Mighty Love: Exploding Dog

10th September 2008

Exploding Dog is published by artist Sam Brown, who draws pictures for the titles readers send to him. I met Sam at a party years and years ago, and I was already a fan at the time, so it was a nice moment of Internet awe for me. I kind of can’t believe he’s still at it:

You are not prepared.
I won a free cookie.
My heart goes out to you.
You want me to choose between you and my dog…?
Is it bright where you are?

10 thoughts on “Mighty Love: Exploding Dog

  1. jessica

    Oh Maggie – I just fell in love with you a tiny bit more! I’ve been a huge fan of exploding dog since…I really have no idea when – years now. And naive little me thought just my brother and i were fans. Knowing there are other fan out there warms my tiny little heart.

  2. amber

    We love him around here. We even have an origional drawing on our wall. It was drawn from a phrase that my husband called out in a talk.

  3. krystyn

    I adore Sam! He does the illustrations for the GEL conference every year. This year he did sketches for attendees in between speakers and we snagged one. :)

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