Traveling with Kids

5th March 2009

This video is a sentimental favorite, because both the girls are real-life friends. Also, Heather talks about vomiting on a plane after the wedding where she and I first met in real life. Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks is new to our crew, and you will like her. She’s got that loyal, responsible, but quit-your-law-job-and-follow-your-dreams thing going on.

As for traveling with kids, you may remember that I wrote up some mom travel tips when Hank was tiny. Here’s my post 12 Tips for Flying with a Baby, and my OCD treatise on getting through airport security 9 Tips for Quick Airport Security Screening with a Baby.

16 thoughts on “Traveling with Kids

  1. Cat

    I’ve been loving the Momversations, especially because I just had my first (a boy) 8 weeks ago. How did y’all KNOW that I’m freaking out about our first trip with him?! We’re heading to New York (from Dallas) TOMORROW and will be printing both posts you referenced from your archives. Everyone says to nurse on take off and landing but the packing tips are really appreciated! THANK YOU!!

  2. Emily

    Even though I am not a Mom I have liked watching these. The background music is really annoying though, can you do something about that? :)

  3. karen

    god bless you for the links to your lists. I am preparing to travel with my 6 month old and it’s been STRESSING me out. These help.

  4. andrew

    Your tips for travel and surviving the security line were timely last year, as we were about to travel with our then 1 year old. This year we ventured to Central America, and aside from crushing delays on the homeward leg, all went smoothly.

    Everyone we met in Costa Rica was so warm and friendly, always saying hello to the kids. While negotiating the security gauntlet on our way home, my wife noted that the woman running the X-Ray machine stopped watching what was going through so she could make faces and silly noises at our son. So, you know, if you’re plannin’ anything… take a kid.

  5. Alyce

    The link to the photo of the Pow!azeks’ wedding is “private.”

    I hope the boys take you up on babysitting so you can go scuba diving.

  6. Michelle

    Maggie – this is great as I plan to travel with husband and twin toddlers this summer. Am I insane? yes, clearly
    Can you update us (if you want… no pressure) on the Tracy Anderson video front. I was inspired by your post and ordered it. I watched it this morning and then replayed the arms portion and I’m pretty sure it kicked my ass (arms) and not sure how I’ll feel in the moring but I’m still inspired.

  7. Bonnie B.

    LOVE the Momversation videos and I’m so glad you posted the link to Karen’s site, because I love her contributions to the videos. She just seems like someone you want to hang out with, you know?

  8. Kat

    If your daughter is bookish, what a gift! I can’t tell you how much time I spend as a first grade teacher trying to get kids interested in reading. :) My advice would be to front-load those vacations with information on your trip. For example: the Sea World trip. Maybe a week or so ahead of time, go to the library and get her a whole mess of books on sea life she might see at Sea World. Then you can refer back to her books, and she may feel better about venturing out. :)

  9. Lisa E.

    Heather’s daughter sounds just like me! I enjoyed this video.

    I would like to ask the people at Target to start selling toilet paper made from recycled paper! I have to buy it elsewhere but would prefer to get it from Target. Thank you, Target!

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