This is My Grandma

2nd March 2009

This is My Grandma, originally uploaded by MaggieMason.

My aunt sent me this photo when she passed away, and I keep it on our fridge. Invariably, people comment on how much they like the old-timey photo of me.

35 thoughts on “This is My Grandma

  1. jane

    Wow your Grandma looks absolutely stunning and like she was one heck of a woman. Just look at that jaunty angle for the hat.

  2. NaysWay

    I love b&w’s of old photos. Everyone looks so regal and fancy. Boy, your Grandma looks like she’s got something to hide in those eyes. Very pretty.

  3. Daffodil Campbell

    *THAT* is an awesome photo. I don’t have many photos of my grandmother, my mom and I were just saying that the other day……I don’t know who I look like – but you clearly have your answer !

  4. derfina

    Oh, my…What long, slender toes you have. Well, all but that one little piggie on the very end that goes WEEWEEEWEEEEWEEEEEEE all the way home!

  5. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    So. Weird. First, yes – you are TWINS. So awesome.

    Second, I uploaded some vintage pics to Flickr just today of my mom, grandparents and greatgrandparents. I look like my mom, but especially like my grandmother.

  6. Auntie

    I love that picture. And I love that you are sharing it on your blog. Yes, as you age you look more and more like your Grandma when young. I have enjoyed the comments. I sure miss her.

  7. Cindy

    Your Grandma is stunning and so are you. It must be nice to be able to look back an know who in your family you look like. I’m such a bizarro mix of both sides, that I don’t look like any one, not even my siblings. Sometimes people even ask me if my sister-in-law is my sister because we look more alike then I do with my actual sister.

  8. Kate

    That’s so special. Somehow I look like both of my parents and yet nothing like either of my Grandmothers. What a neat thing that you share so much with her!

  9. Mareshia

    You two are so beautiful and look so eerily similar that this entry sent me on a bender for several days thinking about death and the afterlife. This bender is subsiding with my seeking both spiritual and psychological counseling. Threw me for a loop for sure, brings mortality to the forefront and makes me want to live and forgive for the future that might so closely resemble me. YIKES. A headful, a mouthful a heartful.

  10. BOSSY

    Wow, isn’t lineage remarkable? Not just similar in looks, but you and your grandmother share a little inner somethin’ somethin’.

  11. MayB

    Completely and utterly stunning. You are lucky to have genes like that. The pictures of my grandmothers make me think it is lucky they procreated at all.

  12. Jessica

    That is a TRIP. I would have absolutely thought that was you if you hadn’t set us straight. Fantastic! And how cool – you’re carrying Grandma on right down the line. Excellent.

  13. Meetzorp

    Well, you sure do take after your gran as a young woman.

    I did up my hair all old-timey once and put on a lot of red lipstick and a old-fashioned hat I had made, and lo, I turned into my Grandma Davis, circa 1943.

    Genetics is crazy stuff!

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