Favorite Moment From Last Night

8th April 2009

That’s me and Zan, who sounds like a pterodactyl when she’s laughing uncontrollably.

FACT! Zan edits language courses, and says one of the most common mistakes is trying to teach people how to tell time before you’ve taught them numbers.

As you can see if you click through, Zan gamely took several photos for the faux porn sites we planned over the course of the evening.

Women standing around with a single shoe on, wondering aloud where their other shoe has gone.

Hundreds of versions of the same photo of a girl in a short skirt, walking by a window. The man in the foreground is eating a different dinner in every photo.

Girls. Standing on whips in street clothes.

There was also the relatively clean soundsyoumakeafterlaughing.com. Hundreds of recordings of people exhaling after they’ve had a good laugh.


11 thoughts on “Favorite Moment From Last Night

  1. jdg

    I love this photo because for some reason zan looks like the 12-year-old cousin you just explained penises to.

  2. Jean Inez

    I am trying to subscribe to your blog but it won’t let me. Every time I push the RSS button, it brings up a bunch of text.

  3. darcy

    I really think you are on to something with superspecificporn.com. It would become a guilty pleasure to me like the D-Bag with Hot chicks site. I just get a kick out of that kind of stuff. Maybe I’m weird.
    But I laughed hard at this post

  4. e

    jdg, that was the exact thought I had – they look like two tweens who’re gossiping about what they saw their older brother/sister doing his/her girlfriend/boyfriend – disgusted but titillated at the same time.

  5. Erin

    Hi, I read your blog through the RSS feed, and it looks like something’s gone awry – it hasn’t updated since your DJ Booth post. Just wanted to let you know in case no one else has.

  6. AS

    I commented under your “Ladies Night” post too, so apologies for the repetitiveness, but I’m hoping you’ll see this soon!

    Hey Maggie. I tried emailing you, but haven’t heard back. Are you getting feedback from anyone else re: problems with your RSS feed? I use NewsGator and haven’t seen any updated posts since your Ladies Night submission. When I click on your RSS link, it brings up a paragraph of choppy text and code, instead of your RSS. Would love to get you back in the RSS mix!

  7. Liz

    You guys are at the dove!! Love that place. Great cocktails. And mulled wine in the winter :)

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