10 thoughts on “Another Good Brain Moment from Miranda July

  1. B

    To me, that was incredibly depressing. Why consider relationships in such absolute terms?

  2. Alicia

    I am constantly telling my husband that exact thing. He is definitely my favourite person. And I tell him just as much as I tell him that I love him. And it makes my heart flutter when he turns to me, out of the blue, and tells says, “Hey, you’re my favourite”.

  3. amy

    Luckily my kids consider me their favorite person or I would have to resort to my aged chubby dog Joshy to bail me out. (All good, he lives and breathes for me afterall).

    Looks like an interesting movie (if indeed a movie?)

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  5. Robin

    I just asked my 4 year old daughter that question and she blushed and gave me a big hug. So sweet! We agreed that we are both eachother’s favorite people. But this question did make me think how I need to be a whole lot nicer to everyone!

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