you it’s the best gift. :)

  13. Sarah

    For my husband it would probably involve peach cobbler and not having to correct our children all day.

  14. Dirkey

    I’m lucky enough that my dad doesn’t usually want or ask for much. The ideal thing would probably be a bag of circus peanuts and a road trip to Gettysburg with my brothers and myself (he’s a civil war buff).

  15. Kate B.

    This will be my husband’s first Fathers’ Day. I have no idea what to give him. Crap.

  16. brigita

    The ideal father’s day gift for my dad would be for the Summer Olympics to be every year, with track and field events being aired for at least four hours every day. Dad would also love a gift certificate to an indie book seller that never ran out of $$, a month-long European vacation, and a totally tricked-out wine cellar.

    But really more than anything, he’d love for all three of us kids and our families to all be back home to hang out, watch sports, and drink wine. :)

  17. Mara

    I’d love to still have a dad to give a gift to :(…
    But hubby’s father’s day gift is some alone time with the computer. No sticky fingers, no nagging wife, no barking dog. There guy… you happy now?

  18. Sandra

    The ideal gift for my father? A second home up near me, as he’s been mulling that one over for the past few years. A second home, haha. Aim high right?

  19. Lindsay M

    While my father is not a man of alcoholic beverages, he is a man who enjoys a perfectly cubular iced cube, after all, who doesn’t?

  20. Elizabeth

    This is probably the craziest fathers day gift ever, but I’m seriously planning on having this done eventually.

    My dad is a computer geek – he got his first one in 1981 for $5000. It’s pretty much thanks to him that I’m as tech literate as I am, and I would love to have our old Apple II GS turned into a fishtank. We’ve talked about it in the past, all you do is clean out the guts and then have it fitted with a custom sized tank. I’m sure the cats would love it.

  21. Jeanmarie

    My father would love a day when everyone
    walked around telling him how smart, handsome, correct, wise, and useful he is –
    unfortunately, he is annoying, stubborn, self-righteous, rude, condescending and plain nasty….if I win, I get to keep it all just for continuing to let him be in my life!!

  22. Jennifer

    My dad’s idea of a perfect gift would be to wake up and find all of his girls (my mom, sister, me, and my daughter- his only first, and only grandchild at this point) ready to take him out to breakfast.

    My husband’s ideal Father’s Day gift would be breakfast out at a restaurant I would normally veto and then a day spent hanging out with me and our daughter. Pretty easy to please!

  23. Flora R.

    An ideal day for my dad would be going to an early music concert and then out after for Vietnamese… Sounds good to me too!

  24. jen t.

    the best gift for my dad would be for me to move back to my hometown (or at least within a few hours’ drive of it). the 3,000 miles between us bums him out.

    the second best gift would be for both of us to have the vacation days and/or cash required to visit more than once or twice a year.

  25. Ailidh

    I have no idea what to do for the perfect father’s day, because we never celebrated it growing up. Ever (my dad wasn’t a part of the scene). But now last August my hubby and I became parents, and BAM! I’m responsible for father’s day.
    Here’s my secret plan: He gets to sleep in, pancake or diner breakfast (his choice), have his favourite dessert. If I’m really feelin’ it, B.J.

  26. Lynne

    Best Father’s Day Gift? The Bamboo Tablet I got hubby last year. Why is it the best? Because I thought of it and kept it to myself and he thought he’d like to have one but didn’t tell me because he thought it was too expensive. It was one of those times we realized that we know each other better than we ever thought possible, which is the most rad gift of all.

    p.s. – Thanks for including Canadians! I heart Maggie!

  27. Maggie

    My FIL’s ideal gift would be the power to teleport wherever he would like to go. He hates to fly. And the drive from Michigan to Florida isn’t a “quick day trip”. As far as tangible items we purchase for him? Books. Always books…and coffee. And something to keep his coffee warm. He is a great guy who doesn’t ask for a lot. For my Hubby, it would be a subscription to New Scientist. We picked up a few issues while we were in London honeymooning several years ago. But that’s not what I am getting him. (The subs. would be over $70 per year, what with sending it across the pond. That is just too much for us to spend on a magazine.)

  28. EvilScienceChick

    Before I was born, my father had a powder blue mustang. He loved that car – LOVED it. But when I was born, it was not so much useful for carting around a baby and all the stuff that goes with it, so he had to sell it for a more family friendly vehicle. If money were no object, I would find a mustang just like that one he gave up – same year, same color, same everything. I think that would be the absolute BEST present I could give him.

    Except for a grandchild. He’d probably really like a grandchild.

  29. ehme

    I think the best Father’s Day for both of us would be if I would magically show up at his house and hang out for a couple of weeks. Got any plane tickets in there?

  30. Amy Ferguson

    Seeing my dad. He lives in Canada with the rest of my family and I MISS HIM!
    I grew up with 5 sisters and a brother and lots and lots of love.

  31. Summer

    The best Father’s Day gift could be the very first… Two lines on a home pregnancy test!

  32. dd

    Actually, this set of stuff would be right up there in terms of “ideal” gifts for him.

    You’ve got…
    1. Something for him to read in the bathroom,
    2. Something to fix a current household problem that he’d have to fix otherwise (ice maker has given up the ghost)
    3. Something to keep his coffee warm in during his long shifts at work (he works on a machine that makes paper towels… he needs the caffeine)
    4. Something for him to listen to on the way to work since we live out in the middle of nowhere, with exactly the quality of radio station you’d expect.

    I know my dad’s awesome and all, Maggie, but you may have gone too far this time. My only consolation is that he doesn’t know what a blog is and so is unlikely to know I ganked the idea from his secret admirer.

  33. erika

    The best Father’s Day gift in my husband’s opinion would be tacos from the local taco shop. That is all he ever wants and always asks for. These gifts are awesome though, maybe better than tacos.

  34. Allison M

    My dad is getting Cheryl and Co. Cookies and a Restaurant.com gift certificate to a great rest. on LI. But what he really wants is guilt-free morning of surfing, a couple of hours on the flat screen to watch un-interrupted sports, a steak/beer dinner and some dark chocolate!

  35. Stephanie Goodrich

    Best father’s day gift? Telling him he’s going to be a grandpa, and asking him to tell you his secrets for being such a good dad.

    Short of peddling children, I think a token of respect is always appreciated. Perhaps a list of all the things you admire about him, and a collection of trinkets that symbolize the items on the list. Or your favorite memories from childhood, coupled with a drawing or photo that evokes those memories. Or a note about when you realized he was a person, and not an invincible superhero, and how really, that made him all the more super in your eyes. This would go well with a cape or a decoder ring.

  36. Lindsay

    When I was growing up with my (single) dad, he would say, “I love you more than frogs love flies” or “I love you more than bears love honey.” Last year I had my kindergarten class write a book called “I Love You More Than,” and we had it published in hardcover. Their ideas were so adorable- such as “I love you more than the stars love the moon” and “I love you more than Peter Pan loves Wendy.” Dad and I both teared up as he read it out loud.

  37. tuliptoe

    I think my husband’s best gift was his first Father’s Day. We gave him an iPod loaded with tons of songs for the baby, a messenger bag emblazoned with her picture and a day totally to himself. Oh! And a bottle of 25 year old Scotch. I got some of that too though!

  38. Liz

    I’m quite partial to the spill proof travel mug. 1) Because it is a gadget, and my dad likes gadgets. 2) Because his commute is a measly 4 minutes from our house, and he does not bring coffee on his commute/drink coffee during the week which means I can steal it. Alot. And I like coffee.

    Also, the ice cube trays are pretty cool. Why no links to anything?

  39. Desiree

    My Dad says the best Father’s Day gifts are foods I make but my mom doesn’t: shallots pickled in balsamic vinegar, garlic pickled with Thai chilis, etc.

  40. elaine

    best fathers’ day gift for my husband: he gets to work on any number of house projects without interruption, BBQ a big piece of steak, eat the steak with some roasted potatoes and a lovely green salad and go to bed early, in the guest bed by himself (no kids to “snuggle”)

  41. Martha

    My ideal father’s day gift to my dad would have been to tell him we were giving him a grandchild – but I was impatient and told him a few weeks early :)

  42. Anita

    My husband is getting a portrait of our three sons together in their uniforms (Army, Navy, Marine) and a photo of our daughter. A card was sent to Iraq for my deployed son to sign and send back but mail to his post is e.x.t.r.e.m.e.l.y slow so I don’t know that it’s going to make it’s way back here, then to Cali for signatures, then back here again….in time. It was a great idea but the war didn’t cooperate.

  43. wendi

    I just bought my hubby his father’s day gift and I can’t wait to give it to him. It’s a pocket-sized collection of Jane Austen books. He’s asked for it for years and this time I finally remembered to get it for him!

  44. Katie

    Since my husband missed his first father’s day on a work trip, I think the best father’s day present would be to be with the little one in question.

  45. Page

    My worrying husband told me today that the best gift ever would be if I would implant a GPS tracker in our 5-year-old’s ass.

  46. carla

    The best father’s day gift for my dad would be for somebody to transfer all of his records to digital files on his computer and then put them all on CD’s. But over 6000 records is a big chore!

  47. ladyloo

    If I lived in the same country as my dad, I would totally make his mom’s apple pie for him. Instead I got him a gift certificate to his favourite vintage tractor parts store. Yeah, he’s that kind of dad.

