Mighty Love: Zulkey

4th September 2008

Zulkey is a thinky humor site, and I met Claire Zulkey years ago at SxSW. It turns out she’s still smart, and funny, and good at getting it all down on paper. An excerpt.

Things I Have Learned About Vegetable-Matter-Based Packing Peanuts

1) They can be dissolved and thus washed down the drain

2) They taste like Pirate’s Booty

3) Demonstrating how I learned this makes people uncomfortable.

9 thoughts on “Mighty Love: Zulkey

  1. Jenne

    I love her Project Runway recaps, but I’m sorry, her blog site? Who designed that? I don’t want to have to click on every single entry separately.
    It’s like those people who don’t put the full post on their RSS feed. GAH.

  2. Janell

    Alright, listen here Mrs. Mason. I had work to do this afternoon, and then you go and do this? Not fair! Here I am now, blowing yet another afternoon on another one of your brilliant site recommendations.

    (PS, I have yet to find a Claire that was not instantly adorable.)

  3. Riayn

    Doesn’t everyone eat the veggie packing peanuts?
    Now I feel like a bit of a freak for eating the peanuts whilst unpacking the supplies that arrived for our veterinary surgery. Some of my patients used to really enjoy them too.

    Also a little known fact: the veggie packing peanuts turn a dark blue when exposed to iodine.

  4. Claire Zulkey

    Hi Maggie! Thanks for the luv. Some day we’ll meet for barbecue again.

    (Janell, email me at clairezulkey@hotmail.com if you know of a way I can redesign that won’t cost me big bucks. Switching to Moveable Type from Dreamweaver alone so I could use RSS was a drag so if there is an easier way for me to step into the 21st century I want to know it!)

  5. Linda

    I could not find the post of WHY Zuckey tasted the packing peanuts to begin with, but the way I did is that they are a building toy for imaginative thinkers. You can just lick and stick them together.

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