11 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. Astrogirl426

    I covet any type of pretty thing for the house (I tend to covet the little things, though – like little bowls, towels, etc.), and since my kitchen towels are older than I am, I’ll check out the ones on Etsy. Hey, if a girl can’t get new dishtowels once in a while, the world is a pretty sad place.

  2. spandrelstudios

    These are among my favorite textiles – versatile little sheets of lovely, if you only use patterns that make you smile. My sister brought me some from Holland, with the obligatory tulips in a jacquard pattern, and I covet pretty much any dishtowel made in France. Now I’m off to check Etsy!

  3. zak

    Love the one with the menu printed on it.

    My husband always takes my ‘good’ dishtowels and cleans the inside of his truck with them. Really? It angers me to no end.

  4. flowerpress

    You’ve made my day (night!) with your lovely post about my Chrysanthemum dishtowels (we call them tea towels down here in Australia!!). What a lovely surprise. And I got to discover your cool blog too :-)
    Thanks a million

  5. becca

    I truly love dishtowels, and I just can’t resist saying so. I have these three kind of country scene/dancing girls (nothing naughty) dishtowels but in funky colors (making them almost cool!) which actually brighten my day every time they’re out. Now I shall peruse your selections, Maggie! This is a good day.

  6. Sam

    Imagine my surprise to find my dishtowels being the object of lust! I’m happy to be included in such a great group.

  7. Lindaloohoo

    i’m a whore for any type of linens, really.

    i particularly loved some dish towels that i picked up from cost plus world market a few years ago. they had fabulous graphic red flowers on a white background and i really loved them, but mine were showing wear.

    then i saw two of them at a friends house (i had actually sent them to her as part of a thank you gift several years before) and she had NEVER USED THEM.

    PLUS she couldn’t remember when she had received them, so i boldfaced lied and told her they were mine but i’d left them there by mistake. i took them right home and never felt even one little shred of guilt.

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