Mexico Firsts

19th January 2009

Things I saw in Mexico that I’d never seen before:

– At the hotels, the maids folded the edge of the toilet paper into little fans, as rendered in this blurry image, which I took while tipsy:

– This was my first experience with calling hotels and finding they didn’t accept guests who had kids. I didn’t realize that was a thing.

– Roving candy shops — vendors package up bags of bright penny candies and hang them from a sandwich board, which they wear on their shoulders.

– A waiter swung the tab of my Coke can around so it hovered over the mouth of the can, and then stuck the straw through it and into the can. The top hole of the tab acts as a sort of straw-stabilizer.

-Tutti-frutti flavored marshmallows.

21 thoughts on “Mexico Firsts

  1. Heather-in-Australia

    Yup, that’s what the hole in the tab is for :).

    (Also: struggling very hard not to make shit-hit-the-fan type pun here ;) :)).

  2. Laura

    Maybe the straw thing is Canadian as well. I still put my straw through the tab. Be careful it brings up a lot of bubbles. Hold on as I try to recreate the toilet paper fan……

  3. JachiCue

    Did you like the Tutti-Frutti marshmallows? I find them to be an acquired taste. You shouldn’t put them in hot chocolate, despite how pretty it would look.

  4. jill

    Huh… Did not know that whole straw/tabby thing. Cool. Sort of reminds me that I also just learned about the little tabs on the ends of the Tin Foil box, that you’re supposed to “push in” so that the roll stays put! Makes me feel like… “where have I been…?”

  5. Cara

    I once went to Guatemala with my Dad and we stayed at this sweet hotel where they turn the towels into swans and put them on the bed. He came over to my room all upset and wanting to borrow a towel since they’d forgotten to give him one. I asked him if he had swans on his bed, and told him to try unravelling one of them…

  6. Karen

    I have been doing that with my soda tabs since high school. Americans do know about such innovations, after all!

  7. Amanda-Jayna

    I was aware of the pop tab/straw trick but haven’t seen it done in years. Today I went into work, and saw a pop can like that in the break room. Then, I was serving a customer at the drive thru window, and they too had a can all tabbed/strawed up! It’s always weird when you read things and then you start seeing them again.

  8. Dodi

    I don’t want anyone handling my TP that much before I use it. That little fan would go straight into the bowl. Certain objects should stay 100% utilitarian.

  9. Simone

    A veces llega a ser tan bonita la figura que hacen, que prefieres usar el papel higienico que está cerrado, para dejar la decoración con papel en el baño .. jaja

  10. emma james

    I’m packing for Mexico NOW…

    And I’m glad the coke top works as a straw stabilizer, but I still miss that old school pull-off top that you could turn into a very classy ring.

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