Kidding Around

24th April 2009

Two things reminding me of childhood:

This painting looks just like the slide in my childhood backyard. It shook when you slid down, but for the most part we could never use it because wasps were perpetually building nests beneath it.

In other news, we happen to know two former yo-yo champions. For some reason, I’m disproportionately impressed by this skill. The link takes you to a video of them messing around on the deck of our cabin.

12 thoughts on “Kidding Around

  1. Valerie

    Hurray! Comments are back!

    We had a slide we didn’t use for that very reason. Maybe they should rename the contraption to “wasp farm.”

  2. beyond

    comments and feeds are back, yay! i used to love slides as a kid. even though many of them were metallic and would burn our thighs when the weather got hot.

  3. Andrea

    I love that painting! This is a timely post for me, I just unveiled a new series of paintings on my website called “Childhood Adventure.” Yay for nostalgia!

  4. The Whittler

    Umm..yes, completely unrelated, but is that SERIOUSLY YOUR FACE on the Twitter homepage?! I must say, I’m impressed. My eyebrows literally raised when I saw you! I felt like a proud parent. I realize the creepiness of that considering we’ve never spoken before, but cest la vie with blogging.

  5. cousin Colleen

    Yes, that DOES look like the old slide. Remember the aunts running up and down the street waving sparklers on the Fourth of July? Good times.

  6. Auntie

    Uuummmm..alright, I did do that Colleen. But only to make happy memories for you “kids”. Remember, you weren’t that younger than I!! Let’s do it again! I don’t have a slide but I do have a diving board…and sparklers! And you can cross another off your mighty list Maggie!

  7. sevedra

    We just got rid of our backyard palyset for the same waspy issue. What is it with slides and wasps?

    I love stumbling across things that remind me of a happy memory. It is like a little bit of internal sunshine. I am glad you got to have that recently.

  8. CityGirl

    …and it got so hot that you’d burn the skin off the back of your legs when you wore shorts, so you decided to get the hose and try to make a water slide out of it, until you got caught…that’s my memory, anyway!

  9. Elanah

    Ah, I had one of these slides too. Ours was for our pool, and if the water wasn’t working correctly, sometimes we got stuck on the way down…Ours wobbled too. Memories!

  10. Raina

    That slide was the best! Remember how fast you would zoom if you exposed your butt cheeks to the slide?

  11. Charity

    I love Leah Giberson’s work – her Etsy shop has great prints too. Very evocative suburban and industrial looking scenes!

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