Change of Heart

16th January 2009

Hank is on our bed, playing with his wooden double-decker bus. He shakes it back and forth as the little wooden people clatter inside. Suddenly, he dumps the passengers out, shakes every last one from its seat, and surveys the wooden bodies strewn across the bed sheets. Hank pauses, frowns, and says,

“You OK guys? … Need help?”

13 thoughts on “Change of Heart

  1. Puanani

    You will be so glad you have these funny moments written down. Many of my children’s sayings have become part of our daily vernacular. Like mazagine for magazine, yogrit for yogurt and peewee for kiwi…

  2. Janice

    @Puanani My dad still jokes about camama (camera), yoshun (lotion), and how I was once really adamant that I wanted my wok before I went to bed. He was all, “it’s too late to go for a walk!” Apparently it was a rock I’d picked up earlier in the day and stuck in my coat pocket. I do however, still say sammich (sandwich).

  3. Britt

    Very cute!

    My daughter’s favorite move for awhile was to set a doll on a chair and knock it to the floor. She’d then gasp and pick it up crying, “OH NO! Poor baby! Did you fall down?”

  4. Kait

    Britt, that’s funny because my 2.5 year old does the same thing…just with her one year old sister. She’ll shove her down and then go “Oh no Mommy! Naalee (Natalee) fall down!”

  5. Dawn -

    These moments are priceless, a few years ago we took my youngest to church for the first time. We explained “this is God’s house..” and we all sat down.

    About 10 minutes into the mass, a man walk in late. On the top of his lungs my Son shouts “Is that God?”

    Write everything down, you’ll be surprised how fast time goes by and when you read this stuff years later it makes your heart tingle!

  6. Auntie

    How cute! I didn’t know he was talking that much! We have GOT to get together before that boy hits school age!

  7. Jennifer

    Absolutely adorable. Yes, write all these moments down… you’ll be so glad you did when they’re teenagers and not quite as sweet and innocent anymore.

  8. Britt

    Kait — Maybe that’s why we’re leaning towards “one and done” . . .? But then Natalee is going to be a toughie!

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