We’ve Out-Nerded Them

27th April 2009

Holy crap. Did you get my back on the Moleskine laptop or what? Thank you, guys. You are goodies.

As it turns out, you want a Molekskine laptop too. (Make one, ASUS. Do it.) There was much discussion about exactly what you want, so instead of doing my wallet-laptop spiel, this next post is a roundup of your most desired features and clever comments.

We’ll also talk about this thrilling photo:

Gah! Give me that.

Also! A couple of you had your own ideas about dream laptops, and I found this intriguing. To be honest, I’ve never spent much time making laptop wishes until I got this assignment, but it’s surprisingly fun. Tell me your computer fantasies! Unless they involve fox costumes and beeswax — in which case, this might not be the best forum.

Anyway, go see! Tell me what you think. And thanks again.

5 thoughts on “We’ve Out-Nerded Them

  1. Sarah

    nice work, maggie! the whole awesome-laptop design discussion leads me to think of a related item — wishing there was an great[*] laptop bag out there….

    [*] which for me, means something that looks stylishly professional, is smallish (macbook size), and has plenty of zippered internal pockets for all my stuff, since i want to carry just one bag, not laptop bag + purse. does such a thing exist?

  2. darcy

    You made my life Maggie!! Now if I can only get that red metal shiny laptop (preferably a mac) I can die a happy woman….

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