Design Trend: Sound Waves

When I was in labor with Hank, I asked for a printout of his heartbeat, so I could have it engraved on a ring later (much like the Pulse Ring I listed on Mighty Goods a few years ago). Design incorporating sound is everywhere lately. Here’s a few more examples.

-The Sound Advice Project (on Mighty Goods) makes a bracelet from your voice recording.
Sakurako Shimizu’s Waveform Series makes rings, brooches, bracelets, cufflinks and more by cutting sound-wave replicas out of metal.
Sounds Butter Interactive Design did a prototype of a sewing machine that represents sound waves through stitch pattern. (Pretty sure I’ve linked to that before)
-The Sonic Waves typeface (pictured above) let’s you “play” a phrase or message. Click through for a quicktime demo.

7 thoughts on “Design Trend: Sound Waves

  1. Fun for the whole family, Make a non-newtonian fluid and place on the speakers (or a covered speaker) and watch it dance.


  2. I tried to contact the company that sells the Pulse ring about a year ago (via email and phone) but never received a response. Any ideas?


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