  48. Jen

    The PERFECT gift for my Dad: two tickets to a Cleveland Browns game. He would, of course, take me. That way, he gets to spend the day with his favorite daughter watching his favorite sports team play his favorite sporting event. And, then when I’m there, I’d buy him a beer or two or six. ‘Cause nothin’ greases up the old “when I was your age” stories that I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF (and I’m totally being serious) like some rot gut Budweiser from a keg. Come to think of it, that’s the perfect gift for me, too! :)

  49. Melissa

    For our 21st birthdays my dad took each of us kids (we are 3) to the city of our choice, anywhere in the world. He was a pilot and it was an incredible opportunity to spend time with him exploring a place we’ve always wanted to go. For this Father’s Day, I would love to return the gift.

  50. Adel

    My dad loves bouncy balls for some reason, so a big bag of bouncy balls would probably be his ideal father’s day gift.

  51. Sara U

    My father took care of me completely when I was sick for nearly 3 years….and had to have an organ transplant. He stayed with me in my hospital out of state for over a year….fixed my medicines when I got home….handled all the insurance issues….and has done anything he could to make life better for me. Now that I’m better and getting back into life, I think that he’s a little lonely…..so I think that the best present to give him would be a cruise somewhere tropical for he and my stepmom to relax and destress after the last insane years! But I’m sure he’d love the radio too…he’s a gadget guy!

  52. meghan

    My dad would probably say to see me and my brother. But what I’d love to give him would be a completed train yard (he loves model trains), complete with a comfy chair to watch the trains go by and a cooler full of beer.

  53. Em

    I love when you shop for my dad! I’ve been wishing you would do that and wondering when you would finally get around to it. Thanks for ponying up just in time this year.

  54. Jenni

    The best father’s day gift I got my father was this tie-dyed, too small shirt that I made in elementary school. Being the fabulous father he is, he wore it anyways. I think this was the best gifts ever because we still joke about it to this day. He actually wore that shirt out to dinner and with our family. Thank gosh for photos! Golly, I must have been a cute one to get him to do that!

  55. becky

    Ooh, great package! I think my hubs would say that the ideal Father’s Day gift would be my getting up with the kids. Like that’s gonna happen! ;)

  56. Haley S

    My dad’s been through a lot with his mother this year health-wise and has remained an awesome son and father throughout. He deserves awesome father’s day presents.

  57. Mary

    The perfect Father’s Day gift for my dad…I don’t know, because I always get him cologne. I’m not very inventive.

  58. Carla

    If all of these items come in pink, then it would have been perfect for Mother’s Day, too! Although the vaguely masculine colors, really neutral, actually, wouldn’t offend a feminine person. My point is, once this cool stuff is in the house Dad is going to have to guard them with his life! This is equal opportunity great stuff! And just who do you think is going to refill those nifty ice cube trays once they are lying empty and warm in the sink?

  59. Louisa

    I dunno really. I mean, I’d love to get my dad something that he really wants, but that’s a new car or a boat. Otherwise he gets things himself. Punk. But I like what you’ve chosen!

  60. Sparkle

    every year i stress out over what to get my dad for father’s day. this year, i think i’ll make him a hand made card, considering my price point. :-) somehow not having money to spend makes this whole thing a lot more relaxing.

  61. Theodosia

    Ideal father’s day gift for my father, would be a day with my son (who is not yet one) where he doesn’t have to be hunched over walking him around all day. My father insists it doesn’t bother him because my son enjoys it so much, but the more man can’t stand upright after we visit!
    As for an ideal father’s day gift for my husband, his first, I have no idea. I suspect it may involve someone sleeping in his own crib.

  62. mjb

    I’m so stuck for Father’s day gifts this year that I’m drawing a blank. But thanks everyone for your ideas!

  63. Carrie

    “The Week” Seriously sounds like the perfect gift for my dad and my hubby. I smell a subscription coming!

  64. Nell

    The ideal gift for my father would be a truly easy digital camera that took awesome photos. It would need to be ready to go without fussing, have an extra-long battery life, be able frame the scene perfectly, and then when plugged it into the computer have a super-simple interface for ordering and emailing photos.
    (yeah … there are probably cameras/computers that do this already, but my dad doesn’t have them …)

  65. Janna

    The ideal Father’s Day gift would be one that I could actually buy for my dad BEFORE he goes out and buys it for himself. Seriously, every time I have a great idea, bam – he buys himself that present.

  66. Kimberly*

    My kids give their dad camping supplies! Because eventually they’ll be old enough to camp without mom and let me have the queen sized bed to myself for a night!

  67. Deeg

    ha! i was just with my man at Costco earlier today and he exclaimed as we were walking by all the watches and jewelry “oh that would be the perfect fathers day gift!”
    i thought it would be one of the watches glittered in diamonds or something…nope, he was talking about the waterproof pen…only forty bucks too!
    but now im thinking he would love that slot radio…d’oh

  68. Maya

    My dad is really not into father’s day, so I’m gonna go with the ideal day for my husband (who’s a stay at home dad). He deserves a day off, starting with a nice fresh brew of coffee and breakfast while I take care of the kid for the day… as for a present, probably an old book, since he collects those…

  69. Jenny B.

    A few years ago I put together a fathers’ day movie with pictures and videos of my husband and daughter. It was a big hit… I should think about doing that again :)

  70. Melinda

    My dad would love this stuff. Strangely, I think he’d be most taken with the cubular ice cubes, but hey, I’ll be more than happy to enjoy the other gifts for (I mean “with”) him!

  71. Laura

    My dad is an anti-gift kind of guy. But in the once-in-a-blue-moon shot of inspiration, we can come up with the *perfect* gift.

    And folks, that was a cheese-making kit.

    What can I say? A man and cheese is like peanut to butter.

  72. Erin

    Wow. You picked some really cool stuff. Even if we don’t win, someone will get a really cool Fathers Day gift :)

  73. elizabeth

    we are getting my fil a fantastic panoramic photo of the very small town where he grew up. i am hoping for some tears. we’ll see! i think the best presents are those that bring tears.

  74. Stephanie

    One year I decorated a boring photo frame and put in two photos of him and I together, one when I was about 2 years old and another when I was 25 – sitting on his lap in both pics! He loved it.

  75. Maggie

    My Dad’s ideal Father’s Day gift would be a family vacation (that isn’t going to happen) or at least a Dodger game with the family (slightly more likely).

    My husband’s ideal Father’s Day gift would be for me to find a job that could support the family so that he can start being a stay-at-home dad like we’ve been planning (not happening so far with this job market).

    I’m sure either of them would settle for your lovely gifts. Maybe split between them. I think I know who would get what.

  76. Andrea

    I haven’t had a chance to spend father’s day with my dad in a number of years, since I moved to the west coast, but we always make time for a father-daughter outing when I go back to visit.

    This year, I’m making a batch of cookies and express shipping them to him. I figure it’s been a long while since he has had some homebaked goodies, and my dad definitely deserves them.

  77. Sharon

    That will sure beat the tie or golf accessory I have purchased every year for the last…umm…yes, I read The Mighty sites for ideas…don’t judge me!

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  79. Theresa

    I never know what to get my dad…which is why going out one-on-one for a lunch date is so ideal, it’s about the time, not the gift. My husband has asked for the morning to go birding by himself – which I’m happy to oblige, as I know how much he’d enjoy himself, and how rare it is for him to have time to himself. These gifts would be perfect then…for me! Just kidding. Really. :)

  80. Becky

    I’m hoping the best gift is taking the kids out for breakfast so their father can really, truly sleep in.

    I’m fairly sure the best gift I ever gave my dad was my kids.

  81. Suse

    For my Dad, an out loud and to his face “I love you, Dad”, which for some reason (even though I love my Dad more than anything) I never seem to say out loud. Life is too short and I must correct this horrible oversight. Also blueberries. He’s mad for blueberries.

  82. abi

    I have NO IDEA what the perfect Father’s Day present would be – my dad is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for. Seriously, I can’t ever seem to get it right. This year I guess it’ll be a little mini-album with pictures of my kids on a hike he took them on a few weeks ago.

  83. Meg

    I’ll be out of the country this year for Fathers Day (and my mom’s birthday, but that’s another story), so this year, the best gift for Dad is a cross-Atlantic phone call.

    But normally I’d say an uninterrupted afternoon of golf, napping and good beer.

  84. bethany actually

    My dad’s ideal Father’s Day gift would probably be for us to leave him alone and not mention the holiday. Seriously, he gets annoyed and flustered when people pay attention to him and give him gifts. So we tend to buy him consumables like microwave popcorn and BK gift cards.

  85. Monika

    My father was never big into the holiday, so I always made him a card. I’m getting to the point though that I really need to start being more inventive. :)

  86. Lindsey

    I wish I could surprise him with a road trip to Nebraska, where he grew up. If it could just be and him, and he could show me places, that would be just perfect.

  87. amy

    My dad is also so hard to buy for. We usually try to all get together and have a meal together which makes him happy :)

  88. vanessa

    I was thinking of getting my Dad a gas card, he’s currently on a cross country road trip? Not sure if it’s perfect. Perfect would probably to see me “truly happy”.

  89. Anne

    I love the concept of “The Week”. My dad has a hard time getting through all the magazines he subscribes to.

  90. melissa

    My dad has two great loves: flashlights and travel coffee mugs. Do I understand it? No. He is a man of simple wants. I’d love to give him this mug and the rest!

  91. Courtney

    My dad loves any book you give him. Well, he’ll at least pretend to love any book you give him–that’s what makes him such a great dad!

  92. The other Margaret

    Right before my dad met my mom, he was dating this girl called Bernadette(!). She knit him a pair of argyle socks, which he apparently coveted, even after he soon met the real love of his life, got married and had nine kids with her. Apparently, my mom was none too happy that he’d held on to those darn socks. According to my dad, my mom one day shrunk them on purpose. According to my mom, she doesn’t recall anything of the sort.

