Flying Over Buenos Aires

7th January 2008

Libby wanted to go skydiving for her birthday, but it wasn’t possible to arrange it, so we took a helicopter flight instead.

I had no idea. It was one of the most amazing things ever, one of those very few things in life that make you dream better. When the helicopter lifted off, it felt exactly how I imagine it would feel to have wings.

(If you plan to be in Buenos Aires any time soon, our pilot was Fernando Rodriguez Alfaro: fralfaros at hotmail dot com. Cellphone: 1551810095. Do it! Do it! You will love it.)

30 thoughts on “Flying Over Buenos Aires

  1. Tami

    those are awesome pictures! The one where you got all teary was really sweet. And el Rio de la Plata is a really dirty river! Great shot of the city.

  2. Jenn

    I thought you were going to say the tears were from paralyzing fear because that’s what mine would have been from. You have guts woman!

    PS – you wear red lipstick way too well!

  3. shannon

    Wow! Amazing photos! What a cool experience that must have been. And sorry you got purse snatched. But thank goodness you didn’t have your camera on you. Whew!

  4. UncommonBlonde

    That’s awesome! This is now on my life list. I went skydiving last year and took a tiny plane over the galciers in Alaska so Buenos Aires & Fernando here I come (as soon as I find a sponsor, lol)

  5. kim at allconsuming

    helicopter rides are WAY TOO COOL. I did one once up the coast of NSW – stunning. Over the beaches. Glorious.

    And on a completely seperate matter – you have the MOST DIVINE skin. D.I.V.I.N.E.

  6. lisa

    My husband just got his helicopter license, and I’ve gone up a few times with the flight instructors from his school. Seeing the world from up in the air is an amazing experience. I’ve lived in the Bay Area all my life, but I felt like I had a different relationship with it after that first flight.

  7. Martha

    I took my first helicopter on a site visit (I’m a geologist) and I had to bite my lips to keep from squealing like a schoolgirl. I settled on grinning wildly instead. It is the most amazing feeling. You don’t have any idea what flying is like until you take off in a helicopter. It is the closest we’ll ever be to real flying I think. I think I’m going to have to go to Argentina (for more than just helicopter rides).

  8. rbiggs

    Gorgeous! After following your visit all month I can’t help but wonder – Who is Libby and how did she luck out and how does one find a person to watch a baby so you can do all of these cool things while he is actually in the same country? Enjoy the rest of your stay.

  9. jennifer

    Maggie, you are simply beautiful. On every level. The teary-eyed pic did it! I may have a girl crush!

  10. Adam

    I took my first helicopter ride on my honeymoon in Kauai. We saw the entire island in just over an hour. I loved it — it made me feel like a little boy. I’d recommend these helicopter tours to everyone.Thanks for sharing your photos!

  11. Angela

    Growing up, a friend’s father was a pilot and had a helicopter, it was so amazing to go up with him. We would take fall foliage rides that were breath taking.
    Oh, and skydiving? Absolutely a must do. I did it for the first time this past summer, and I can’t wait for my return trip this summer. It’s addictive. Seriously. Better than any drug.

  12. Charliegirl

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful thoughts and photos from your trip. I’ve actually been thinking very strongly of staying in BA early next year for a month or so myself – taking side trips around Argentina. I’ve read up some on the culture and I keep reading of arrogance and vanity. Can you share a bit about how you found the culture? Were people open/friendly? I’m thinking about going by myself. A month is going to feel like forever if the culture is reminiscent of junior high. :)

  13. daniela

    It´s funny to see my city from the sky!!. Today has been a very nice afternoon to walk around and I guess that any moment the heat starts bothering us again.
    Buenos aires is really a great place to live. Believe me, I have choosen this city many years ago and don´t regret it. A bit of Paris, a bit of Calcuta it depends but anyway I like my kids growing here.
    If you are staying long and would need anything send an email and we can talk over the phone !

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