17 thoughts on “Can You Microwave That?

  1. Jrc

    Um – did you see the other videos listed on the right-hand side of the screen during the Ivory Soap video? First one is cat in a microwave and I am so horrified by that I cannot bear to even make sure it isn’t what I think it is. Pleasenopleasenopleaseo. Can someone please hold me now?

  2. Megan

    On the related videos list, there’s the title cat in a microwave. I’m not looking.

    I seriously hope it’s not real.

    Ping balls I have no problems with in the microwave. Kitties are bad.

  3. elayne

    Y’all can watch the “cat in a microwave” one. It’s goofy, but safe. (I watched it to check.)

    Well, let me clarify: the one from anubis1240, added August 21, 2007 – THAT one is safe. As is the 08/19/207 clip from gadhen.

  4. Patrick

    Um… hi. You linked to my Bag of Chips video, resulting in a huge spike in the viewership on that day. I guess you’re sort of famous.

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