    I wish I had the time to knit my dad a pair of argyle socks to heal the wounds, tweak my mom a bit, and put the whole Bernadette thing to rest!

    P.S. I named their GPS voice Bernadette since she’s kind of annoying and tells my dad where to go on a regular basis. My mom loves it.

  93. Mosiphine

    I often get my Dad cocktail fixings for Father’s Day, like drink mixers, glasses, trays that kind of thing, he says I’ve driven him to drink.

  94. Amy

    I think my husband would love all of those gifts. My dad just wanted a wallet every year for Father’s Day. It’s been years since those days, but I think I’m going to surprise him with a new wallet this year. He’ll have just turned 70 and he needs a spot for the photos of all the grandkids!

  95. Melissa

    One year for father’s day, when I was six or seven, I picked all of the dandelions I could find and left them in the mailbox for my father to find. When he didn’t check the mail (it was Sunday, of course), I had to tip him that someone had mysteriously left a bouquet of flowers in the mailbox for him.

    He told me some years later that he remembered this particular father’s day gift very well, because earlier in the day I’d carelessly shattered another pair of my glasses & he was on his way to punish me when I told him about the flowers.

  96. Gemma

    My mister is a fan of biscuits and gravy. I think I’ll shoot for a homemade version in the morning and maybe the kids will gift him with a bottle of rum so we can have a utilize some of the mint in our yard for cocktail hour. I’ll dress the kids in pirate stripes and eye patches too and have them sing their pop a sea chantey.

  97. karen

    This is my husband’s first father’s day & unfortunately, he doesn’t get to spend it with us. So our ideal father’s day will be NEXT year when he’s home from Afghanistan. :)

  98. Kelly H

    I think the slotRadio would be a GREAT Father’s Day gift for my husband (and father of 2 little ones!) as it might give him a clue that there is music out there besides The Grateful Dead and The Doors.

    Please….save me…

  99. Karen

    My dad is one of those classic dads who don’t seem to want much and also has very finicky tastes. I think the ideal gift for him would be transferring all his photo slides to digital so he doesn’t have to labor over it anymore. It’s quite a project, so perhaps I could find a teenager who needs an easy summer job.

  100. Laura B

    My father lost all of is tools in Hurricane Ike last year. So his perfect Father’s Day gift is a gift card to Sears so he can replenish his 50 year collection.

  101. Vanessa

    I am fairly sure my husband would love a day of no responsibilities. Doing whatever he wants with no guilt attached or worry about what he “should” be doing. Unfortunately he works on Father’s Day… have to celebrate with a sleep in day during the week!

  102. Jessica

    My Papa is one of the most special people to me ever. I love when I drive his truck and I smell the faint scent of cigars — makes me feel like I’m being hugged.

    Having said that – I always try to do something for him that makes sense. I ALWAYS make him a music CD – we communicate a lot through music and it’s invariable that I know modern stuff, whether it’s jazz, rock, whatever, that he’s not aware of because he’s 70 and he just listens to his library. So every year for every occasion, I expand his library, and he always loves it.

    I also cook for him every winter – big batches of his favs like Scotch Broth soup that you can’t find in the USA anymore — only in Canada. I cook huge batches and freeze them so he has them all winter.

    I also buy him super cool books – whether they are historical on a topic I know he’ll love or on woodworking, because the man is a carpentry genius, because I know he’s always looking for new ideas. I have to qualify this with the fact that he just makes up woodworking designs out of his head. I have a coffee table that he made me, plus a twin one for him, out of trees he felled on the property I grew up on. That’s my Papa. I love him so much it makes my heart hurt.

    We also have a “family” truck that we share – he lives in Nevada and I live in California. He wants the truck to be with me except for when he wants it in the summer so I keep it at my place. My friend Russ and I do “truck swap” every year with him. Russ meets me there, actually, he spends the day and night with Pop before I get there because they’ve now become friends, and I drive the truck up the next day and Russ drives me back, via the scenic route. We have tons of fun. Then when my Dad wants to bring the truck back, he drives the 2.5 hours to my house in the truck, and I drive him back in my car. And during that time, he tells me many, many stories that I just LOVE hearing. He has a photographic memory and I’m always fascinated and riveted. He just wrote his memoir recounting everything he could think of from his life that’s important to pass on, which I’m about to edit, and I can’t wait.

    I just love my Papa more than words can describe. I would jump in front of a bullet to save that man’s life because he’s amazing, and he needs to stay on this earth as long as possible to spread his goodness.

    Kay — I realize I went off on a tangent, but my Papa is worth it. He rocks.

  103. v

    my father just gave me his 6 month old car because mine didn’t pass inspection, and then helped me drive it across the country for 4 days (and then took a red eye home that night so he could be at work the next morning).

    the best father’s present he’d like to have (other than a son-in-law + grandchildren) is probably a day at home free of paperwork and a good movie to watch.

  104. Juliann

    My father is always happy just getting a phone call from his kids. But the ultimate father’s day gift for my baseball loving father would be a weekend trip to catch some ball games at a stadium he had never been to before. Maybe we’ll come to SF – then we could hit up the Giants and the A’s in one glorious weekend.

  105. Lindsey @ I Run in Heels

    I love to pick out books by my dad’s favorite authors or get him tickets to movies he’s been looking forward to, but I think one of the best presents I’ve gotten him is an Ebay gift certificate. He is a complete Ebay junkie, one of those who loves the thrill of bidding, checking back, etc. and my mom teases him about all the random packages that show up at the house.

  106. Kim Butler

    I went to visit Dad and bought him the ice cream maker he’s been wanting for ages. Then I used it to make him mango lime sorbet– it was a success.

  107. Michelle

    My dad’s ideal father’s day present: a fishing trip to the lake where he would proceed to catch the largest bass on record, followed by 18 holes of golf in the company of Tiger Woods (dad would beat him by a stroke, natch) and then the day would be capped off by a backyard bbq with all six of his girls (one mom, three daughters and two granddaughters) giving him a hard time for burning the hot dog buns. (Only one of these things will actually happen on the 21st.)

  108. Kerry

    Perfect Father’s Day gift. Hmmm… That’s a tricky one. My dad is somewhat difficult to buy for, although I do think I hit the nail on the head when I got him an iPod Shuffle last year. He loves his bluegrass and something small to play it on!

  109. Alana

    My dad is ridiculous to buy for mainly because he craves technology, but the moment he gets confused with a new device he decides that this particular form of awesome technology is not for him. I’ve been teaming up with my boyfriends mom to make him cards and cookies lately. He likes.

  110. K

    I’m struggling with what to get my dad. I’m guessing my husband would enjoy a chicken dinner.

  111. Cara

    This year, I have been trying to get my son to say Papaw. He is 17 months old, but his vocab is very limited – probably because he is surrounded by 2-3 languages all the time. I just know that if I can get him to say Papaw on Skype to my Dad on father’s day that it would be the best present ever!

  112. Angela

    Tools. My husband would like tools… and of course… time to use them.

    And breakfast in bed…

  113. Frances

    My dad has been working on building his own house for the past 15 years. A hammock so that he can enjoy all his hard work would be amazing!

  114. Kim

    My dad is totally simple, but in a good way. Is there a hot sauce of the month club? He and his scrambled eggs would really enjoy that.

  115. Lenore

    We’re talking *ideal*, right? I would love to get my father a trip to India, complete with visiting my mother’s old stomping ground — the foothills of the Himalayas — and good hiking trek. Of course, the slotRadio would be nice, too.

  116. Leigh

    My dad is in his 70s, loves to walk but with recent health problems has had trouble maintaining his balance. For Father’s Day I am giving him a hiking pole hoping that he’ll actually use it.

  117. Kathy Andrusz

    My dad died a year ago and my husband’s father died 30 years ago, and somehow both our memories are equally dim about what they would enjoy as a gift. Depression-era men who used to wear hats all the time were hard to figure out.
    That said, perfectly cubed ice sounds fabulous.
    Thank you.

  118. liz

    i don’t think my dad minds that his father’s day gifts usually consist of cheap-o stuff like hugs and cupcakes, but if money were no object, i’d take my dad on a surprise trip somewhere. we’ve always talked about a cross-country driving trip – i think that would be the ideal gift for my dad!

  119. Jen

    This would be great for my dad – I am teaching in Russia right now and he is working in Iraq, but he will get the chance to visit me over Father’s day. I am not sure he wants more than that, but this would be a great surprise when he got home! (and probably more enjoyable than the circus, which is how I will treat him for a Russian Father’s day).

  120. jami

    Actually, for the husband, The Week would be the perfect father’s day gift – our subscription ran out, and you would think he was cut off from all current events… pitiful. For my dad, if we could arrange for perfect going to the lake weather, he’d be happy.

  121. Erin N.

    Hanging out with my daddo and doing a project would be the best Father’s day I could think of. If you’d ask him, he’d probably say golfing. It’s a cliche for a reson, people!

  122. Amber Smith

    My husbands idea of a perfect gift is probably something that can’t be done around his child. lol

  123. Kate

    Ideal gift for my dad would be the 1920’s 20″ sterling silver lighthouse cocktail shaker. I managed to find a 14″ one on ebay last year and he loves it, but if I could get my hands on one of those rare big ones for him it’d knock his socks off. And make a serious dent in my son’s tuition fund…

  124. pam p.

    I think my best Father’s Day gift is going to be this year – we are giving him a puppy. He’s an animal lover and lost his dog of 17-years earlier this year. A new puppy will be a great companion for him.

  125. Jen

    All that stuff is nice, but dang, perfectly cubular cubes? Awesome.

    Ideal gift? This year, it’s a photobook for my husband. We have kazillions of digital photos, but who wants to sit in front of the computer to look at them? Having a book will be really nice for him. My dad? All he ever really wants is a card.

