Optimizing: The Ow Edition

Uh. Put a hold on that whole exercise thing. My tooth just exploded because I have been pretending I don’t need oral surgery. Turns out the only thing less pleasant than oral surgery is emergency oral surgery. Maybe that’s why they don’t have emergency-oral-surgery mixers, or emergency-oral-surgery ice cream socials. Simple logic, people.

Also, my comments no longer work. I think it’s database corruption or something, but I’m having trouble getting definitive answers, and I have no idea how to fix this kind of thing. The silence is somewhat deafening on this end.

Guys? GUYS?

Aw. I miss you.

One thought on “Optimizing: The Ow Edition

  1. I hear you on the emergency oral surgery. I would willingly have been killed just to make the pain stop…hope it’s all better now. 😉


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