5 thoughts on “Inside the loop

  1. Trollpop Jinglestein

    Ho ho, I myself had the tenacity to screw tape once and it ended in a rather sticky situation. And what I tell you is no cock and tail story either, but alas, that is the folly of youth. Personally, I prefer tape screws, or better yet, tape worms when i perform my holiday package packing duties. Oh, to be Charles and in charge again. These supposed “straws” look as though they belong to dental hygienist, has the whole world gone haywire? Forgive my gramineous fodder. I leave you now with a sparkle in my eye and a candle in my heart.

  2. Courtney

    Maggie, Wow! I am beyond flattered to have found my name on your smokin’ blog. Thank you so so much for the sweet mention and I hope you come back to revisit; I’m a regular here. xx

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