  126. Kate

    My dad is in Iraq, so this year we’re Skyping on Father’s Day and taking him on a ziplining tour when he gets home in July. I was hoping I could say, “Happy Father’s Day… you’re going to be a grandpa for the first time!” but alas, my ladyparts didn’t cooperate this month.

    I’ll probably enjoy ziplining more than the first months of pregnancy, though there’s a good chance that both will make me vomit in nearby foliage.

  127. Danielle

    My dad’s ideal gift would be an authenticated autographed picture of the goalie of the 1984 USA Olympic Hockey Team. Or free landscaping for a year. Or a Realtor to sell the damn house already.

  128. Evelyn

    Last year I got my dad a tiny UConn t-shirt (where I went to school) as a clue that I was pregnant with his 5th grandchild. When he unwrapped the gift, he got it right away and couldn’t have been more excited. I should have gotten two t-shirts though, cause we ended up having twins!

  129. jodimichelle

    Best Fathers Day gift is going skydiving for the first time. Gave it to my husband a couple years ago – went and waited and never got to go because of wind, we’re going again this year and WILL jump. so excited.

  130. Alexandra

    The best one was a book of pictures of my son and husband with captions: “My daddy dresses me.” “My daddy plays games with me. . . . ” and then ends with “I love my daddy” Someday when my son is a little older he can read it to his dad, too.

  131. Allison

    The best gift for my dad would be if I could find a way to make him stop worrying and be happy.

  132. katie

    Hmmm. For my dad- a new imac and for my husband (fantastic dad to our two boys), a beach vacation. Both of these are fantasies, the reality is much cheaper and last-minute.

  133. Traci

    The ideal Dad’s day gift for my husband would be a vacation to New Orleans, where we got married (bring on the Sazeracs and cafe au lait!). What will likely happen is an addition to his single malt scotch collection, with a cool bar tool from one of the funky antique stores downtown.


  134. Jessica!

    I’m pregnant with our first kid. So it’s a cute idea to do the mothers day / fathers day thing even though we don’t really feel like parents yet. The hubbs has decided he needs an X Box. *sigh*

  135. Amandaq

    Hmm…best father’s day gift? I’m not sure…I personally think the best gift for him would be to make him less risk-averse–he has all these ideas and never acts on any of them. Maybe someday right? Especially if he wins that magazine! :)

  136. Megan

    One of the best things about Dad’s? It doesnt take much. The best present to date, seems to be a home-made card. I put a picture of my Dad and I (from when I was a baby) on the front. I dont think he even opened it! He just looked at that picture and cried.

  137. Lisa

    I think that the best Father’s Day gift would be to just spend time with them. Spend the day, make a nice meal, enjoy some good conversation. And these gifts would certainly top it off!

  138. Celia

    How thoughtful of you to buy my father a present! :)
    For my dad, the best gift would be the next in the LA Times Sunday crossword books – he LOVES crosswords!

  139. Melissa

    For my dad, the best gift would be a day with his grandchildren, where he got only fun playtime attitudes and not the attitudes I get from them. He gets a few of those now and then but not as many as he would like I’m sure. I think he’d love to take them all fishing and explain to them the importance of everything he knows about, and he knows alot.

  140. Jenelle

    My dad loves getting trees as gifts.I’d love to get him a small orchard this year but, I’m not sure I can swing it.

  141. Suzie

    I think your gifts would be perfect for my husband. He says he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day but I don’t think he means it :-) Our daughter is 3 so it’s hard to get her to pick something out for him. I think the best gift (other than your picks, of course) would be a day to himself without anything to do around the house. As for my dad, he’s hard to buy for but a good meal out and a good bottle of wine always makes him happy.

  142. Susan

    I think the best gift I could give my Dad would be a trip to take together. He would love to spend more time with me.

  143. Jaime

    The perfect gift for my dad would be a vacation with our entire family, grandkids included. He is endlessly amused by them. For my husband it would be a vacation without the kids!

  144. Rebecca

    My poor Dad! For the past few years, he’s been doomed to coming to see me perform (local dance show – think ‘So You Think You Can Dance’) on Father’s Day. I take him out to dinner though! For my hubby, he gets stuck with the kiddo while I’m at the aforementioned show. Terrible, I know! For him, I get him gifts that he and our daughter can do together that would be fun. This year, it’s a child seat for his bike (installed by me) and a helmet for her. They’ll spend the day cycling through some parks in town.

  145. Abby

    The best father’s day gift my Dad ever got was when my older brother (who was living in England at the time) walked up our front walk and completely surprised my Dad (and Mom).

  146. Cat

    2 copies of a book on a subject we are both interested in- one for each of us- so we can talk about them as we both read them

  147. Jillian

    I think my dad’s perfect gift would be an awesome car. Whenever my parents get a new car, it goes straight to my mom and her old car goes straight to my dad, even though he has a longer commute. He loves cars, though, so I think he deserves a special one.

  148. Jesse B

    My Dad has everything and is sooo hard to buy for, usually we get him a gift card and spend the day at the lake with him.

  149. Pamela

    Usually my poor dad gets a Best Buy gift card every year (we share a love of all things tech) but this year I’m thinking about a pair of wireless headphones for his iPod. I think the ideal gift for him would be a home theatre with the cool cinema seating and projector style TV with every possible channel along with a BluRay player, slingbox, and massive DVR.
    That sums up my dad’s version of heaven.

  150. Mary

    Do you really read all these? I think it sounds like an awesome gift and I can’t wait for Father’s Day!!

  151. Sheri Bheri

    Have you checked out Lee Valley? It’s a mail-order catalogue for woodworkers and gardeners which sounds way-boring, but it’s not, it’s WAY COOL. We could pretty much get my Dad anything from Lee Valley and he would be OVER THE MOON.

    My husband though is a tough cookie. He has everything he wants (spoiled rotten). I think this year, I’m going to loosen up the purse strings and extend our satellite TV channels, because his honkin’ TV is his baby. (Don’t laugh, before he brought it home I had to sign papers saying that if anything happened to us as a couple, he gets custody of the TV.)

  152. Jennifer

    Hmmm… for my husband, I know he’d love a BMW. But I think he’d settle for a day of no eye-rolling from our kids and a nice meal!

  153. Jen

    This is awesome! My husband wants a chainsaw, so unless I win, that’s what he’ll get. But chainsaws scare the beejeezus out of me, and I’ll be purchasing it against my better judgement.

    It’ll be easier for him to use a chainsaw to cut down trees now, though – when we first bought our house, I made him cut down a 6″ dia. tree with a bow saw by hand. Luckily, he still wanted to stay married to me!

    Thanks, Maggie!

  154. Krista

    This is an absolute genius combination. I struggle EVERY year with what to get my father for Father’s Day… I was planning on a nice bottle of imported tequila… I think it would compliment you selections nicely!

  155. LizAnderson

    I’ve got a BIL who says the BEST Father’s Day Gift is a day off from being a parent. Given the little hell raiser’s he’s spawned, I have to think that’s the best gift for everyone involved! LOL.

  156. liz

    lessons in something… for my dad, it’d be painting lessons because he’s always wanted more formal training.

  157. stephanie

    The Week….Who knew it was even out there. So, my dad is a sponge and would love this. He’s 72 this year and a little lonely as he’s lost his love of many years and something like this to read over his morning breakfast would thrill him and make him smile. He is already the smartest person I know so this is perfect. He and my brother Randy have coffee and pie or lunch often and I know Randy would love this read too and they would discuss! Pick me…I love my dad and miss him…I live too far away to visit often enough. Thank You. Stephanie

  158. Stephanie

    For my dad the golfer, it’s always something golf-related. Shirts, jackets, pants, clubs, shoes, balls….. the possibilities are endless – and useful.

  159. Emma

    Perfect for my Dad! Now I just need a bottle of good single malt scotch to go with the ice cubes…thanks for the great ideas!

  160. Krista

    I bought my Dad a ladder a few years ago for Father’s Day. He was using this rickety old ladder to do repairs around the house. I was so proud of myself for going to Home Depot, picking out the ladder, buying it, and driving it over to his house all by myself!

  161. Tami in NY

    The best Father’s Day gift I bought for my husband for his first Father’s Day was a Philadelphia Eagles golf bag. It’s gawd awfully gawdy but he loves it so that is all that matters. This year he’s getting some Docker’s because Sears had a buy $50 get $50 rebate and he asked for them. So boring but he wanted it. ;o)

    Thanks for the give away maybe this will make his present a little less dull this year. ;o)

  162. Kristin Fradette

    Best Father’s day gift for my Dad is having his 3 girls with him for the day. And a funky tie, in a cool color that he would never buy himself but that makes him look so cool!

  163. Alena

    Ideal father’s day is going for a walk with the whole family and all of our dogs at the off-leash dog park.

  164. Heather B

    Great suggestions, Maggie!

    My dad is tough to buy for because he doesn’t need anything! And a guy can only use so many golf balls! So this year, my husband tracked down Daddy’s most favorite beer in the whole wide world….it’s German and only distributed to ONE vendor in the US. We bought him a case for Father’s Day. It’s something he will enjoy completely and NEVER think to buy for himself! :)


  165. Brianne

    My ideal gift for my Dad on Father’s Day would be to pay him back the tuition money he gave me to put me through college. Because of him and his sacrifices he’s made to put me through school so I can reap the opportunities that come along with having an education, someday I will.

  166. Alison

    Good job, Sandisk… I’d never heard of this slot radio thing and now I kinda want one.
    I think the best present for my dad would be everyone back home, doing stuff outdoors, and miraculously not complaining about it. Food and alcohol wouldn’t go amiss either.

