Mighty Love: Make:Grow:Gather

9th September 2008

Make:Grow:Gather is published by Kelly, who is an NPR-affiliate reporter and producer. We met when she introduced herself at City Hall, where she was covering gay marriage and I was photographing. The thing I love most about Kelly’s site is how she’s always drinking something amazing. In my mind, delicious beverages are sort of her thing. Go see what I mean:

Warm Port with OJ and Thyme

Jug of Pimm’s and Ginger

Rainy Day Tonic

2 thoughts on “Mighty Love: Make:Grow:Gather

  1. jill

    I agree. Who knew I would all of a sudden crave warm wine with juice and spices? I always want to drop whatever I’m doing and make whatever she’s making. But I never do…

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