5 thoughts on “Mighty Haus Tea Drinker’s Guide

  1. Lin

    Nice and the cozy is perfection…but I totally disagree with the electric kettle comment. If you’re a tea drinker, it’s nuts not to have an electric kettle. I don’t think anyone in Britain would disagree with me on that one.

  2. Monkeysmom

    Maggie – Did you do a pour test on any of these teapots? I have a really nicely designed (nice to look at) teapot, but it drips almost as much tea as what ends up in the cup. The only one I have not had drip on me is a cheap glass and plastic teapot from SF Chinatown. Pleeeeze tell me you have found one that looks nice and pours with minimal drips!

  3. Maggeh Post author

    Hi Monkeysmom,

    We didn’t do a pour test, but my experience has been that the pot has to have an old-fashioned spout. The modern pots, with the triangular spouts that point entirely up toward the ceiling? Disaster.

  4. jackie

    i have to say, the list is considering one thing i think is absolutely essential–a bee house teapot. no lie–the best teapot in the universe, and cute to boot. comes sized to fit your needs, whether you are drinking alone, with a pair, or with a group. worth looking into. (http://www.beehouseteapot.com/)

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