  167. Meg B

    For my dad, the ideal gift would be a plane ticket to Scotland so he can visit the site of his great grandparents’ farm near Inverness. But he is also notoriously lazy, so your lazy Sunday kit is a close second!

  168. Gabie

    I got my dad a shirt already and then found out he has only one measuring tape when he could use about three. I will add a measuring tape to that gift and he will love it.

  169. Jess

    Even though my dad is a white color systems engineer on the outside, he’s an aging hippie inside, so socially conscious gifts are perfect for him. Failing to do something that alleviates poverty results in my dad muttering “goats for africans…” in a sad little voice as he opens presents. This year, my sibs and I are giving a donation to Heifer International in his name. But I think he would be happy as a clam if Africans milked their goats while he drank iced coffee, listened to his Sandisk, and read The Week.

  170. Jilly

    My mom already bought my dad a freestanding hammock so that he can be nap-ready anywhere in the yard. I don’t think I’m going to be able to top that so i figured I would just feed him bacon/eggs and beer/tomato juice and then direct him to the hammock for the aforementioned nap.

  171. Lindsey

    this year my step-dad is getting a new bumper for his pick up truck. yeah, we rock like that. I have no idea what my 2 year old son is getting my husband for dad’s day, but this giveaway would definitely fit the bill. Plus, then I would get to read “The Week” too.

  172. Sarah

    The best gift I bought my dad was a travel toiletry kit. It seems so simple, but he’s the kind of guy who throws all his stuff in a large ziploc baggie and doesn’t think there’s anything strange about that. Now you know why there is no ideal gift for my dad – because he doesn’t want anything! His ideal day would be to sit in front of his computer listening to classical music.

  173. Scott

    Every fathers day that goes by is more valuable to me as time rolls on and we both age another year. Ideal day would be a motorcycle tour of western AR. Hmmm, why not?

  174. Meagan

    Ooh, what a great goody collection! Of all the various things we got my dad over the years, I think his favorite has been the sunrise fishing trip my Sister and I went on with him when we were teenagers. He still jokes about how I wouldn’t put the worm on the hook, so when I caught the biggest fish “technically HE caught it, since it was his baid.”

  175. Annabelle

    The best Father’s Day gift I ever heard of was when a college friend told me about the year that she and her brother discovered that their Dad’s favorite gift was a six-pack of PBR and a can of mixed nuts. After that, they were set for every Father’s Day and birthday.

  176. Joelle

    My father requested a manure fork, and I’m going to oblige him. It’s different than a pitchfork or rake, and is perfect for (1) removing horsecrap from an otherwise clean stall (2) shoveling manure from wheelbarrow to pile, pile to truck, truck to garden, etc (3) picking up whatever dead animal the cat left on the doorstep. That’s one thing we appreciate about my dad: he’s not afraid of doing the gross jobs, and sometimes even enjoys them.

  177. Liz

    Best for my dad: tickets to the US Open golf championship for him and his favorite golf partner, my husband. The best part is, he’s getting that this year. I hope they both enjoy the trip to NY.

  178. Genevieve

    Well, both my dad and FIL are out of the picture for various reasons, but my husband was pretty darn glad for the Golds Gym for Wii gift I gave him 2 months early. Yeah, sounds mean, but he was getting bored of just Wii Fit and this said, “you rock and get up early and exercise and I don’t” without having to do much…

  179. Erin

    Ideal father’s day gift for my dad? He is easy–tools of any kind. The excitement over some new saw always amazes me. Best gift for my husband-a day of no kids and a round of golf. We’ll see what we can do about that one.

  180. Mairead

    My dad’s perfect father’s day gift is easy, and one I’ve been giving him probably for the last ten years. Gift certificates for rounds of golf, and a series of Sunday mornings where no one asks him to do anything, so he can play guilt-free.

  181. Emily

    We’ve recently had twins. They are lovely and delicious, but they wake up every hour. For my husband’s first father’s day gift I’m going to let him sleep in.

  182. Chris

    My father passed away, but for my husband the best gift would be the Enertia Electric Motorcycle, but since i cannot give him maybe i can distract him with the lazy Sunday kit.

  183. Court

    Best gift for my dad this year? If I were able to fly home and see him. Just moved to DC from Oklahoma, and I LOVE it, but I miss my family!

  184. Sara

    Wow – just reading through these comments gave me so many gift ideas. For my hubby’s first father’s day (last year) I gave him a stepping stone imprint of our daughter’s feet. He liked it, but I’m sure he’d say the perfect gift would be a day of golf and fishing… Too bad – I force the “mementos” on him instead. This year will be a mug with our daughter’s handprints…

  185. Speedyb

    1. It would be great to see my Dad on Father’s day but since I will not, I’ll do up a care package for him and mail it.

    2. if I was with him for the day, it would be his day to decide what he wanted to do –> anything from going for a drive to painting the house. Something to do together. Of course, with siblings also wanting to spend time with Dad, there would have to be a time restriction or ask them to join in!

  186. Tricia

    Time. Corny, I know. But my husband just wants more time to hang out with his family. Make breakfast on the weekends. Go to the park. Or not. A weekend without a schedule would be the best gift.

  187. rebecca c

    I got my husband tickets to the circus for father’s day so we could take our 3 year old for his first circus trip. Something tells me he’d rather have that slot radio…and my own dad? He’s holding out for the ice cube tray and bourbon.

  188. Amber

    I’m with number 6 … being with my Dad on Father’s Day would be the best gift ever.

  189. Pptarmigan

    The perfect Father’s Day gift for me would be the aforementioned bottle of bourbon.

  190. Wendy

    For my dad? A trip to Kansas City to cruise around all the places he liked to go as a kid with stops at his favorite BBQ and burger joints. While listening to his new Sandisk slotRadio;)

  191. greta

    i confess that i want these for myself… but i think a good father’s day for my husband would involve sleeping in a bit, a nice breakfast out just the two of us, maybe with newspaper/crossword… then play time with our two year old… then maybe some time to himself to play music or read or play video games. doesn’t sound hard, right? try living with our very willful toddler. everything is hard! :)

  192. Sarahd

    For my dad, any loud power tool for outdoor use. He would LOOOOVE a chain saw but I’m afraid to get him one! He’d probaby cut a tree down on top of himself. He’s very Tim-the-toolman-Taylor.

  193. Meg

    My dad is the biggest dork in the world, so his PERFECT father’s day gift would be a chance to be on Jeopardy! (and kick ass) and maybe a new train set. No joke, he’s a grown man that plays with trains. I come by my dorkiness naturally.

  194. noelle

    My Dad is 85–I was an “oopsy” baby when they were 40. He likes to say I kept them young. But now he’s at an age where life is starting to take things away from him. I’d love to give him something he didn’t even know he wanted (and believe me, he will). Thanks for this, Maggie :-)

  195. kt

    My dad asked me to go buy him underwear for Father’s Day once. I was a bit uncomfortable buying it, but he was thrilled when he unwrapped it. No huge surprise I guess – he once had big gift baskets made up, filled with Pantene Pro-V shampoo & conditioner – he is all about the practical gift-giving.

  196. Marianne

    My did is a really sentimental guy, and he’s the kind of dad who just beams at you when he sees you. These days, when he sees me or my sister he’s started tearing up which means we’re away too much.

    My dad’s best father’s day would be having my sister and me show up at the cottage and have all of us including my mom cut up fallen trees, haul and chop the wood (talking about natural science or chemistry or how awesome original Twilight Zone is), then mix up a gin and tonic and go for a swim (with masks and flippers to see the fish under the dock).

    We’re all grown up, but only technically!

  197. Elaine

    The best thing we ever got my dad was an afternoon of hang-gliding. We’re all fans of the day-long experience-type present, rather than the wrapped kind. Because in a day? You can get a lot of stuff. Between food, drinks, hiking, and the hang-gliding itself, my dad was in hog heaven.

  198. Mrs B

    The best Father’s Day Gift for my dad would be to get my little bro out of the pokey and for the 3 of us to head down to South America to go backpacking and fishing.

    Currently, the best Father’s Day Gift, according to him, was a duet version of Laura Brannigan’s ‘GLORIA’ that my brother and I with us both dressed up in drag. My dad’s a pretty straight-laced (ex-Army, very Southern) guy, but he loved this. A lot.

  199. Anna

    The best father’s day gift would be to get my dad a job that he loves in the city he wants to work in! that’s a tall order and I can’t do it – but I wish I could :)

  200. Mrs B

    Did I mention I was 11 and my brother was 6? He was dressed up like a Solid Gold Dancer I was dressed up like Robert Palmer. With long blonde hair.

  201. Miss Grace

    My dad’s long range retirement goals include being an organic avocado farmer? So I usually get him avocado trees, or pruners, or gloves, or something.

  202. Amanda

    The best Father’s Day Gift for my dad would be a vacation! In lieu of that, perfectly-square ice cubes floating in caprihanas (that he didn’t have to make), drunk on his deck, would probably be a close second.

    I think his favourite Father’s Day gift I ever got him was an ashtray. I was four and he has never been a smoker. He still has it.

    Thanks for the list :)

  203. Anneke

    Hi Maggie!
    This year, I got all the dads in my family something from a previous list – was it yours or Heather’s? I don’t remember – anyway, the Flip video recorder. And if I don’t win them, I’m totally buying those ice cube trays.

  204. Stephanie

    The perfect father’s day gift for my dad would be time spent with his whole family. With six kids and numerous grandkids all over the United States, it’s been difficult to all get together. We’re hoping to give it to him next year!

