Fun Things Roundup

Behind the scenes, I’ve still been trying to do a Fun Thing every day. This week was particularly nice, because my life is awesome. A Fun Things recap:

Thursday’s Fun Thing
Alli, my college roomie and partner in crime, went into labor. Alli and I met in seventh grade, where both of us spent lots of time in the library pondering our Welcome to the Dollhouse lives. Things have since improved.

Friday’s Fun Thing
Lisa Stone convinced me that it was bad juju to ignore hot tub access at the Four Seasons. Lisa, if you haven’t met her, is like Den Mom for your life. We had a glass of wine and thirty minutes to decompress before we hit the Mom 2.0 party, where I eventually forced her to put her purse down while we danced.

Saturday’s Fun Thing
I moderated a stunningly informative panel at Mom 2.0. Turns out I’m surrounded by geniuses — specifically Isabel Kallman of AlphaMom, Gabby Blair of Kirtsy and DesignMom, and Barbara Jones of the W.O.M. Mom. All that intellect, and pretty easy on the eyes, if you know what I’m sayin’. We teamed up to fix everything wrong with the Internet. (Watch your back, Scoble.)

Sunday’s Fun Thing
Hank’s truck-themed birthday brunch, which we cunningly scheduled right in the middle of his nap time.

Monday’s Fun Thing
Cooking freezables for the new parents. (How cute are those Stuck Labels? Having a stockpile around is making my life prettier.)

Tuesday’s Fun Thing
Meeting Eli. Hello there, little boy.

15 thoughts on “Fun Things Roundup

  1. I always thought if I kept them up during nap time that they would go to sleep earlier in the evening. I only succeeded in making them MORE cranky come sunset. Two kids, and it took until the end of the second one’s napping career to figure it out. I am soo quick on the uptake. Happy Birthday to you, mama. It is your special day too!


  2. Any chance you could share the freezable recipe ideas? I’m about to have #2 and have been trying to get around to stockpiling my freezer. Much appreciated!


  3. Megan– The truck garlands are made of felt, and I did cut them out myself. I prioritize differently than other people.

    Moltomom– I made a homemade pasta sauce (hamburger, chopped onions, garlic, can of S&W whole tomatoes, two 14 oz cans of sauce, a little red wine, lots of salt and garlic powder), Bill Granger’s Baked Beans (, and beef stew (no recipe online, but just look one up on epicurious).

    Beyond– Yeah, I bought that mask for Alli in Bali years ago. She likes kooky stuff.

    Amanda– My friend Jordan printed them for me. She’s the one who makes Stuck labels. I’ll post more on the party today.

    Belle– The eggs are to eat right away, like little power bars, or for them to mush up into egg salad if they prefer.


  4. I like to make press quality invitations for my kids birthdays… so I find your truck garlands, very cool.
    Also, I wish you were my friend, thats a really nice gift, and sounds like a freaking “dope” sauce!!!
    Your organization skills always impress me!!


  5. that little baby is so cute! And I love other moms that bring new moms food! You guys are the best! Soooooo….see you in August when you bring us food with your cool labels?


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