25 thoughts on “Observation

  1. Jean

    WOW – I find this in very poor taste.

    Could you ever imagine yourself appreciating somebody else inviting others to make these same jokes about you?

  2. Hula

    You might be surprised, Maggie. ;) Isn’t it often the straight-laced Republican who is a closet x-dresser? Hmmm…weird analogy. Anyway.

    (Jean needs to get a sense of humor. Sheeeeesh.)

  3. CarrieP

    “But if baby I’m the bottom,
    You’re the toooop!”

    I don’t know where *your* minds are, but I’m simply quoting a song lyric from “Anything Goes,” by the lovely and luscious Cole Porter.

    In bad taste? Maybe. But back in the 30’s, rather innocuous.

  4. brickgrrl

    Here’s the real issue: if my gays are any indication, then these two fellows would love first and foremost they’re being discussed at all.

    And to anyone leaving here in a huff, fine. More room for the rest of us.

  5. Jean

    I’m sure nobody here is under the impression that all gay people have the samem attitude as the ones people have mentioned.

    By the same token, I guess all straight people are like (fill in the blank).

  6. steph

    Lighten up folks! Maggie’s spent plenty of time laughing at herself and her peeps too.

    Look for a reason to laugh or cry and you’ll find either one. I choose to laugh.

  7. steph

    PS. I find this post particularly funny considering my husband calls a Pina Colada “penis colossos”… :D

  8. Heather

    Presumptuous of me as this may be, Maggie just doesn’t strike me as someone who wouldn’t be able to invite jokes about herself too, and, FWIW, my gay friends (one in particular, who found this HILARIOUS) would ABSOLUTELY be cracking similar jokes themselves, about themselves.

    Good advice, Steph :) – I’m with you on that one :).

  9. Stuperb

    I totally agree with Heather. There’s room to joke about every topic – even a hot button topic. And it doesn’t have to mean that it’s offensive or insensitive. I find it’s best not to give in to the knee-jerk reactions on these things.

  10. I, Rodius

    It’s in bad taste because virtually anything said with humor about any protected class is by definition bigotry. Duh! What century are YOU living in? We’ve been working on this for a good forty years now. Stop making jokes and stop laughing! Except about fat people. And smokers. Now THAT’S funny.

  11. annie

    Not sure EVERY topic is OK to joke about… BUT. The guys seem like they ARE secure enough to be open about themsleves. SO. Besides – it’s not like Maggie walked over to their table and ASKED them. Did she?

  12. Auntie Yolanda

    Well, it was very entertaining reading all of the responses to an observation/comment that I think Maggie knew would rattle some cages. After all those “on top” still won’t afford our gay friends the same rights everyone takes for granted and by the way some of my best friends are white and gay.

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