  205. Kathy

    It’s hard to buy for my dad — he’s pretty much got everything he needs. Not being very creative, my sister and I have gotten him more than his share of flashlights and polo shirts! These days Father’s Day is mostly about spending the day together as a family (with possibly a movie). This is something that sadly we don’t do very much anymore…

  206. Spain

    The ideal day for my dad… Wake up before the sun’s up, spend the morning fishing, lunch in the fishing boat or sitting on a large rock beside the river, followed by disc golf at the park. As usual, he’ll win, but I’ll give him a run for his money. Sounds like a perfect day to me.

  207. Catie

    Ideal gift for my dad would be to wake up early on Sunday morning and drive somewhere (not knowing exactly where we’re going is a big thing for my dad – he’s adventurous like that!)while listening to Car Talk and other NPR radio shows. Once we get where we’re going, we find a water hole to go fishing for however long we want and then on the way home, we stop at a hole-in-the-wall diner, drive-in or dive for the thickest chocolate shake and greasiest cheeseburger you could imagine. Ahhhh… Perfection.

  208. Sara

    I’m pretty sure my Dad’s perfect gift would be a completely free day. He gets up at 4 in the morning to head to work and comes home around 6 and fulfills the duties of both parents because his wife is just exhausted from the day being a housewife with a nanny. Right now, even if he’s got the day of work (which is rare) he’s expected to take the family out for a full day of fun and exhaustion. He never gets a day to himself, so anything relaxing and a kindly worded letter to his wife to lay off for a day would be perfect.

  209. SuperJen

    My dad loves sailboat and lighthouses – one year we were able to take him on a sailboat trip PAST A LIGHTHOUSE – too good for words! Of course, my mother white-knuckled the whole time (sailing can be scary!)

  210. Lara

    My Dad has always enjoyed having me detail his car, bake him something chocolaty, and make him a card. He’s frugal, impossible to shop for and hates surprises, so this is the combo that always works for me.

  211. Hilary

    Well, I’m not getting anything for my real father this year (very very long story) but for my stepdad, the perfect gift would be a day off to do whatever he wants – he works far too hard!

  212. pseudostoops

    Best Father’s Day gift for my dad would be a family outing to an amazing restaurant where no one whined about not liking the food or cajoled him about eating too much unhealthy stuff, and instead we all just talked and laughed and ate and drank for hours.

  213. Bethany

    The perfect gift for my dad this year would be for his daughter to find a job and move back out of his house. Since I don’t control the economy, the restfulness of Top 40 tunes and perfectly iced cocktails would be a great substitute!

  214. Jill

    The best gift for my dad would be tickets to a Florida Seminoles game and some nice frosty cold beer. Or – if on a budget, just the beer.

  215. kate

    my dad is retired so everyday is father’s day. i’ll probably just bring the bourbon…and peanuts, he loves those.

  216. uncommonblonde

    My dad never asks for much but if we’re dreaming big here, I’d surpirse him with a family trip to Montana. He loves the outdoors and I think that’s his dream trip to take with the family.

  217. Katie

    I would love to send my dad to Scottland to play golf. PERFECT father’s day gift for him….maybe one day.

  218. Mandy

    I think dads are hard to buy for. But, I think the perfect gift for him would be fishing in Alaska.

    More realistically, he usually wants some sort of tool.

  219. Jen

    I’m all about giving time and/or an experience as opposed to stuff (which I say as I’m trying to win stuff), so a good steak dinner or a trip to the state fair in a couple of months. Oh, and of course, I’d bake up his favorite treats.

  220. Amanda

    I am going to play the death card. No seriously, my father passed away this past Christmas so this gift would be perfect for my husband, who takes the cake with being a great parent. He is so good infact, that I get told by my four year old that dad is his favorite. i agree with him every time! But the best father’s day present I ever gave was a macaroni encrusted picture frame of me. He kept it in his office and they mailed it to me when he passed away. I will always treasure it.

  221. Whitney

    Not having spent much of my life actually living with my dad, I think the best Father’s day gift is one of time spent getting to know each other a bit better.

  222. jktwilson

    I’ve already gotten my Dad two peach trees to plant on his farm (he gets fruit trees every year)…I work in Conservation, so it’s a given! My hub, who is also a Dad would love these great giveaways!

  223. Megan

    My dad turns 80 shortly after Father’s day. He’s spending his birthday visiting me in Kenya. His first trip to Africa, I’m getting him a Safari hat and shirt for Father’s day and his b-day. Can’t wait to see the Savannah with him!

  224. Janice

    The best gift really is time together. I am making my Dad a nice dinner. That along with grand kids crawling all over him is what makes him happy.

  225. Lee

    I’m a horribly broke college student and any man with a 21-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son (same mother! still married!) deserves a killer Father’s Day Present. So far, I have come up with booze. A little unimaginative, yes, but – hey! He works two jobs and has earned it. And, luckily, he’s a happy drunk.

  226. Sharon

    My dad would love an Adult Tricycle. He’s 84 but still likes to ride with the wind in his face.

  227. Meredith

    Every year, my dad and I go to dinner and a movie for Father’s Day. Actually, we go the next weekend so that everyone else in my family can come over to celebrate all the dads in our lives.

  228. Sandi

    My ideal Father’s Day gift for my dad would be a week long guided fishing trip. He loves to fish but doesn’t get to go as often as he would like. He not only works full-time but he watches my twin toddlers one day a week! I love my dad and he’d love these toys!

  229. Sara

    I think my dad would consider a plasma cutter to be the ideal gift for Father’s Day. I wish I could give him one! That would be neat.

    What he’ll get is another Border’s gift certificate so he can buy himself some CDs.

  230. amanda

    I think my Dad would totally dig the radio. He’s just got through his first cancer scan and the results are looking good. But, he still feels awful. I think he’d love this and the subscription. He’s also really love a fly-fishing trip and to be able to taste a decent meal (cancer killed the tastebuds, hopefully temporarily).

  231. cj coppola

    My husband’s birthday falls on Father’s Day this year. Wouldn’t this be a wonderful surprise. Beats the video game our 12 year old boy wants to get him. Hmm. Video game – kinda like a bowling ball with the name Homer on it isn’t it?

  232. Alexa

    My husband would love it if I took our two kids, and left him alone so he could be home alone. Then he could nap endlessly, or watch mindless sports on tv. An hour in, and he would then call me to say he misses us and to please come home and bring him a cheesesteak on the way.

  233. Amelia

    I would love nothing more than to be able to tell my dad that he’s going to be a grandfather on fathers day. Fingers crossed for the plus sign!

  234. Erica

    My Dad is lovely man, which can mean that he drives me crazy because he’s always concerned about my, and my female friends, safety and general well being. He is the kind of guy who if you have a late night class will show up outside the University in his giant van and load every girl in your class onboard and then drive around the city for an hour making sure everyone gets home safe because it is (quote)”cold and dark out”. He snowblows out other people’s walk ways in the winter, mows the boulevard in the summer and will pick up your mail when you are away even if you didn’t ask him to. I am still in school and cannot afford all the fantastic things that he deserves. He’s aces.

  235. Sandra

    This would be a great gift for my husband–otherwise he is not up for a gift since I got him a Harley for his 50th last year. My dad? He’s more of a tractor guy. ;~)

  236. Amanda

    The ideal father’s day gift would be one where I managed to pick something my dad actually wanted and I didn’t always feel like I was letting him down. I always dream of something fantastically out of reach, novels I wish we could talk about, or movies I wish he would see. Conversations I wish we could have about the things we believe, yet we never will. The best father’s day gift would be reconciliation, but I don’t know how to make that happen.

  237. Sarah

    Argh, I never know what to buy my dad! Probably a perfect Father’s Day for him would be as follows: get up early, play a round of golf, go see a movie of his choosing with the whole family, grill something tasty for dinner, grab a bowl of chocolate ice cream and watch 24, asleep on the sofa by 9PM.

  238. Sarah

    My dad is fairly simple when it comes to gifts, I just have to make him a pie or two and he will be happy. This year its going to be cherry. This is the only time of the year that he gets pie as my mom won’t make them since they are bad for him and he will eat the whole thing!

  239. JWNevin

    Best father’s day gift – I’m a huge baseball fan and like to take trips to ballparks around the country. My wife made me an enormous scrap book containing all the photos, scorecards, ticket stubs, etc. from games that we’ve attended over the years.

  240. Dawn

    My dad passed away a few years ago, but for my husband, I am putting together a picture from his childhood, sitting on the front lawn with his beloved dog. Framed nicely for his office…it will mean the world to him.

    In my experience, men don’t frame anything, but are happy to display pictures when you do it for them. So I think framed photos are a great present!

  241. TamiA

    Both my husband and my dad would enjoy those gifts. And I would say time with their loved ones is the best gift. And maybe a tee time. ;)

  242. Kelly

    Best fathers day gift for my Dad would be uninterrupted time to sing along loudly with his beloved Opera/Caruso CDs, a bottle of good red and some high fat cheese and baguette… stuff he’s not supposed to have any more but screw it, he’s 75. He would Love the subscription to The Week.
    For my Husband, I think best fathers day gift is a sleep in, afternoon riding his motorcycle (that has been parked 98% of the time since our twins were born and he became a SAHD) and a BBQ steak dinner where he doesn’t have to refill sippy cups or bribe anyone to “just try one bite…it is supposed to be green, its yummy nummy!”

  243. Anna

    My dad’s favorite gift? Chrome (chrome for the holidays you know). For his harley. Or really, anything that he can use while riding his harley or make him wish he was riding his harley.

