24 thoughts on “Hipster, Think of the Children

  1. Krystyn

    Hipster, do you have allergies?

    Here, try some Claritin.

    Or at least change your shirt to ‘Gesundheit’.

    I’m with M on the sideburns. Rockout Wolverine.

  2. superblondgirl

    The hamster thing made me laugh, because I remember singing “hamsters, unite” along with the Smashing Pumpkins back in high school, and of course it was really “hipsters”. Though I’d like to see a hamster with enormous mutton chops, clad in a tiny ironic hipster T-shirt.

  3. Nancy

    Guess this is one of those you just had to be there. Or maybe it’s a hip thing? WTF is “Hipster” and why does one care about his or her t-shirt?

  4. hannah m

    I am dying of laughter over here. You are hilarious. I love all talk of hipsters. Hipster talk and Hobo talk, my two favorite things. Could you post about hobos tomorrow?

  5. P.Hobbs

    This reminds me of being in the 8th grade and all the Jesus loving kids were forced to go to non denominational church and spread the word of God to their Jewish friends by fashionably wearing the WWJD bracelets.

    Fast forward to 2008 and hipsters are jumping on the Jesus loving wagon. I mean He is pretty lovable. Those hipster kids are selfish though…they are already wearing True Religion jeans and driving VW Golfs…what else do they need? Some holy hair product?

    They should be grateful for what they have, damnit.

  6. gbich

    I recently purchased a shirt from Etsy for my very-tattooed, ex-Catholic (female) cousin that says “Jesus loves me and my tattoos”. I’d have gotten it for myself if only I had a tattoo :)

  7. Txgrrl

    What a great way to start the day – funny post and very funny comments. I’m still laughing about Wolverine. You all are hilarious!

  8. Vanessa

    Funniest shirt I have seen for sale at the mall…

    :Jesus Loves You, But Everyone Else Thinks You Are Stupid:

    I think it’s a funny shirt but who am I to say, husband doesn’t love it so much.

  9. Sankhara

    My 26 yr old nephew made us “oldsters” laugh so hard last weekend as he disdainfully described hipsters to us in great detail and every single thing he said was applicable to HIM. But he assures us he is not a hipster.

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