New York Always Kicks My Ass

13th April 2009

Hello! I’m back from New York, and I’m a little tired. In particular, I’m tired of wearing the same pair of shoes for five days. Which shoes, you ask? The suspense is killing you, Internet! Things we have to talk about once I’ve processed one thousand photos include:

-How to pack outfits for pouring rain, sun, and snow(?) in New York, all in a subway-friendly hiking backpack.
Dara Torres who is incredibly gracious, even in front of people who will be writing about her later!
-More fruits! Some of them dubiously edible.
-Easter. How was yours? Mine was good.

So I guess we’ve technically taken care of Easter. But for the rest of it, let’s meet back here later.

20 thoughts on “New York Always Kicks My Ass

  1. Stephanie

    Stylie, gracious and fabulous – in your writing. And personae! Your words match the look, very rare in this day and age. You inspire me.
    Me love you!

  2. sevedra

    You look fabulous!
    I can’t wait to hear all about that packing experience. I am dying to be able to accomplish that.
    And fruit? I love fruits. My all time favorite foods are fruits. Except the ones that are biscuits. I love me some biscuits. But, I want to hear about the fruits!!
    And the shoes. How could you survive five whole days without changing shoes? Can any one pair of shoes meet your needs over thecourse of five days that have different activities and different outfits and different names? The internet needs to know!

  3. Lee

    I definitely want to know the secret of how you can look so fabulous when you pack for five days in a hiking backpack! I can’t manage this from home.

  4. Bunny

    Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

    PS, I think your RSS feed is on the fritz, might want to check it out.

  5. PearlBerries

    Oh lord. Your outfit has been covered by most of mankind. As has your great amazingness. But still, here are my 2 cents: WHEEE! I LOVE IT!!!

    Also, totally unrelated: How on earth did you get a World of Warcraft ad on your site? Is it cookies? Are you a secret gamer? Do the Blizzard people also love you as much as I do?

  6. Leslie

    I mean this in the least-stalkerish way possible. You are so foxy! I love reading your posts every day, and I see your face in the momversations all the time, but I had no idea how lovely you were! Your clothes, makeup, hair and accessories are perfect! OK. That does sound stalkerish. I don’t mean it. Promise.

  7. Joy

    I’m anxious to hear about your shoes! I’ve always wondered what kind of shoes to wear when you’re a tourist. Shoes that can handle LOTS of walking but don’t scream “I’m a tourist!” like white sneakers.

  8. Rach

    GOOD GRAVY MARTHA I need to know where to get that little button-up scarflet. Also, remind me to learn how to wear a hat the way you do.

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