  244. Amy

    My dad was over-the-top selfless, so Father’s Day always ended up having good things for everyone else (sometimes he’d even buy us presents), and maybe a few things my dad liked. But I know his ideal Father’s Day would have involved everyone sitting in the living room and sharing what they’re thankful for, what God is doing in their life, what they’ve been learning lately, etc. That’s what he requested on every birthday and holiday. And then maybe he would have liked to go play soccer (his favorite sport) as a family. And then I think he would have liked to be left alone to sleep (which rarely happened), although he probably wouldn’t ask for it.

  245. Kelli

    Last year we lost our beloved family dog to cancer and I know my husband is ready for another. I’m thinking of surprising him for Father’s Day. He’s a terrific dad to our 3 little girls and could use a boy dog to balance out the ratio!

  246. Illinivicki

    The gift that always makes him smile: a coupon for a day of antiquing together–we love to treasure hunt together! When he finds something special, I buy it for him to remember our day!

  247. Alexis Putnam

    What a great set of nifty things! Sounds perfect for my brother-in-law who’s about to be a new dad in the next week or so :-)

  248. Lisa

    The best present for my Dad is one that’s not a tie! I did that one for years. =) Really, the one thing I gave him that he still has and talks about, is a card I made in college with a picture of us and words cut out of magazines that make me think of him. He loves that thing. Here’s hoping I win, he deserves it.

  249. Alissa

    For my dad it would be a fishing trip, maybe to Florida or some place tropical. We used to go all the time when I was a little girl, but he could spend all day fishing if you let him.

  250. Kimba

    My dad is hard to get gifts for, he never offers up any other suggestion than “a hug and kiss”, or, now that we’re living away, “to see you soon.” Also happens to be my favorite gift to give….

  251. Kat C

    My Dad would love a good bottle of Glenfiddich and some kind of best-of This American Life. Wow. Writing that out makes it clear that he’s pretty cool.

  252. Susan

    Every year I get my dad a bag of “goodies” from the Sierra Nut House–pistachios, almonds, walnuts, cashews, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, etc. And sometime a book (he loves trivia)…this year he is getting Stupid American History: Tales of Stupidity, Strangeness, and Mythconceptions.

  253. Trish

    I like to try and find a new CD or book that my dad hasn’t heard of yet. We have similar tastes in many regards, and we were able to share a lot of music and literature when I was growing up. Now my perfect gift is surprising him by showing off the eclectic tastes he passed on to me!

  254. jo-anne in vancouver

    It was always breakfast in bed when I was little, then a Louis L’Amour book until he had them all…now, some sort of computer relate gizmo. Dad’s love gizmos!

  255. Jen W.

    My Dad may not think it’s the BEST gift, but it’s my favorite present every year. I renew my Dad’s subscription to Smithsonian Magazine. I know he reads it (Mom does too), and it’s as simple as checking a box on a reminder post card each year.

  256. Desiree

    My mother has been staying with her palliative father in Nova Scotia now for about 5 months, so for Father’s Day my brother and I are sending my Dad (we live in Ottawa, Ontario)down to see her. We’ve booked hotels along the way, as he’ll be driving since she’s in a very rural part of francophone N.S.

    This includes loading up his ipod with new music and podcasts, and preparing picnic lunches and snacks for the trip up.

  257. Lois

    For my dad usually a good bottle of wine does the trick. It’s not my most imaginative holiday.

  258. freddy

    My dad is notoriously hard to shop for; he buys himself anything he wants, and his interests are fairly technical so you dare not guess. But I felt like I pulled off a good father’s day gift last year for him. He loves photography, and is an avid flickr user. After a trip to Taiwan he was telling me about how fun it was to meet lots of people and write down his flickr address so they could share photos he had taken. A lightbulb went off and I spent a great deal of time picking a selection of his most interesting/picturesque flickr photos, then had Moo cards made with his name and flickr address. Now he can just had one out to each of those people he meets. He had never heard of Moo cards and he was surprised and touched at the care I’d put into picking the pictures. I think he really liked it, and I was proud of myself for coming up with something he needed but didn’t know to buy for himself (for once)!

  259. maya

    The perfect fathers day would be full day of carb- and red meat-laden cooking and eating with my dad. Pasta-making, bread-baking, meat-grilling, wine-drinking. And lots of olives.

  260. Bree

    I think the perfect Father’s Day gift for my dad would be for him to wake up and find out that he has two completely different kids. Like, maybe one (or both) of us is a boy, who loves to go golfing with him. And that we call him all the time just to say hi. It’s not that my sister and I don’t love our dad and don’t like spending time with him. But he’s an introverted guy and we’ve always felt more connected to our mom. I think he wishes we came to him for more than just his opinion on cars.

  261. Tanya

    The perfect Father’s Day gift for my dad would be me and my sister surprise visiting him, and taking him and my mom on a day trip to go fishing with a new GPS that we got him so he doesn’t get lost when he scours new fishing holes. And all of the things on the above list would be perfect for this trip!

  262. Jen Radicella

    The only thing my Dad wants for father’s day is time with his kids and grandkinds, which seems like a cop out on my sister’s and my side because we do that once a week and are getting off way too easy. I think that perfectly cubed ice cubes are a close second for him.

  263. houpley

    i would love to give my dad that magazine subscription. in fact, if i don’t win i may have to order it anyway. it is right up his ally. i work in the media and he is more up to date on things than i am. but the perfect gift for my dad would be his very own airplane. he is a retired pilot and is most at home when in the sky.

  264. wen

    my dad loves music, enjoys a good cocktail and knows how to read. hence, perfect gift. would i really give it to him? yep.

  265. emily

    I am still trying to figure out the best Father’s Day present for my baby daddy (baby is 1.5). We don’t do gifts generally (although I did manage to arrange a Steelers Super Bowl victory for his last birthday), but I am in search of a knock your socks off, thoughtfully crafted gift. I am not sure my offering of a pair of vintage Wayfarers will be that gift, but your prize package could definitely sweeten the deal.

  266. Joanna

    hmmmm … my kids’ dad is getting portraits of the kids in their “My Dad Rocks” t-shirts for his new office at work. Not exactly exciting … so I got him a Mr. Beer so he can dip his toe into the fine art of homebrewery. I love when I can one up my two-year-old.

  267. Sara

    Excellent selections! My dad enjoys that magazine, and those mugs are perfect (I have two — one for tea, one for coffee). He’s a gadget guy and I know he’d listen to music on the Sansa. As always, you have great taste!

  268. Kristy

    Whenever I ask my dad what he wants for Father’s Day, he says “Peace and Quiet!” However he usually ends up with an In-N-Out gift card, which he seems to love just as much.

  269. erin

    Ideally I would fly my dad to San Francisco to hang out with his latest grandchild.

    As for my baby daddy, I’m still kinda stumped on that one. First Father’s Day is alot of pressure. This would help :)

  270. Megan

    Retirement itself would be the ideal Father’s Day gift for my step dad. Extravagant, I know. But take a look at just a few of his accomplishments:

    1. Offers renowned insight, like to-be-scribed-in-the-great-book-of-fatherly-insight insight, things that sound stunningly simple but get to the true heart of things. “Be Aware of the Life Around You” (caps necessary, for gravity) is notoriously his (it’s now been inscribed on a plaque on the family mantel.) Also, my brother recently tweeted, “My step dad was so right.” For clarification, minutes later he tweeted what he’d heard at the age of 9: “‘You will be waiting on women for the rest of your life.'”

    Which brings me to 2. That man has some patience, not of the sing-songy Guns N Roses “All we need is a little pay-ay-cience” type but that born from years of struggle, of having 5 children around, knowing that things will not go as he planned.

    3. He’s a maker of things. Go carts made from scraps of wood and old baby buggy wheels that were powered by the push of a broom handle and kid steam. Recently, he made me a wooden step stool – a *step* stool from my *step* dad. Otherwise, it would just be a stool.

    4. He brought up 5 children. He sent 3 of us to college, fully funded. There’s not a lot of extra money laying around.

    Whoa. Didn’t know I had that much appreciation in me. I think I just wrote part of my Father’s Day card.

  271. Ashley

    Ideal Father’s Day Gift? I think my husband would want to fight at Rachadamnern Stadium just one time. He loves Muay Thai. And after that some snorkling/scuba in Indonesia or Australia. A Father’s Day weekend event: bruises and bubbles.

  272. meg buzzi

    My dad is the consummate host – so the radio and the ice cube trays would be ideal, he’s also quite the air traveler, hence the mug and magazine…

    So, yes please!

  273. Maialisa

    My husband has stayed home with our children, now aged 2 and 3, while I work. He is amazing. Best gift for him: a day of riding bike without the kiddie trailer and adult conversations.

  274. Christina H. Vela

    The best father’s day gift i got for my dad was a framed picture of him and my daughter. He absolutely adores my daughter, they do everything together. Since he’s on the computer a lot I got him a mousepad with a picture of my daughter on it. He says so far the pictures of the two of them, and the mousepad has been his favorite father’s day gift. Oh, and I also threw in a barnes & noble giftcard.

  275. Michelle

    Great gifts! The perfect gift for my dad would be a trip to Disney World with his 3 grandkids. He is as much a kid as they and that is his dream trip!

  276. Melody

    I would love to take my father on a big trip. Somewhere new and interesting for him. Like a cruise to Alaska. Or a couple of weeks on the beach in the Philippines. He would love that. And he would never treat himself to such extravagance.

  277. Tor

    My dad would be allll over that Oxo travel mug – he has a pet peeve about leaky bottles (probably a result of my hoarding of said bottles) and a no-leak version would totally make his day. Pick me, random.org!

  278. aubriane

    Best father’s day gift?
    Accomplishing something Dad is proud to tell everyone about.
    Also, a DVD of “Taken” once it comes out, and a Louis L’Amour novel.

  279. Kate P

    My son was born a week after Father’s Day three years ago. I am not sure that I have been able to live up to that since then, but…

  280. Jennifer Sontchi

    My husband and I just had our first child after many years of painful and expensive fertility treatments–his best gift is our beautiful son, Owen. He still wants presents though!

  281. Lasha

    My fav. gift to give my dad is tickets to a reading or a show to enjoy together. Usually I’m still the youngest person in the audience – and he’s usually one of only a few men – but we have a great time!

  282. andrea

    The best gift my dad ever received was a brick engraved with his name and the details of his service to the USMC. The personalized brick is now among the many on the path at the Marine Corps Memorial here in DC. It was the only gift I can think of that that ever reduced him to tears in the presence of our family, and remains a cherished, happy memory for all of us ♥ Nothing can top that, but a day off from mom’s Honey-Do List, a cold beer or three, a sunny day, a good book and the beckoning hammock come in a close second, I’m sure.

  283. Jennifer

    While we’ve grown up from the soap-on-a-rope days (which he professed to love!), I’ve enjoyed getting him the Great Professors lectures on DVD from The Teaching Company (I think that’s it.) I’ve also given him checks towards the pool he desperately wants, but mom refuses to allow him to put in. Devious kids we are, even grown.

  284. sara

    I was searching for the next best tool for my husband and Dad when I found The Nail Jack. There has never been another tool like it…. it’s one of a kind. Just perfect for my 2 handy men to show off and add to their weekend warrior tool belts. I might add I found it just won Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award for 2009. But what really excites me about this gift idea is that it is “green”. This tool allows you to remove fasteners from wood that would otherwise be burned or wind up in a land fill. I know they are both going to love it and I am happy there will be one in my house to play with too!!

  285. Amanda

    Best Father’s Day gift? It happened last year–an actual live baby girl, healthy and sweet-smelling. That gift is soon to turn one year old.

  286. Cobwebs

    My dad lives clear across the country; the perfect gift for him would be a visit with his grandkids.

    My husband is a stay-at-home dad; the perfect gift for him might also be to ship the kids across-country. ;)

  287. verismo

    My dad’s idea of the perfect gift would probably be lunch with Bing Crosby, followed by an afternoon riding the range with John Wayne. I think he’ll have to settle for a card and uninterrupted nap!

  288. Morgan

    For the father who has everything: Framed pictures of my brother and me. Teenage years captured in black and white. Check.

  289. Janet

    A perfect father’s day gift for my husband would be an afternoon golfing with his son!

  290. Beth

    My husband would like nothing more for Father’s Day than a fresh bottle of Vintage 30-Year Bourbon. The end.

  291. Elis

    My Dad would just like for his car to run right (that’s a direct quote), but fat chance of me being able to make that happen!

  292. Lorie

    My Dad would love a carton of cigarettes and a twelve pack of beer. Not kidding…he would love me forever. Well he loves me anyway but seriously I would be put back in the will and have a chance to inherit 100 beer steins. Happy Fathers day to all you wacky Dad’s out there!

  293. Tamara

    Best father’s day gift: dinner with my Dad. Just spending time with him with great food!

  294. Alyce

    My dad would love getting all of us together in one place for uninterrupted grilling and card-playing. Especially if we could work it so he won. Kids, grilling, bragging rights, wine.

  295. Michelle

    If I had millions, I’d build my dad his dream summer house on this plot of land he’s had for years but can’t afford to build on…

  296. Emily Dee

    It’s been 15 years, and I still don’t really ever know what to get my stepdad, for any occasion. Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, it doesn’t matter, I’m always clueless. So, it’ll probably just be another book.

  297. Johanna

    My father passed away when I was young, but I luckily have several men who helped to raise me. I think that they would all prefer a phone call or email than a present, though they might reconsider if it was something like this gift pack.

  298. Jennifer

    Nothing brings a twinkle to my dad’s eye quite like a bottle of booze. Drambuie for Christmas–after dinner drinks in the winter are so nice. Tequila for his birthday in March, so that we can celebrate the coming of spring with blender drinks. And a bottle of tasty gin for Father’s day to celebrate the coming of summer. He’s been getting the same round of things from me for years, and no matter how many times it happens, he’s genuinely thrilled and surprised. Must be all that booze…

  299. Alicia

    The best fathers day gift would be if I could find a new job and stop mooching off him!

  300. Jerri Popovich

    I think the best present I could give my dad would be to teach him how to use the computer. I’ve tried in the past, but between his impatience and mine, it hasn’t worked out. Maybe this year I can do it.

  301. KarenaCanada

    Because my dad is one who actually follows through on his purchasing whims without waiting for us to buy him gifts, he’s a hard nut to crack. So each year, I do some sleuth work (usually via my step mother) to see what the major project is. Then I get an appropriate magazine subscription for that subject.

    We’ve been doing log home mags for several years now, but since he’s done building it, this year we’ve moved to model trains. Go figure.

  302. Dawn

    The ideal Father’s Day gift is exactly the same as my ideal Mother’s Day gift – spending the day as a family. We are taking our two children on a steam engine and a riverboat cruise since our 2 year old son is really into trains and boats right now.

  303. Sheila

    Dads should get two father’s day gifts if they get up with the baby in the middle of the night. Bonus three gifts if he lets you sleep-in in the morning too!

  304. Kairu

    The best gift for my dad would be a climate-controlled wine cellar for his wine. That is all I can think of right now.

  305. Emily

    Ideally…I would love to take my dad have the best round of golf in his life at Augusta. Maybe someday I can bring him there (when I’m a millionaire…), but the golfing thing? that’s up to him.

  306. Cristina

    Tickets to to all the SF Giants vs LA Dodgers games. You see my father is a HUGE Giants fan, don’t know why or when it started, and neither does he. lol However, we all, all my siblings and I, are Dodgers fans, because, hey, we’re from LA. We love to attend Giants vs Dodgers games because we all have a team to root on, plus my dad enjoys having us all together.

  307. Mary

    All my dad ever asks for is a card, and every year I fail to deliver. But not this year! Wait, when is fathers day again?

  308. Sandra

    For my stepdad – a bottle of Johnnie Walker is the only thing that will do for any occasion, for my dad-dad, I could just show him the receipt I just got for the oil change and brake job that he didn’t have to do! He’s been my “car guy” for thirteen years and I finally decided to let him retire.

  309. Nancy

    My dad’s ideal gift would probably be more grandkids, but that’s not gonna happen anytime soon, so in second place, would be a trip to the Stanley Cup finals with his home team playing.

  310. Carla

    Oh, and to eliminate any confusion, the correct designations for the hour of twelve are noon and midnight, they are neither am nor pm, they are demarcates. :)

  311. Paula

    I know he would love to get tickets to UFC or some boxing match in Vegas. Hopefully one day I’ll surprise him! For now, he’s happy just relaxing at home, having a bbq with me, the kids and his family….quality time together! This year he’s specifically asked for shrimp and chocolate cake to accompany his steak….I better start a list.

  312. Sarah

    My pops is one of those guys you can’t make a big enough deal over on Father’s Day, and it is MADDENING trying to come up with a present each year (mightygoods.com has saved me many a time). This year, it would be awesome if someone else came up with it for me. :-)

  313. Catherine

    Great Ideas! The best fathers day gift for my dad would be an enormous, totally bad for you breakfast with everyone there, a quiet nap on the couch for him and then ribs for lunch, and then card games with all his family!

  314. Leah

    The ideal gift for my dad would be a self-cleaning BBQ that has some special technology that prevents him from over-cooking fish (and all other meat).

  315. Pam from Ohio

    The best Father’s Day gift…a leasurely morning with a great big breakfast on the patio, time to read the paper from cover to cover, and then a nice afternoon with a barbeque in the back yard and all the kids and grandkids in attendance. A package from Mighty Girl would be the icing on the cake. Perfect day.

  316. Alyia

    The perfect gift combines nostalgia and an appreciation for who he is as a person. For my dad it’ll probably be a viewing of “The Sandlot”– we loved to watch this together when I was growing up, and he adores baseball– followed by a concert with a smokin’ blues/funk band. These gifts would be gravy– especially the SlotRadio, as he’s a housepainter and is still dependent on a funky boombox/Walkman.

  317. Lauren

    I’d love to buy my dad a boat. Or an orchard. Or maybe just a single fruit-bearing tree. But I probably can’t even afford that!! Also, I don’t know what (if anything) to get for my husband who isn’t a father YET but will be in about 4 months. He would sure like this stuff, though.

  318. Tabitha

    I think in any situation, the best gift is time. Time to pursue one’s own passions. Time to be that person you were before you got married. Time to not be a dad, to not have to worry about letting the occasional swear cross your lips because the kids are listening. Oddly enough, sometimes Father’s Day is about not being a father for a day. Really, they need to call it Unfather’s Day.

  319. Kim Smith

    I’m all about the hand made gifts. My dad passed away, but for my husband, I always try to find something meaningful. He travels…A LOT. In fact, we haven’t lived together for longer than 3 weeks in the past 10yrs because of his constant traveling. He misses out on a lot of stuff. I have had the kids make him cards telling him how much they love him. Stuff like that means a lot to him.
    He does love the gadgets though. This year, in addition to the cards from the kids, he’s getting a new laptop, lol

  320. sumo

    Er, 12:00 am on the twelfth… as in midnight last night? I will hope you meant tonight. Our Father’s Days were never about big gifts. Handmade ones seemed to be best for these occasions. Plus candy.

  321. Alexia

    We can cover every occasion for my Dad with a bottle of single malt scotch. Easy peasy.

  322. Jennifer

    My dad loves the handmade stuff so we try to be creative otherwise just something themed….this year its all things flamingo. The spouse gets whatever cleaver(not) school project the slap together the last day and something fun.

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